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Upholstery Cleaning Service Brisbane: Giving an Impressive Appearance to Your Furniture

September 11, 2019 by Cleaning Brisbane  

Have you been noticing a nauseating smell in your home lately? If the smell is becoming persistent, you shouldn’t hesitate to swing into action. Fortunately, the first place to check for any noticeable smell is your sofas. The fact is that your sofas have a mixture of sweat, oil and fecal matter from pets. Therefore, the best way to deal with your dirty sofas is by hiring an upholstery cleaning service in Brisbane.




Interestingly, it’s better to opt for an upholstery cleaning service in Brisbane than initiate the cleaning processes by yourself. The fact is that you may not have the skill in making your upholstery professionally clean. On this note, here are some of the beneficial highlights of hiring an upholstery cleaning service company.


1. Healthy living
You don’t have to keep offsetting medical bills regularly. The fact is that your sofas can harbour germs. Therefore, initiating routine upholstery cleaning can protect you and your family from common illnesses. Moreover, this expert cleaning exercise can help inhabitants reduce several allergies that are common in most homes. After all, your sofas are clean, and you’re confident that you can relax on them without triggering some allergies.



2. Clean air
You can imagine how embarrassing it can be for you to host guests and they cannot but hold their noses. At this point, the usual suspect is a piece of wet furniture which is causing the unpleasant smell. However, hiring an upholstery cleaning agency can help with the purification of air in your apartment. This way, you can be confident of hosting your guests at any time. After all, no unusual smell, from dirty furniture, is contaminating the atmospheric air in your apartment.


3. Longevity
Maintenance is essential in making your home appear remarkable. Therefore, it’s important that you initiate the cleaning of your furniture regularly. This way, you rest assured of extending the expectancy of your sofa materials in your home. Moreover, you don’t have to keep discarding your old furniture materials on an annual basis. A routine inspection and cleaning of your furniture can enhance their looks.




4. Modern equipment
A certified upholstery cleaning service company should have the latest technology for undertaking cleaning exercises on time. Interestingly, you can always bank on the upholstery cleaning service in Brisbane to serve you better in this area. The fact is that you can always expect the best outcome from these experts.


Finally, the state of your home can speak a lot about your personality. Perhaps, you run busy schedules and you can barely clean your sofas. The upholstery cleaning service in Brisbane is the best platform to hire for all upholstery concerns. On this note, you shouldn’t hesitate to call this number 1300 866 773 for more inquiries. This way, you can keep the air in your home fresh after initiating regular cleaning exercises on your furniture.

Bond Cleaning – Why Professional Cleaning Is Better Than DIY Cleaning?

July 19, 2019 by Cleaning Brisbane  

It is no surprise that at the end of their rental lease, and often going into the thousands of dollars, every renter wants to get their bond back. But to do this, they’ll have to make sure that they clean their rental property thoroughly. Homeowners and property agents can be really strict about how clean your home has to be prior to them releasing your security deposit.


Many people think that they can manage the exit cleaning themselves, but they’re probably not aware about the hard work involved with such type of cleaning. Especially how obstinate & strict some property owners are in assuring the property is as precisely cleaned as it was before you leased it. Appointing a professional bond of cleaning service in Brisbane can be a wise choice for your rental home due to the below mentioned reasons:



Save time: Professional bond cleaners can save you plenty of time. They can clean your house thoroughly and quickly while you’re either at work or supervising your move.


Top cleaning result: Pro bond cleaners can do better cleaning work than a DIY person can. As this is their specialty they know what needs to be done in order for you to pass your inspection. There are many reputed bond cleaning firms that provide free cleaning quotes and some even provide money back assurances to make sure that you are 100 percent satisfied by their work.


Many bond cleaners also provide some sort of bond refund assurance. In the event you fall short to recover your full security deposit due to a cleaning problem they will come back to your property and sort out the cleaning issue without any additional charges.


Top-end cleaning tools: Professional bond cleaners also have commercial standard cleaning equipment and chemicals, which they’ll employ to clean your house and which are more powerful than your regular domestic use items; this is particularly more efficient for carpet cleaning & steam cleaning work. When their work is accomplished to your standard of excellence, you’ll have an absolutely spotless home, even sometimes better than when you moved in. At this point, you can rest easy knowing that you are all set to get your bond money back.



Bond: A reputed bond cleaning firm will likewise know exactly what is needed & what must be cleaned keeping in mind the end goal to get your security deposit back; while you may do an “OK” job, you may miss out a few basics (like drains, ceilings, blinds) that could bring about the loss of your bond.


So as you see professional bond cleaning is much better than DIY cleaning. Contact Tom’s Cleaning in Brisbane if you want your bond money back without any fuss.