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Which Hair Transplant Is Better - FUT Or FUE?

January 19, 2019 by Dr. Amit Agarkar  

Get top class FUE hair transplant in Kochiand let your baldness be a thing of the past. We at V Plant hair clinic provides extensive hair care treatments and are equipped with high-tech technologies. For bookings, call us at +91 8692983345, +91 9656620365 or log on to www.vplanthairclinics.com for details.

Approach the Right Hair Transplant Clinic!

January 16, 2019 by Dr. Amit Agarkar  

Excessive hair loss and baldness need extensive care. Get the best hair care services with the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai and say goodbye to baldness.  Call us at +91 7045148327, +91 22 28761508 or log on to www.vplanthairclinics.com for details.


Eyebrow Transplant Information

December 29, 2018 by Dr. Amit Agarkar  

Feeling low in confidence as you've got very thin or no eyebrows at all? Visit V Plant Advanced Hair Clinic for Eyebrow Transplant in Kochi. Achieve fuller and attractive eyebrows, you always craved for in no time. Also, find high-quality treatment. So what are you waiting for? Contact Dr. Amit Agarkar today! Call +91-9656620365 and book an appointment right now!


When Hair Grows After Hair Transplant Surgery

November 30, 2018 by Dr. Amit Agarkar  

Are you looking for the Best Hair Transplant Centre in Kochi? Pay a visit to Vplant Clinic. Whether your hair problem is congenital or environmental, the hair treatment experts here offer perfect interventions to gift you stronger and gorgeous hair. Also, the clinic environment matches the international standards. Here customer satisfaction is a priority. Call +91-9656620365 to Book an Appointment.