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How to Help Your Student Find the Right Student Housing

June 15, 2019 by Village Suites Oshawa  

Starting college is a major change for students. They have to cope with plenty on their own, without guidance from their families. However, one of the biggest decisions — where to live — is something you can help with. Although living in an Ontario Tech University or UOIT residence is the easy option, many students prefer to live off campus. If your student is looking to rent, your support can make sure she finds the perfect place.

1. Research the Area

Location is extra important for students, especially those who lack a car. If you are considering apartments at a distance from campus, you need to know it will be easy for your student to arrive in public transportation. You’ll also need to confirm that there are stores nearby. Finally, check the crime statistics to ensure that your student will be safe.

2. Visit Properties Together

If possible, check at least a couple properties with your student. Use the opportunity to explain what she needs to look for. Show her how to examine the apartment for damage, signs of infestation, and broken appliances. Before you arrive, rehearse what questions she should ask the landlord.

3. Write a List of Pros and Cons

At the end of visit, write down your impressions of the property. This will be useful for remembering key details when comparing potential homes.

4. Discuss Co-Signing

Some landlords may require students to have a co-signer. Discuss beforehand if this is an option — after all, if your student causes any damage to the property, you will be liable for payments. You can avoid the need to co-sign by searching only for student rentals.

5. Check the Lease

Read over the lease with your student before either of you signs anything. If the landlord is unwilling to provide you with a lease in writing, find somewhere else.

6. Pay a Final Visit

Visit the apartment one last time before you make your final decision. Ideally, go at night or during poor weather. This will give you a better idea of how the apartment feels than if you just see it during a sunny day.

The best option of all is to find premium student housing near Durham College. Students have the option of Village Suites Oshawa. Just a few minutes from campus, it is affordable for any budget and has all the amenities students need, including bike storage, laundry facilities, and a fitness centre. Plus, thanks to a roommate matching service, it is ideal whether your student already has friends or as yet knows no one.