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What is a podcast and why it needs foreeds a company?

September 21, 2019 by venture unplugged  

A podcast is a piece of a digital audio file.  Some examples of the podcast: 


  1. i) When you listen to an audiobook, you are listening to a podcast
  2. ii) when you listen to guided meditation audio, you are listening to a podcast
iii) a recorded audio interview, it is a podcast
  1. iv) a downloadable lesson in an online course is a podcast



Benefits of using the podcast in your company's Online Marketing strategy

  •       Record audio broadcast at outreach events that not everyone can attend

The speeches and talks in congresses or conferences are already prevalent in podcasts content. Most of these events have limited capacity. This means that many people intend to go, but finally can not, for reasons of space or even distance. With the podcast, you can listen to everything there commented.


  •       Conduct of interviews

The podcast thoroughly collects the content of a podcast interview. A very positive functionality, because if the interviewee is a person of interest to employees or the general public, they will be able to follow each of their statements fully.


  •       Treatment of training topics

If there is any simple knowledge that the company wants to instill in its employees, perhaps the podcast channel is ideal. Employees can listen to it in a relaxed way, in the car, running, or in any other context of their daily lives. When listening to the audio in a comfortable environment for him, the explained concept will be better assimilated.


  •       Changes in company policy

The company can also use the podcast to transfer information to its employees, which can be explained orally. And that is not complex to understand. 


Benefits of being interviewed in a Podcast

Here are some of the benefits of best interview podcasts, which brings being interviewed or being the best celebrity podcasts:


  • You create networking
  • You develop your Brand
  • You make yourself known
  • Share skills
  • Opportunity to be an Influencer or Micro-Influencer
  • You educate a specific audience
  • You learn
  • Job opportunities
  • You show that you are prepared and you are a good professional
  • You earn respect and leadership of your network of contacts
  • People know your voice, great advantage versus a written interview
  • Adding the interview to your linked in profile is an excellent opportunity as an interviewee

What NOT to do in a celebrity interview for a Podcast?

This part is about what not to do during a celebrity interview podcasts, or how the intonation of your voice should be, and to make clear the things that a professional should know and have in the clear:


  • Being interviewed of "favour", that is, asking to be interviewed.


  •       The podcast interviews with celebrities andbetween "group" of friends to do "self-promotion" among them, that is unethical.


  • Being interviewed should not imply a commitment per se or mandatory to have a business relationship, or exchange of goods, with the interviewer.


  • The interviewer should not condition a professional who, in exchange for an interview, that this is broadcast, this must be optional and of choice.