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The Importance of Prenatal Exercise Classes For Pregnant Women To Stay Healthy

July 10, 2019 by tough mummer  

Pregnancy is a natural thing which every married woman has to go through. The pregnancy period lasts for 9 months, during which a woman feels numerous physical and physiological changes. There are three stages of pregnancy which start since conception and end when the baby is born, and they are called trimesters. The first trimester is from week 1 to week 12, during which women feel muscle fatigue, heartburn, backache, constipation, and nausea. The second trimester begins from week 13 and ends at week 28, the women will get used to the muscle pain, but the abdomen pain will begin as the baby starts to develop. The third trimester starts from week 29 and ends in week 40 when the baby is born.

The pregnant women go through a lot of stressful physical and emotional moments and need all the support and help they can get. Doctors suggest that women should stay busy and healthy by doing low impact exercises. The prenatal exercise classes are the best solution for women to ensure their own health and the baby. There are three essential elements that women should consider during pregnancy, and they are eating healthy food, taking considerable rest, and maintaining a regular exercising routine. The word ‘prenatal’ means before birth or during the pregnancy and prenatal exercise help women to cope up with the common issues of fatigue, aches, constipation, swollen ankles, bloating and lack of sleep.

A pregnant woman should first ask her consulting doctor if she could join a fitness club or perform low impact exercises at home. Every woman feels differently in pregnancy, and it is fair to say that one exercise may be easily performed by one pregnant woman but not the other. But every pregnant woman should do some sort of physical workouts to reduce stress, ease the pain, prepare the body for childbirth, and to recover the health after the baby is born. The prenatal exercise classes include

Ø  Prenatal yoga

The yoga exercise is known to relieve stress and connect both the body and soul. The prenatal yoga helps the pregnant women to ease their stress, build stamina, and enhance their muscle function, which would be key when the childbirth is near. However, necessary precautions must be taken, and certain postures that can cause pain must be avoided. The yoga class is conducted by an expert physical trainer who knows the type of yoga movements and postures, which would benefit pregnant women.

Ø  Low impact aerobic exercises

The low impact exercises include walking briskly, riding an indoor stationary bike, and using an elliptical machine. The low impact from the name suggests doing not strain or cause pain in the body.

Ø  Pilates

Pilates is similar to yoga and focuses on improving muscle strength and providing flexibility. The Pilates help to stretch the muscles while pregnant women coordinate the body movements with her breathing.

Ø  Swimming and water aerobics

Swimming is an amazing exercise which the pregnant women must do as the water supports the weight of the developing baby and helps to stabilize the heart rate.