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P.V.C. Strip Curtains – What Are Their Common Usages & Benefits?

August 8, 2017 by UK High Speed Doors  

If you have ever worked in a warehouse, big kitchen, or factory, possibilities are you have noticed the extensive use of PVC strip curtains in such environment. However, if you have not worked ever in these places, you might have come across them in various other places, for example, walk in freezers in some grocery shops, restaurants or bar entrances. There are a great number of uses of P.V.C. Strip Curtains and they offer several advantages to premises where these get used.



Common uses & locations for P.V.C. Strip Curtains:

Well, these curtains are usually employed to make separations between two areas. Whether those are different sections of a cold area, a warehouse, and room-temperature area, PVC strip curtains provide the advantage of being able to allow the efficiency of a door with the convenience of not having to close or open it. These curtains are often employed at loading docks to avoid the escape of air-conditioned air, which can assist to manage utility expenses & keep debris away from the working area. They are also employed in factories or warehouses to detach different functional areas, and the convenience of them denotes that machine like forklifts don’t need to physically open an overhead door or gate to access another area of your workplace. Some typical places you will see the use of PVC strip curtains may include:

  • Shipping plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Auto body shop
  • Grocery storage areas


Great benefits –



PVC Curtains are weightless and hence it is safer to use and hence it reduces the insurance bill to some extent.

Its saves considerable energy by interior temperature and it’s also flame resistant which gives you an additional advantage of using it. Whether you wish to keep warm air or cool air inside, the curtains perform an excellent job of preventing the conditioned air from escaping outside. This will no doubt save your business a great deal of money since you’ve the luxury to raise or lower the temperature of the facility while not losing that air to leak through doors.

Economical to Install –

The product comes with various color and quality and less costly like the Metal strips.

Here at UKHighSpeedDoors, we offer the highest quality P.V.C. Strip Curtains that can be used for a variety of applications. To place your order for our high-quality P.V.C. Strip Curtains, contact us on 0161 272 9333.

How High-Speed Industrial Doors Are Beneficial

June 24, 2017 by UK High Speed Doors  

Fore areas that experience high traffic, it’s absolutely essential that your doors are fast to open and close to make sure the smooth flow of traffic without any hindrance. This is where fast action industrial doors are a must. With an easy operating system and door speeds of 2.5 m/s, these doors will make sure that everything operates as smoothly as possible.

There are many benefits of using  high-speed industrial doors.  A few of these benefits are mentioned here.



Door function in industrial premises can experience impacts, particularly in high traffic regions. Rapid doors are self-repairing so any effect on the doors, for example, fast-moving forklift cars or trucks will be remedied. The doors are also capable of resealing  which saves both money and time repairing damage sourced by an impact.

Tailor-made For The Food Industry

High-speed industrial doors are ideal for numerous applications, especially for the food industry. These doors can be jet washed completely and kept clean on all areas. The speed at which they open also aid in the fast transportation of foods around any area.

Cold Storage Doors:

High-speed doors are ideal for cold storage because of the speed they can be fixed to close and open. This means there is no unnecessary loss of cold air. They also can be built with a built-in heater system to make sure that window regions don’t build up ice.

Ideal For Large Openings:

If you have a big open area which needs quick closing and opening then fast action doors are perfect. They can be built to fit dimensions up to 20m, ideal for the easy movement of sizable machinery without distracting the flow of traffic. The self-repairing feature also makes sure against any impact that might take place.  

If you want to buy high-speed industrial doors in the UK at a reasonable price, please  contact UKHighSpeedDoors.co.uk.  We have been successfully manufacturing roller shutters and industrial doors since our introduction to this industry in 1994. For a free estimate, feel free to call us on 0161 272 9333.

Why you should Invest in High Speed Industrial Doors?

May 23, 2017 by UK High Speed Doors  

Installing a high speed industrial door is considered to be a good investment for many facilities. A functional high speed door ensures faster opening and closing, which makes a facility secure, prevents airflow and reduces heating or cooling loss. Often called high speed roll up door, the high speed doors are suitable for both industrial and commercial spaces. These types of fast-operating doors are required to meet the needs of many commercial spaces and warehouses.

Here are some best reasons that state the importance of investing in high speed industrial doors:


1. Good Climate Control:

The high speed doors are installed in many facilities that require good climate control such as the food and beverages facilities. Industries, facilities or warehouse that requires temperature control can consider investing on high speed doors that will help in minimizing the heat transfer and maintains the correct temperature of the specific climate-controlled area. By installing the high speed doors in your facility, you can enjoy an airlock advantage that enables a great degree of control over air temperature and pressure inside the facility. With a durable and functional high speed door, you can experience the reduction in your energy costs, as this type of door reduces the heating or cooling needs of a climate controlled area.


2. Ensures Clean Environment:

Industrial areas or facilities that require clean environments for production or manufacture of goods can consider installing high speed doors to enjoy the best results. Most of the pharmaceutical companies and food preparation spaces are found in installing the high speed doors to minimize the airborne particles or pathogens. Installing the high speed industrial or roll up doors ensures a clean manufacturing area and rest of the facility by reducing the amount of pathogens or dust carried by air currents.




3. Increases Productivity:


Investing on high speed doors for your commercial or industrial spaces will prove to be worth, as it can help in increase the productivity by reducing the time of opening and closing. Any industry or facility that depends on the fast and quick movement of materials or relies on careful timing between one manufacturer unit and another can enjoy the advantage of installing the high speed doors. These high speed doors enhance the workflow and ensure in increasing the productivity.


4. Optimizes Security:

Built with durable features and technology, the high speed doors have great strength and can be able to deter the unwanted access. Commercial establishments or industrial spaces that require extra security can consider investing in the high speed doors to enjoy an optimal security and protection.


You can buy custom tailored high speed industrial doors from UKHighSpeedDoors.co.uk at reasonable prices for your residential or commercial requirement. UK High Speed Doors provide an emergency call out repair service which ensure your shutter emergency can be taken care of quickly. We are the industry leaders in manufacturing and supplying nationally and internationally top quality high speed doors, roller shutters, high speed sectional doors and more.


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Different Industrial Applications Of High Speed Doors

April 6, 2017 by UK High Speed Doors  

High speed or rapid doors are quickly becoming the most favored solution for many industrial applications whereby facilities need adjustable, high speed doors that enable people & equipment to move from one part to another of the facility. These adjustable, security doors now can be seen in a wide variety of industries, ranging from pharmaceutical to chemical sectors and food farming plants.

Let’s talk about what are the industries that make the most of high speed doors:

Food & beverage industries: To manufacture beverage, rapid doors are employed to produce “airlock” solutions, which are vital for sustaining steady temperature & pressure assessments. When it comes to food processing, strict cleanliness benchmarks are essential, so quick closing/opening & easy-to-clean steel doors are used.

Clean room operation: Cleanroom doors should prevent unwanted airflow & stop the spreading of airborne pollutants from a common site of a facility into a sterilized one. This characteristic is particularly vital in semiconductor, electronic, pharmaceutical and research industries.

Production facilities: Facilities where noxious and corrosive substances are used, spark inducing welding operations take place, and usually inhospitable environmental conditions are essential, high speed doors can efficiently partition those functioning areas from secure employee sites.

Automotive industries: High speed doors are quite well-known to the automotive industry as they’re quite important for the logistic processes and their low maintenance makes sure optimum production.

To sum up, there’re many other applications for high speed doors across a large number of industries, with the above-mentioned being amongst the most widespread. And as improvements in door technology continue to bring computerized, sensor-controlled, laser-guided, and automatic-laden high speed doors to different industries, they’ll persist to be a crucial part in every business conceivable.

Get your business a high speed door from UK High Speed Door and enjoy amazing control over climate, dust and work areas. We’re the market leader in UK when it comes to high speed door solutions. Visit us now to check our high-quality products.