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How The Freelance Marketplace In India Has Changed Significantly

January 11, 2019 by Freelance Portal in India  

Freelancing, particularly in the Indian place of work, generally means “second best”. When Indian employers or even employees think about freelancers, they usually think about temporary, casual, or part-time workers.








Freelancing is no more what it once used to be – an occupation that an individual select when he or she has no alternatives. The internet has really transformed the globe into a global village. It has impacted communication greatly by allowing individuals to connect quickly and easily. Via online workplaces, now professionals are able to work when & where they prefer, and on assignments, they wish to work on.



Today, Indian consumers are considering freelancing as a serious profession & have begun treating it as a full-time career instead of an alternative. The days are gone when freelancing was considered a part-time work or as a temporary solution to work life.



freelancing way




At present, the freelance market is a vital contributor to the international GDP. With global payment systems connecting markets remotely, employers today are increasingly seeking niche-specific skills. The demand and outlook for freelancers worldwide are dramatic than ever before, and India is an important part of this economic change. With more than one million freelancers who contribute $400 billion to the national GDP, the freelancing industry in India can’t be overlooked.





The Indian freelance industry has experienced huge changes in respects of the way a freelancer is perceived in the eyes of society. This liberty has given birth to new kinds of alternative career options & has instituted a ground for an adaptable workforce which is agile enough to deliver outcomes with negligible friction. Also, it has permitted people to break away from the typical explanation of a profession & work without being a part of any formal association. International firms have long since outsourced their services & operations to Indian firms, but the trend is now shifting to subcontracting the same work to Indian Freelancers.



freelance market


This has allowed freelancers to build their own set of clientele all over the world. Therefore, freelancers today are more empowered and are alert o the opportunities they have in the international marketplace. Moreover, frequent development of technology also has contributed significantly to the expansion of the freelance marketplace in India. It has allowed people to work autonomously of an organization by letting them be mobile & in control of their work hours. Interestingly, India possesses the fastest growing ecosystem & the 3rd highest number of technology-driven startups all over the world trailing behind only the UK and US.



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The Significance of Hiring Freelance Indian IT Companies

December 18, 2018 by Freelance Portal in India  

With the departure from traditional practices, most IT companies are focusing more on just-in-time or freelance hiring. A report by Economic Times states that IT companies like Infosys, Wipro etc. discovering the uberisation of the workforce. Recently a huge availability of freelancers and consultants as well as freelance Indian IT companies are intending to work on their terms.

64059113 - freelance concept

There has been an uptick interest in contract hiring freelance Indian IT companies. Contract staffing and just-in-time hiring are relatively garnering popularity amongst worldwide technology companies. The Flexi-hiring in IT companies is poised to experience great growth in the near future.

It’s because of the reason that companies face a margin squeeze and a new global environment where increasing protectionism could enhance their cost of doing business. Upon considering freelance hiring, worldwide IT companies can bag a project getting it done quickly.


But how does it help IT companies? Hiring freelance IT companies are cost-effective and help worldwide IT companies shrink their bench strength. In addition to, this process increases flexibility as companies employ the best freelance Indian IT companies. Apart from this, they must have specialized skills best suiting your project requirements and stipulated time frame.

The other significance includes the speed-up in the hiring process. Companies can hire whenever they’re ready as per their client’s requirements. These processes come along with short turnaround time for hiring verified, insured and licensed freelance Indian IT companies. Rest assured that, they can provide the client companies with the almost immediate workforce solutions whenever required.


Also, there is an increasing number of companies that seek to be employed on demand. Nowadays worldwide IT companies, on the other hand, are looking at on-demand hiring of the workforce as per the project requirements that their regular workforce can’t fulfill within the scheduled timeframe. IT industry flexi-hiring is expected to grow immensely by 2019.

After looking at the recent demands, and advancements in digitization, the IT services company SEOFIED last year brought Trustroo. It’s a freelance marketplace that connects over a million worldwide companies and Indian IT companies.

Trustroo freelance marketplace is aiming to outsource IT requirements of worldwide companies to freelance Indian IT companies. However, the IT skills are in demand in freelancing that includes software development, web portal development, App development, data analysis, testing, user interface and user experience (UI/UX) design, etc.

Trustroo’s Vision on IT Industry

The IT industry continues to grow and create more jobs in the skills largely dominated by digitalization and automation. But the requirement of the manhour for Indian IT companies is to upskill to fit better into global responsibilities. After all, IT skills in the areas of infrastructure, analytics, mobility, computing, interactive interfaces, automation, digital getaways, etc. would be in great demand.


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The Perfect Way To Have Best Freelancing Jobs

October 9, 2018 by Freelance Portal in India  

If you are looking for the well-paid, best freelance jobs, or to just to get freelance work on the side that can help protect your savings or pay the bills, then you have come to the right place. We at Trustroo offer you such a freelancing portal where you can have access to best of organizations for having such jobs.


                           freelance portal


The qualities of the best freelancing portal

There are many portals, which offer such opportunities. The selection of the best job portal is required so that you get the chance to work in one of the best organization. We at Trustroo offer you such a freelance jobs portal in India where we ensure that you get the opportunity to work in a registered organization of repute. This is possible due to the process that we follow to select the organizations that are listed where you can apply for freelancing jobs.


          freelancing job portal in India


The process of verification: We follow a stringent method of verification before we enlist any organization in the freelancing portal that we have. We run a strict background check on all listed companies. We request all listed companies to provide their company registration number and then our internal team runs it against the national database to complete the verification. We follow nine stringent methods to verify the background of the organization that we offer to you.


                           freelance portal


The process of verification that we follow while offering the best freelancing portal will enable you to have the accurate contact details of the organization so that you can directly talk with them and clarify your concerns. Not only that the best freelancing job portal in India would enable you to have the accurate e-mail id for having a better communication. Our listing verification team verifies each email address provided by the listed companies. We run this verification process every 90 days.


We also verify the accreditation of each social media site of the organization; we also check the online portfolio of the organization to have a look at the previous works, which they have done. We also check the testimonials and reviews of the organization before enlisting those into the freelancing portal.



Ease of having a job: We offer categorized selection of companies according to your knowledge base in our freelancing portal. Getting a freelance job online is quite simple through us. By simply enrolling with us you can surf & find IT related jobs that best suit your skills and expertise. Get registered with us now to find latest freelance jobs that demand expert HTML Programmers, C++ Programmers, MySQL Programmers, etc.


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5 Tips To Successfully Start A Freelancing Business

September 22, 2018 by Freelance Portal in India  

With more than 54 million Americans choosing to give up traditional careers & commence a freelance business that offers them more liberty to develop a lifestyle they love, we are noticing an unparalleled shift in the way organizations function all over the globe.




Hiring freelancers is becoming not just more acceptable, but more attractive for a lot of businesses. This prompts an amazing possibility for people with valuable skills to commence a freelance business on the side, and finally develop that into a worthwhile self-employed career.


Here are 5-tips to start a freelance business successfully:

Your Goals Should Be Clearly Defined:


Without clearly defined goals, you are going to face a very tough time in achieving what you want to.


Take your time to comprehend why you are considering beginning a freelance career – do you wish to become a freelance developer, designer or writer? Ensure this decision is the correct move in your development towards accomplishing your goals.


           content writer


Only after you’ve the transparency around where you wish freelancing to carry you, you can start backing your short-term goals & benchmarks that will assist your freelance business turn out to be a success.


Find A Profitable Niche:


Let’s say you are a graphic designer by occupation, or you have at least been developing skills with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in your spare time.


Clearly, there’re so many competitors in your industry that will be keen to charge much lower prices than you, regardless of what you do. There’re people with lower costs of living that will always be keen to accept lesser-paid gigs than you.




By taking your time to discover a lucrative niche for your freelance business, you are actively seeking out an industry & type of patrons that value quality.


Identify Your Target Clients:


As you are beginning your freelance business, it is all right to take a bit more of a shotgun approach to find a few clients. Make some primary assumptions regarding who you wish to work with, target them first, and after working with some of them, you will build up a very clear sense of whether or not you wish to continue following similar clients.


Know How To Pitch Yourself:


If you wish to start freelancing, you must know how to pitch yourself as it is a vital asset that will worth its weight in gold for years to come.


Regardless of how competent you are at your trade, if you wish to turn your skills into commencing a freelance business, you should be able to converse those strengths & convert your conversations into paying clients.




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