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Any Weather. One uPVC Profile

July 8, 2019 by umaprasad  

Indian weather is as diverse as India itself. In a country where there are high speed winds from the ocean in one region to scorching heat from the Sun in another, the weather is different every few 100 kms. And to add to this, drastic weather changes in the same region are not uncommon. Such extreme weather calls for fabricators to choose window and door profiles that can withstand all that the Indian weather has to offer—extreme winds, heavy rains, dust, high heat and more.

Okotech’s uPVC window and door profiles are weather-proof uPVC profiles that have been built to suit the Indian weather.  The German technology and superior lead-free uPVC compound used in the manufacturing of these profiles ensures that the profiles stay sturdy, durable and efficient.

A major relief to your customers who live in cities that are particularly hot throughout the year or have extreme heat during summers, uPVC window and door profiles from Okotech, with their multi-chambered sections, unique double seal mechanism and multiple glazing options effectively insulates heat and keeps indoors cool. These uPVC profiles for windows and doors also help cut AC power bills by up to 30%.

Another challenge that the Indian weather brings with it is rain water seepage. The precision and dimensional accuracy with which Okotech uPVC profiles are manufactured ensures that they are 100% leak-proof and water-tight so that rain water does not seep in into your customer’s homes.


Okotech uPVC profiles for windows have been built to make them wind resistant. These uPVC window profiles come with hurricane bars and are ideal for customers staying in high-rises and buildings in coastal areas that are subject to harsh winds.

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Why uPVC Profiles should be your first choice

July 8, 2019 by umaprasad  

Your customers may be contemplating a variety of materials for their doors and windows. With this in mind, you may want to take another close look at Okotech uPVC window and doors profiles and tell your side of the story in a forthright and convincing manner.

Give them a new dimension to imagine. Make them see why Okotech is their best choice when compared to other uPVC profiles and also when compared to wooden or iron profiles. Win them over.

Enhance The Visual Appeal: 
One of the primary benefits associated with our uPVC profile is that it adds a sense of style, elegance and security, an iron or wooden door may not.

Okotech’s uPVC profiles for window and doors come in a wide array of designs along with a range of different types of color and lamination schemes. From a natural coloration to black to white to many other appealing options that can be crafted to complement the interiors and exteriors of your space.

Step Up The Level of Security:
Every customer has a strong desire to keep homes and commercial spaces safe, sound, and secure.


Okotech’s uPVC profiles for window and doors provide an extra level of security with their steel reinforcement and multipoint locking system. Apart from being sturdy and durable. They are not something that can be readily or easily penetrated.

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Customize your uPVC windows and doors

July 8, 2019 by umaprasad  

Building or refurbishing a house or office is a mammoth task and one that requires careful planning. While we often take the time out to pick the right sofa cover or even the right carpet, we often underestimate the role played by our windows and doors in the overall look of our place.

Aparna Venster understands that your space needs to reflect your style and should at the same time be smartly and efficiently designed. That’s where Venster uPVC windows and doors come in. Our uPVC windows and doors have been designed to be wind and water-resistant, insulate heat, cut outside noise, stay as good as new for a long time and need minimal maintenance—all this while offering a range of customization options.

Frames: Venster uPVC windows and doors come in a range of options including casement windows, villa windows, arch windows, combination windows, tilt and turn windows, sliding windows and doors, slide and fold doors, and casement doors. These different types of uPVC window and door frames can be customized to suit any configuration/dimensions.

Lamination: Build your dream home with textured uPVC window and door profiles. Choose from a range of lamination/texture options including natural wood finish in Golden Oak, Walnut, Rustic Oak, Dark Oak or Mahogany. Or keep it simple with elegant white.

Colors: We bring you uPVC doors and windows that can be customized in terms of their color. Enhance the look of your space with colored profiles.  Pick edgy blue, elegant white or royal black—whatever matches your style.


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