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Can plastic be turned back into fuel oil ?

April 18, 2019 by tyrepyrolysisplant  

As we know, plastics are usually made up of polymers and often created from petroleum products, in other words, plastic is made from crude oil extracted from under the ground. But, can we turn plastic back into fuel oil again? process (92)
White pollution caused by waste plastic is facing by each country in the world. Landfill and plastic material recovery have been widely used as the way of waste plastic management. There is a problem with landfill, as it can take up to 450 years for plastic to break down (to biodegrade), which cannot really solve the plastic pollution problem. rawmaterialmethod (1)
Plastic material recovery is mainly through pelleting. Waste plastic should be sorted, cleaned, shredded and palletized before returning to the production channel at the mixing or manufacturing stage. Only few plastic is suitable for pelleting, so this way cannot effectively manage waste plastic. plasticpellet (复制).jpg
By contrast, turn plastic into fuel oil will be a better solution to waste plastic and it is also the one with best economical benefit. You know, 5% of extracted oil from under the ground is used for the production of plastic materials, 90% of which form part of 5 types of plastics such as PE(polyethylene),
PP(polypropylene), PVC(polyvinyl-chloride), PET(Polyethylene terephtalate ) and PS (polystyrene ). Plastic in its raw state is made up of a range of organic polymers, after thermo decomposition, the plastic polymers can be broken into smaller carbon chain which is fuel oil. After further refinery, plastic fuel oil can be converted into plastic diesel as a diesel substitute used for industrial heating, vehicles and generators,etc. process (2).jpg
Our plastic to oil machine can efficiently turn waste plastic back into fuel oil, and the waste plastic no need to be selected or cleaned, the whole process is safe and environmental friendly. We have provided solution to government and paper mills for garbage plastic processing and meanwhile turn plastic waste back into fuel oil.
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Can copper wire be recycled?

March 20, 2019 by tyrepyrolysisplant  

Used copper wire is still of high value. And the recovery of copper from copper wire is the key source of precious copper. So copper wire it is necessary for us to recycle and can be recycled. cables6 (复制) (复制)
There are so many scrap cable wires in our daily life, from copper wire to storage battery electric line, from aluminum line to household appliance disassembly electric line. This kind of garbage is widely used electronic equipment and electronic waste, and most of them are daily consumer electronic products. The abandoned copper wire not only pollute the environment but also is a waste of resources.
For a long time, copper wire recycling plays an important role in mental market. However, the method of old type fire burning seriously pollute the environment and it is not environment friendly. Directly burning will mix the copper with plastic, cannot make full recycle both copper and plastic. So how to recycle copper wire regarded as a difficult environmental problem. We Doing Company have found an effective way to recycle copper wire and plastic from these scrap cable wires – the granulator type copper wire recycling machine. installation (6) (复制).jpg
Granulator type copper wire recycling machine adopts air separation and electrostatic separation to separate copper and plastic of the copper wires to achieve the effect of recycling copper wire. The recovery rate of a good copper wire recycling machine can reached to 99%. Basically achieved without plastic in copper, and without copper in plastic. From this process, both copper and plastic can be recycled. Recycled copper wire not only has high utilization value, but also is environmental-friendly. It is a Eco-friendly equipment that can reduce electronic waste and bring huge economic benefit. rawmaterial (18) (复制).jpg
The most important for customers is choose an appreciated recycle machine. We Doing Company specialized in environment-friendly equipment, get the favor of customers with relatively lower price and professional copper wire recycling machine. Welcome your contact and visit.
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