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The history of the pear-shaped diamond engagement rings

September 21, 2019 by karry  

Pear-shaped diamond wedding rings although this edgy style may seem modern and new, its origins trace back to 1458, created by Flemish polisher named Lodewyk van Berquem. Does this name sound familiar? If so, it could be because van Berquem was the same diamond cutter who is responsible for the concept of symmetry and placement of facets in popular diamond cuts. Without van Berquem, diamonds would not be cut in a certain way to maximize the shine and sparkle that radiates from each rock.

How popular are Pear-shaped diamond engagement rings?

Pear-shaped diamonds provide the perfect opportunity for an unusual engagement ring. If popular round and square shapes are not for you, then the Pear shape might be a good choice. Not the obvious choice, fewer buyers opt for the Pear shape in favour of more traditional diamond cuts.

Pear-shaped styles of engagement ring

Ther are many different styles of pear shaped engagement ring. For example, Pear solitaire rings are the most popular. Moreover, many solitaire styles exist. From sweeping designer settings to traditional 3 claw Pear-shaped engagement ring settings. In contrast, Pear-shaped diamonds appear in three stone diamond engagement rings. They make excellent central diamonds. Alternatively, smaller matched pairs make perfect side stones. Finally, we have single halo and double halo rings featuring Pear-shaped diamonds.

How to Wear the Pear-Shaped Diamond

The pear-shaped diamond should be worn by confident women who wish to stand out and own a truly unique piece of jewelry. Pear-shaped diamonds are commonly used as gems in necklaces and earrings.

When set in a ring, this cut can be worn as solitaire to draw the focus directly to the shape, or worn with side stones. Pear-cut diamonds also make for great side-stones themselves.

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Things you must know about the anniversary ring

September 20, 2019 by karry  

There is a lot of confusion between the anniversary ring and the wedding ring. In fact, the anniversary band is a wedding band, just on an anniversary, not on your wedding day. If you are looking for a good way to commemorate a special anniversary, then the ring will be a great gift. Choosing the right anniversary wedding band may seem a little daunting, so this guide will give you some help choosing the perfect anniversary ring.

Generally, the anniversary ring has no center stone. However, the style you choose actually depends on how the ring is worn (and where it is). As far as wearing the anniversary band's fingers, there is no need to wear them on the ring finger. In fact, you can wear a new band on a completely different hand. Some people are even willing to do other things, they prefer to retire their original wedding ring and replace it with an anniversary band. In addition, another timeless band option is to choose a ring that has as many diamond accents as you have in your marriage.

We also recommend that you purchase the traditional specification for the anniversary ring:

1st Anniversary Wedding Ring - Gold Medal

The classic color of the 1 year anniversary ring is gold or platinum. However, if you are interested in a more distinctive look, choose Rose Gold.

Grade 5 - Sapphire

Sapphire has always been a symbol of loyalty and truth in history. You usually give these as a gift to your fifth wedding anniversary.

Year 10 - Diamond

A ten-year marriage is the first of many important milestones you have experienced as a married couple. Due to its excellent hardness and shiny sheen, diamonds are part of many of today's most valuable jewellery.

Whatever you do, make sure your anniversary band chooses the style that suits you. Because the choice of rings in most places now has no rules to follow.

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The right way to wear the wedding set

September 19, 2019 by karry  

Both Engagements and weddings are important life milestones steeped in tradition and etiquette. While there are some confusions on how should brides wear their wedding rings. For instance, should you wear them both on the ring finger on left hand? Or should you wear the engagement ring on top or on bottom?  Or maybe you should wear them on two different fingers altogether? Here is an overview of how to wear wedding rings. There are some different situations that you need to consider.

On your wedding day: You should switch your engagement ring to the third finger on your right hand on this big day. The reason for doing this is your future spouse will places the wedding ring on your ring finger during the ceremony. The ring finger has hold the faith of romantic, as the vein in that finger led directly to your heart.

Engagement Ring Etiquette: Tradition dictates that your engagement band be moved back to the third finger on your left hand after you married. Bear in mind that your wedding ring should remain closest to your heart and your engagement ring is placed next to the wedding ring.

Alternate Between Rings: This is another option that many people are choosen. One reason for doing this is two rings are too much for some women and wearing one at a time is simpler.

Wear Engagement Ring On One Ring Finger and Wedding Band On The Other:  This way is good for those with short fingers, who don’t like having so many rings on one finger.

This is the 21st Century and there should be no “right” way for ring wearing, in despite there may be an “official” way of wearing your rings. So feel free to wear you ring any way, after all the wedding rings and wedding bands in Italo are beautiful.

8 years of experience in jewelry design, specializing in the design of a variety of wedding rings for men and women. For more information please contact: carry2019.xian@gmail.com

What is a bridal suit?

September 16, 2019 by karry  

Bridal set, if the word is new to you, the bridal suit is the technical term for your engagement and wedding rings, they are worn together, just like on the wedding day. Sometimes this is called a “wedding suit,” but this may mean your engagement ring and the wedding ring between you and your partner, so when using these interchangeable phrases, make sure you are talking about the same jeweler. Language.

What is the difference between an engagement ring, a wedding ring and a bridal set?

Engagement rings are the beginning of a relationship, usually (but not always) including large diamonds or gemstone center stones. Wedding rings, also known as wedding rings, are worn by two members of the couple and are designed to be simpler and more streamlined than engagement rings. The bridal suit is a combination of an engagement ring and a wedding ring.

When a woman becomes a bride, the combination of the engagement ring and the wedding ring on her hand becomes a bridal set. Just the style of each bridal suit is different. We can't give a definition of the best bridal set.

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Should you supposed to wear your engagement ring all the time?

September 12, 2019 by karry  

Your engagement ring is an important you've ever wear, while this doesn't mean that you should wear it every hour. Here we look at 7 times when the engagement rings definitely shouldn’t be wearing.


In the gym: Frankly speaking, any form of exercise is a no-no for engagement rings, no matter it’s on the treadmill or on the softball field. Just the constant extreme movement of most types of exercise can cause the ring to twist and gone of the stone, let alone the obvious potential for damage from knocks. It is not a knee support, it’s your engagement ring, so take it off!


Cleaning the house: Bleach, ammonia, and other solvents can permanently damage both the metal and the stones.


Swimming:  Unless you’re in a pool heated to quite a high temperature, the water will be cooler than you. Therefore your engagement ring will be easily to slip right off, as your fingers shrink slightly. More importantly, salt and chlorine can seriously affect the metal of the band, especially if it is treated metal like white gold.


During your beauty regime: this is long-time negative effect, those beauty products buildup does two things over a period of time. Firstly, it attracts as much dirt, grease and grime as it can. Secondly, it gets further and further into the nooks and crannies of your ring. This will finally leads the loosening of the stones due to the increased pressure from beneath.


When you’re sick: During that time, you body has experiencing weight loss, dehydration, localized swelling and many more secondary symptoms that can cause your ring to loosen or tighten on your finger.


Cooking: Almost everything we touch when preparing a meal from scratch will make our hands sticky, smelly, oily or any one of a thousand usually undesirable things. To be honest, they are a recipe for disaster when it comes to your wedding ring.


In bed: There is an argument that, if you’re wearing it, you can’t lose it, but that doesn’t mean you should just accept that the risk of damage is acceptable. It’s what your nightstand was made for.


If you do want accompany with a shiny jewelry while you doing above activities, you can choose a cheap engagement rings substitute your real one.


8 years of experience in jewelry design, specializing in the design of a variety of wedding rings for men and women. For more information please contact: carry2019.xian@gmail.com

Suggestions for choosing a men's perfect wedding band

September 10, 2019 by karry  

It is certainly true that guys do not have lots of choice, when it comes to wedding ring. Generally they get to choose from only one or two men's wedding bands styles. Funtunately the modern jewelers recognize that men want to show off their style and their personalities as well. Let’s break down all the aspects of men’s wedding band styles to help you purchasing your perfect one.

The primary Part thing need to be considerred is the width of the ring. Generally speaking, a masculine feature often displayed through a wide band. But please do not misleading by this, the only xonsideration should be buy a ring that fits your finger, not one that seems “masculine” because it's really wide.  For instance, if you have smaller hands and thinner fingers, a narrow band is often more comfortable to wear. Furthermore it is important to take the budget into account. Wider rings tend to be more expensive, since they require a larger quantity of precious metal.

Fit: In general, a men’s wedding band should gently slide over the knuckle (with smooth sides for comfort), but still fit snugly on the finger.

Metal: The metals traditionally used for men’s wedding rings are platinum, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and palladium. While these metals used for men’s wedding band styles are designed to be durable and stand up to day-to-day life, the truth is that they’re all still different.

Platinum is extremely durable and is among the rarest elements in the earth’s crust.  It is also hypoallergenic and almost never causes skin reactions. Another benefit to choosing platinum is that it doesn’t show off scratches.

White gold is gold plated in rhodium, a member of the platinum family, which gives it a brilliant white color similar to platinum’s but at a lower price point.

Yellow gold gives off a subtle, warm glow and is a classic option.

Rose Gold Men's Wedding Band is a perfect choise for a groom who wants a more distinctive look based on its unique vintage effect.

Palladium is a member of the platinum family of metals and has a very similar look, but generally costs less than platinum and white gold.

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How to choose a perfect sapphire ring?

September 9, 2019 by karry  

We know the status and legend of sapphire, knowing that sapphire is scarce and precious. So, what issues do we need to pay attention to when choosing a sapphire wedding ring?

We know that judging the quality of sapphire should be considered in terms of color, weight, cut, clarity, and origin. When it is embedded in the ring, these factors should also be considered. Here are five details to be aware of when choosing a sapphire wedding ring.

1, color

When you get a sapphire ring, you must first observe whether his color is pure. Watch it on a white background or in an environment with no other disturbing colors. Look at the sapphire tones without a slight green or purple hue. Then the main stone color of this sapphire ring can pass.

2, clarity

Generally, there is no obvious impurity when viewing with the naked eye. At the same time, pay attention to the presence of bumps or obvious cracks on the outside of the gemstone.

3, weight

When choosing a sapphire wedding ring, the weight of the main stone is also a factor to consider. A 1 carat sapphire wedding ring and a 2 carat ring are not twice the price difference, and often the big carat ring sapphire ring is several times higher.

In general, the price of a sapphire ring will increase with the weight of the main stone and show a geometric progression, but if the budget is sufficient, it is also necessary to pay attention to the added value of sapphire.

4, cutting

Sapphire is a high-grade jewel. When used as a setting material for a engagement ring, the cutter usually cuts it into a facet to highlight its clarity and flicker. Observing the quality of the sapphire cut, we usually observe the ratio of the cut and the symmetry.

5, style

When choosing a sapphire wedding ring, in addition to considering the quality of the sapphire main stone, the design of the style is not negligible, and a good design can better show your temperament.

In the purchase of sapphire wedding rings, these five tips, you can buy a ring that you really like.

Who should pay for the wedding ring?

September 7, 2019 by karry  

We tend to assume that it is groom's duty to buy wedding bands, as the result of chivalry is not dead, right?  However the answer for this question is much more complex. The most traditional way to go about this would be the bride pays for the man's wedding ring plus a gift and the groom pays for the engagement ring and matching wedding band for the bride. A modern approach tend to be groom and bride jointly invest on their wedding band. This article would suggests that there is to real answer,  the more comfortable for each couples feel, the better the option for their unique relationship.

Different region has different cultures thus different answers for who shoulf pay for wedding band. The fact is that people rarely wear wedding band before WWII. The reason for its popularity is soldiers opted to wear rings to remind them of their spouses while they were deployed. Thus in that circumstance, rings were more focused on symbolism than on the jewelry itself. However, Female Wedding Bands or engagement rings for women, can be traced back as far as the Neanderthal days. This tradition would continue for many years to come in nearly all cultures.

There are still something that you need to consider when it comes to wedding band selection, and i will offer some important ones and hope it guidance you. Firstly, it is prudent to talk to your significant other about it with any big purchase. secondly, there are some question you should ask yourself before you Shop Wedding Bands, such as do you share finance? Who earns more in the relationship? Who is paying for other aspects of the wedding? Finally, if the answer for above questions are unclear, the fairest option (and probably the cutest) is to pay for each others wedding rings.

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What should I pay attention to when buying a wedding ring?

September 6, 2019 by karry  

The origin of the wedding ring: the wedding ring is a token of love for two people, which was introduced from the West to China. In ancient China, when men and women got married, they sent bracelets. However, since entering the modern era, the marriage culture of western churches has been introduced into China. Wedding rings have become popular in China. After entering the 1990s, they began to be rumored. Nowadays, it can be said that the variety of wedding rings is super and numerous, so it is very difficult to choose the right one among so many varieties. Below Qingdao wedding photography to give you some suggestions for your reference.

The pure gold ring is the most classic wedding ring option for both men and women. Of course, you can also change its bland appearance by some means. For example, you can use a matte material to make a ring or a special person to create a pair of wedding rings. You can also choose a wedding ring with many small metal particles on the surface or a rope pattern on the side. Such wedding rings can usually be made from white platinum and gold. In addition, you may wish to engrave some short and memorable phrases in the inner ring of the ring.

Wedding rings are generally paired

An extended ring is a wedding ring that is made up of multiple rings. The ring consisting of 3 rings is especially suitable for wedding rings. These 3 rings can be 3 different color combinations. The three rings of different colors and different materials not only mean that you can mix them with your watches, bracelets and other daily necessities, but more importantly they represent the two of you will be combined into a new family.

Pure gold wedding ring

If you want to find a wedding ring that is finely crafted but not too expensive, consider a classic ring. There are also a number of jewellery companies that specialize in creating the classical rings you want.

Diamond wedding ring

If you have enough time, you can personally decide the style of the wedding ring. Ask a jeweler you admire or a designer who can implement your vision to help you make a wedding ring.

If the bride chooses to wear an engagement ring after marriage, she may want to have a diamond wedding ring. The diamond ring, which is made up of many gemstones cut into narrow rectangles or multi-cut flat squares, is a simple yet elegant wedding ring style. It is inconvenient for those who do not want the diamond ring to be too tall. For ladies, the diamond-inlaid ring is an ideal choice.

For women who already have an engagement diamond ring with a large gemstone, wearing a gorgeous wedding ring on the same finger creates a visual conflict. You can ask the jeweler to create a pair of broken diamonds that can be worn under the engagement ring to set off the engagement ring as the wedding ring.

No matter what style you like, please remember not to choose a too fashionable and weird ring as a wedding ring. Because this type of ring can attract your attention, but it is not good enough, you will be tired of it. Therefore, choosing a wedding ring should be the same as choosing a life partner. You should take a serious and eternal attitude.

Vintage Engagement Rings

September 5, 2019 by karry  

Choosing between vintage engagement rings is almost as important as finding the right partner. Because let’s be real: having the perfect ring proves you and your love are truly unique (just like everyone else). The current engagement ring trends tend toward anything vintage.

Engagement ring styles stayed pretty traditional until the 60s when counterculture trends in art, design and music crossed over into jewelry.

“We see more of a move to some other diamond cut styles – emerald cut in particular was a favorite – but still a trend towards a very elegant solitaire look,” said Nacht.

And when the disco age dawned, inspiring fashions to get funkier, ring styles followed suit.

“In the 1970s there is a big switch towards lots of very flashy, diamond-studded pieces. In many cases trying to achieve the biggest look possible with lots of smaller stones and heavy gold work,” said Nacht.

Find a vintage-inspired engagement ring that can be cherished today, and later become an heirloom for generations to come. Shop our diverse collection of vintage-inspired engagement rings.

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