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4 Places to Collect Scrap Metals

August 28, 2019 by Trentco Management LLC  

salvage yards in Dallas Texas

Are you looking to become a scrap metal collector or a scrap metal vendor? You should know about the places from where you can collect scrap metals. Many novice scrappers might not consider the sources from where they can collect scraps. Sooner or later, they may give up the idea of collecting scraps. Remember, only 30% of used metals are currently recycled, so a lot of metals are left to be recycled. You can get success in the scrap metal world when you get a regular supply of the material.

Construction Sites

Pay visits to constructions sites near your area. They are one of the best sources to collect waste metals like iron rods, pipes, plumbing materials etc. Before collecting scrap metals from a construction site, you should get permission from the construction authority else you may book with the charge of scrap theft. If you manage to convince the construction contractor, it will be easy for you to collect scrap. You can join hands with the contractor for every project by promising to give some share of profits. Thus, the supply of scrap can be constant.


Do you know every day a mechanic repair various types of vehicles? During repairing, they replace damaged or old parts of vehicles many times. Those unused parts can go for recycling. Since they are busy in their repairing job, they don't pay attention to recycling. As a scrap metal collector, you can come out as a helper to help these mechanics to sell these scrap metals in a salvage yard by working as a mediator. You may earn extra. Imagine, if you are in contact with around five mechanics, and they are giving you 10% of their scrap profits, from each one the total profit will be 50%. Isn't it a great way to earn extra?

Hospitals & Clinics

A hospital could be one of the best places to collect scrap metals. There are lots of equipment and items like beds, wheelchair, walkers, and fixtures need to be replaced when they become useless. Since hospitals need to maintain a high level of hygiene, they don't want to collect their useless objects. You can establish contacts with these hospitals to collect scraps without falling into the discussion of negotiation for prices.

Locate Dump Sites Used by Ranchers and Farmers

Farms and ranches dump their useless equipment in a particular dumpsite. If you are living in a rural area, find out the old dump areas used by ranchers and farmers. These sites may have a huge collection of scrap metals where farmers left their old cars, machinery, and other items over the years to rust away. They are busy in their core jobs, so recycling idea may not have come. You can contact these farmers and request them to collect metals. After their permission, collect the old equipment for scrap metal.

Locate active and reputed salvage yards in Dallas Texas to get the best value of your collected scrap. They may negotiate for the price. As an active scrap metal collector, find out the current price of metals to get the best returns.