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How To Fix Common Skype Issues?

February 11, 2019 by Jack Tucker  

Mostly people use Skype these days. If your Skype is stuck, then this blog is perfect for you.

Top 5 methods to troubleshoot Skype issues!

1.    Check your password

If facing problem while signing in the Skype’s websitem then prefer changing your Skype password.

  • Method-
  • Firstly, put the mail ID that you always use while signing in with Skype.
  • After that, require to do the same as getting instructed to know the method of getting a new password.
  •  Lastly enjoy making calls like earlier.

2.    Check whether other people are facing the same problem

Some of the times there is a situation when you can only wait for the problem to get solved.

  • The method to know if Skype is facing any problem is by visiting its messaging service. You need to check Skype Status/Heartbeat.
  • Some of the times you can solve Skype issue by checking Down Detector. It informs you that if other Skype users are reporting the same problem or not. If other users are having the problem same as like yours, then you require to wait for some time. As this means that the problem does not need to be fixed by you. After waiting for some time, the problem may get solved.

3.    Check your network connection

Skype will only work if you have a network connection. This is a fact if you are making a call on Skype by Wi-Fi from gadgets like smartphone, laptops or PC.

  • If your website is not able to open with the help of the 1st method or other methods then, it can be possible that there is no network. This problem can be solved by restarting the router.
  • Note that if other websites are working, then the reason behind the problem related to Skype can be bandwidth.
  • If a lot of the users working on the same network that are that are using the internet altogether, then need to pause or stop tasks on rest of the gadgets to prevent the traffic. This shall lead to working of your Skype.

4.    Go through Skype’s audio settings and permissions

It can be possible that you’re not able to listen to the calls then go through the other places of audio such as music playlist (voice coming usually). If the voice problem is only with Skype, then note that your speakers and microphone have access to it.

5.    Again install Skype If nothing works, then remove the Skype application. And then again install it again.

Source : How To Fix Common Skype Issues?

How to Create a Bootable USB in Windows 10

February 11, 2019 by Jack Tucker  

CD and DVD are the most revolutionary innovation for the storage and transportation of data of data, but they passed there last age. USB replaced them entirely from the trend, and now there are very few people who used to burn CD and DVD. USB is more convenient and friendly gadget then CD.

Generally, we had been using CD to boot our system during format and reinstallation of the operating system. Now, when CD is out of fashion, then we also have to move forward and try to use USB for the installation purpose.

Now, the question arises that how can we convert a USB into bootable form.

Following steps help you to convert your USB into bootable.

Phase 1

  1. Place your USB into your system.
  2. Go to the window button, type cmd into the search box. It opens the command prompt window. Select Run as Administrator to open the command prompt.
  3. You can do it by Pressing Window and r button simultaneously and then open command prompt by entering cmd.
  4. When Cmd screen appears, write and enter didkpart.
  5. Wait for a while till utility starts it’s functioning.
  6. Write list disk in the Diskpart prompt and press enter. This reflects all drives which are live on your system.
  7. It is possible that you can find only two class of disk.

8. Your hard drive is represented as Disk 0, and the USB with its storage capacity refer as Disk1.

 As we are planning to make USB bootable, so select Disk1 tom perform your action.

  • Press Enter after writing select disk 1 into the on-screen prompt. It reverts you with an alert asking that “ Disk 1 is now the selected disk “.

This message tries to convey to you that any activity from now infects the disk1.              

Phase 2

  1. Write clean and press enter button to erase all the information present in the USB.
  2. It will format the USB and flash a message asking that Diskpart successfully clean your USB.
  3. Press Enter after writing “create primary partition”. It will forward a message to you about the successful creation of partition of your USB.
  4. Select Partition 1 and press Enter. It sets partition into the active state.
  5. Select Active and press Enter.
  6. Select format fs=ntfs quick and press Enter.
  7. Select exit and press enter. Now you are out of Diskpart program but not from cmd.
  8. Now you can burn the content into it by some simple cmd commands.

Marry James is a Microsoft Office expert and her been working in the technical industry from last 10 year. As a technical expert, she has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as www.office.com/setup

Source : How to Create a Bootable USB in Windows 10

What are the Methods to Delete a Facebook Page?

February 11, 2019 by Jack Tucker  

You can Delete Facebook pages both on a PC and in the Facebook mobile application for iOS devices and Android. If you want to delete your Facebook account or page, go through Permanently Delete a Facebook Account instead.

Some methods are listed below to delete a Facebook page:

On Desktop

  • Go to Facebook.

Click on the link http://www.facebook.com/ in your PC’s browser. This will go to your Facebook News Feed if you are already signed in.

• In case you are not signed it already, type your email ID and password in the right corner of the page.

  • Press the “Menu” icon.

You will get this in the top right side of the window. A drop-down menu list will come.

  • Tap Manage Pages.

You will get this option near the end of the drop-down menu list.

• At the top of this drop-down menu list in case, you see your page title, press its title, after that skip the next step.

  • Choose your page.

 Press the title of the page you like to delete.

  • Tap Settings.

It is a button at the top of the window. It will open a page of Settings.

  • Press the General button.

You will get this at the top of the menu list on the left corner of the window.

  • Go down and press Delete Page.

 This option will be at the end of the page. Pressing it will bring out the heading to expand, disclosing an additional option.

  • Tap Permanently delete the page.

 It is below the “Delete page” heading.

• Take an example, If your page title is “Grocery > Gourmet,” you would press Permanently Delete “Grocery > Gourmet” here.

  • Press Delete Page when asked.

It will permanently delete your page; when the Facebook page asks you to press OK, your page will get deleted.

On Mobile

  • Go to Facebook.

 Click the Facebook app icon, which symbol is a white “f” on darkblue wallpaper. It will go to your News Feed if you are signed in.

•    In case you are not signed it already, type your email ID and password in the right corner of the page.

  • Press the Menu List.

You will get this in the right side of the display on iOS or at the top of the screen on Android. A menu list will be displayed.

  • Click on My Pages.

It will be visible on the top of the menu.

• On Android, scroll down if compulsory and click Pages.

Choose your page. Enter your name of the page that you like to Delete. It will show you the page.

  • Press Edit Page.

It has a pencil-shaped icon near the page heading. Clicking it brings out a menu to come.

• If you are not able to get the Edit Page option, click instead of the three dot icon in the right side of the display, after that click Edit Page in the resulting menu list.

  • Click Settings.

You will find it in the menu list. After clicking it will go to the page’s settings.

  • Click General.

You will get this on the top of the menu.

  • Go down to the “Delete Page” heading.

You will get this near the end of the page.

  • Click Permanently delete the page.

It is a link in the “Delete Page” column.

• Take an example;If your page title is “Dog Appreciation Day,” you would press

Permanently Delete “Dog Appreciation Day” here.

  • Press Delete Page when asked.

It will permanently delete your page; when the Facebook page asks you to press OK, your page will get deleted. • You can’t undo this process.

Nick Hollins is a Microsoft Office expert and has been working in the technology industry since 2002. As a technical expert, Emma has written technical blogs, manuals, white papers, and reviews for many websites such as office.com/setup

Source : What are the Methods to Delete a Facebook Page?

Top 5 Apps For Teenagers!

February 11, 2019 by Jack Tucker  

In free time, teenagers like to spend their time with their gadgets. We are going to throw light upon some of the most amazing and helpful applications for teenagers that they can use easily. This blog even put light on some of the hobbies related applications for teenagers.

So go through this blog to know about some of the best apps for the teenagers and the app that they can share with their same age group friends.

Here some excellent applications for teens

1. Scholly

Scholly works for iOS, Android and on the web. It is a beautiful platform to know about a variety of scholarships. It was made by Christopher Gray, who was just a 21-year-old student.

2. Evernote

Evernote is among the most famous and useful application. Evernote offers options to save or accumulate plenty of essential things like assignments, files, pictures and audio. The best part of it is that it synchronises all of them in the system in such a way that user can get them wherever they want. The chances of losing any of the of the item are not possible because of it.

It is free of cost and is usable for Android and iOS, on the web, and for Windows and Mac devices.

3. Pandora

If the teenager likes music, then positively they are going to love this excellent radio facility over the net. Pandora offers user songs for free of cost and that too singers that have been selected by the user. Luckily, it is free of charge and available for smartphone users.

4. Sketchbook Pro

This application is present in tablets for doing sketching and painting work. Sketchbook Pro is a perfect application for people who like to do artistic work.  It comprises two types of versions. The first one is entirely free whereas the other one premium version. Both of them consists of lot many useful features, but the premium version has more than the simple one. Luckily, the user can manage their work in albums and have a backup of it as well.

5. Khan Academy Khan Academy is a remarkable application specially made for students. It is so because Khan Academy explains chapter that too free of cost. IPad users can use this application. It consists of more than 150000 tasks with one by one information and immediate feedback. Lot many students can take help from this application to do their homework.

Jack Tucker is a security expert and he writes about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and is working at norton.com/setup.

Source : Top 5 Apps For Teenagers!

Top 7 Apps That Can Make Children Utilise Their Time

February 11, 2019 by Jack Tucker  

To avoid boring tours, kids can use some remarkable applications. The best part is that the applications mentioned below are not just very interesting but are also  based on education. In simple words, these applications will prevent your kids from wasting their time and give you relief from them for some time.

Go through this blog to know about some of the fantastic applications that can make children utilise their time.

  1. Toca Hair Salon 2

This application amazes kids with its beautiful animations and entertaining features. Kids can impress the person sitting next to them as this app offers them some utensils like scissors, hair brush, a spray to grow hair and so on. Kids can do lot of experiments with the hair by making it curl or straight and even put flowers or bows to make it beautiful.

  • Pictopica (Disney Edition)

There are lot of kids who love playing games in their free time. This app is perfect for such kids as they will be getting here lot of games having features of Disney movies.

  • So they can have endless fun here and maximum 4 players can be part of such games.
  • Paperama

This a very interesting type of a game. The origami lovers will be really happy after playing this game. In brief, this game is a origami puzzle game where the player have to  finish making the shapes in as small number of folds as possible.

  • It becomes challenging immediately after playing for some time.
  • Mad Libs

It is completely suitable for your kids who loves literature. It is so because by putting funny words on it, it makes up entertaining stories.

  • It can be used on iOS device.
  • Monkey Pre-School Lunchbox

The kids before start going to school can get basic knowledge of variety of the colors, alphabets, shapes and puzzles with the help of this application.

  • Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad application comprises of many drawing features and it is easy to use which makes kids use it again and again.

  • Handwriting Without Tears: Wet-Dry-Try Suite For Capitals, Numbers And Lowercase

This app offers wet sponge and towel which can be used while writing with chalk. This helps kids to do their writing practice on regular basis. There is also the presence of an audio guide to help the kids out in every possible way. Kids even gets rewards after competing their work.

Jack Tucker is a security expert and he writes about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and is working at www.norton.com/setup.

Source : Top 7 Apps That Can Make Children Utilise Their Time