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Real Estate Digital Marketing Campaign Checklist For 2019

January 30, 2019 by webzaa  

real estate digital marketing campaign checklist for 2019

Real Estate Digital marketing is regularly evolving, and it gets more and more complicated almost over the months. If you are Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, it is important to catch new trends and tactics if you need to reach your audience in different ways. From segmentation to content strategy and social media marketing we have prepared to your complete Real Estate Digital marketing checklist for 2019.

The internet, online presence has become an essential part of marketing in recent years. To reach and connect people, real estate digital marketing campaigns have begun to regard as a cornerstone of pretty much every marketing strategy. Since 2011, the number of marketing technologies has been grown rapidly. Today, there is so much marketing tech on the market. Some platforms changing their specs every year and it causes confusion. How can you keep up with the latest technologies as a marketer? These five step real estate digital marketing campaign checklists will help you to easily digest this complicated and ever-changing process and make things simple for you. If you need to avoid any blind spots before you launch your campaign, be sure you have made your final check from this real estate digital marketing checklist for the upcoming year.

Value Proposition:

We start digital marketing checklist with the value proposition. If you need to drive conversions, building a strong value proposition is crucial. First of all, you require to set clear goals for your business and make a decision. Creating personas for your target buyer will help you to understand their behaviors, emotions and also pain points. Try to look at your ideal buyers’ perspective before determining the value of your business. Pay attention to the design element as it creates a value. Avoid boring stories because they can not help you to attract and retain the audience.


Although building traffic through search engines is a long-term process, it is a vital part of the digital marketing strategy. You want to optimize your content favorably to the prospects who want to find answers for attracting organic, meaningful traffic and improve your search rankings then go with an SEO Agency in Mumbai.

The contents you publish should focus on your visitors most asked questions if you need to outrank in the search results. You want to understand the intent behind visitors’ searches to make a good keyword search. This you can not only increase the traffic to your website, but also attract more qualified prospect. If you want on the search engine your website rank first then go with top SEO Company in Mumbai.

Off-page optimization focuses on link building and helps search engines to identify how relevant your content is. For further information, you can check these on-page (semrush.com/features/keyword-magic-tool) and off-page(neilpatel.com/blog/everything-you-need-to-know-about-off-page-seo)guides. Now you drive some traffic to your site.

SEO Services in Mumbai In order to bring a lead, enhance the website experience. Apply the best practices to your site that align with your business goals. Make double or triple checks to be sure that everything is ok. Never ignore the value of the mobile. Your business website wants to be mobile friendly, it’s an important Google ranking factor.


After producing relevant contents, curate them in your website blog. Blogs allow you to bring your target topics together with your ideal customers. Apart from driving organic traffic and creating value, content also powers your social media and email marketing efforts. You can change a blog posts format and repurpose it for social Bookmarking or SlideShare. Content curation is a way to build relationships with your audience and also influencers to share their unique contents. If you want content marking then go with best Real Estate Digital Marketing in Mumbai.

Social Media:

If you need to build a connected online community, your dedicated social media team should make a content plan. Keeping a social media calendar will ease this process. If you don not need to miss the mark, make sure that your team shares every content on social media channels at the right time. If you want social media, then go with best Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai. When you launch a social media campaign, keep in mind that all the social networks have different needs in terms of the number of words in the copy, image size, and other specs. For social media scheduling and managing, you can use Hootsuite it is the best tool.


Digital Marketing Services for Real Estate One of the valuable parts of any real estate digital marketing strategy is still email marketing. You can get great results without so much effort. Testing small changes such as call-to-action and subject lines can make a significant difference.

Breaking through the social advertising wall: 2019 plans and predictions

January 16, 2019 by webzaa  

social media marketing agency in mumbai

Social leaders have made significant headway opening up their walled gardens in 2018: from YouTube’s JICWEBS certification in March to Twitter’s recent pledge prioritising the health of the platform, and Facebook’s focus on building a ‘foundation of trust.’ These platforms are well aware of the hurdles they face, and ready to keep progressing.

So, let’s take a closer look at the story so far, and what we can expect in 2019.

Social progress: The last 12 months

2018 saw an uptick in social media platforms taking action on multiple fronts. Firstly, several platforms moved to improve trust and transparency via third-party verification and certification. Following an extensive audit, Facebook and Instagram were granted Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for measuring ad impressions, and has since had the process for providing data to third parties for verification approved. Similarly, Google’s YouTube impression and viewability measurement also received the MRC stamp of approval, and Twitter continued its ongoing review.

Secondly, key players opted to further enhance in-house reporting and measurement by partnering with independent companies and creating their own initiatives. For example, Snapchat integrated third party verification measurement covering viewability and ad fraud after an effective six-month beta test. Applying to Snap’s in-app video buys, the aim is to reduce uncertainty about audience reach by tracking fake, legitimate, and completed views. Meanwhile, Google launched a preferred partners programme that is intended to help advertisers identify trusted measurement providers — with 20 specialisation partners awarded badges — and Facebook extended its publisher lists capability to cover video ads; providing greater buyer control over where ads are placed.

Where are we now?

Social has arrived at the final quarter in a strong position. In part, this is down to its inherent appeal as an influential advertising medium with a vast user base. But its commitment in increasing clarity has also fuelled confidence and success. Either way, the statistics show healthy development; in the UK, marketers are predicted to spend £3.3 billion on social network advertising in 2018, a 24% increase on 2017. This equates to a quarter of all UK digital ad spend this year, according to eMarketer’s most recent forecast.

Yet this sizeable investment also means advertisers are keener than ever to ensure campaigns have the opportunity to engage target audiences and drive high returns, which means calls for continuous refinement in measurement persist. In particular, demand is increasing for metrics that address multiple concerns, from the safety of ad placements to the resulting campaign impact.

Future focus: Where will 2019 take social?

Placing ads in environments that amplify their impact and align with brand values is crucial to maintain advertiser and consumer favour. Consequently, we can expect brand safety to remain the top priority for advertisers and social platforms. In fact, Google is already working to offer advertisers better brand safety assurance: with testing of objective verification tools in progress, alongside an MRC audit that could potentially result in both brand safety and unique reach accreditation.

There is also increasing emphasis on expanding assessment to include a broader range of hygiene checks. Advertisers understand that constant verification and optimisation are vital to boost campaign results: with verification identifying value loss and protecting media, while optimisation based on performance data maximises the chances of engagement. As a result, demand is rising for customised metrics that go further than measuring against baseline viewability (such as the MRC’s benchmark) and provide interaction insight, especially time-based metrics.

For example, metrics such as time-in-view are gaining popularity as a means of evaluating potential to influence. In other words, establishing whether ads are in view for long enough to capture consumer interest and thereby achieve campaign outcomes. After all, in an environment such as social where windows to seize attention are short, advertisers must make sure every second counts — and this requires a clear idea of which ads are likely to stay in view.

Looking ahead, the cycle of social media’s power is set to keep running: rising audience numbers will keep attracting larger numbers of advertisers, creating more competition that drives the need to measure performance precisely and adjust ads for optimal impact. The advances made in 2018 won’t be the last, but it’s still important to acknowledge them. With every step made to help advertisers understand the effect of their impressions and spend, the social advertising industry moves closer towards a transparent, safe, and efficient ecosystem that works for everyone. So, this positive progress is more than worth celebrating and continuing.

Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai develops and executes social media strategies that drive consumer engagement. Our social media marketing campaigns increase site traffic, drive sales, and engage your customers. Social marketing takes constant monitoring, engagement, and tracking. Our goal in social media marketing is not just to increase the size of your audience, but rather the quality of your followers. As a Real Estate Digital Marketing in Mumbai, we see to it that our clients interact with their target customers.

Source: https://www.marketingtechnews.net/news/2019/jan/03/breaking-through-social-advertising-wall-2019-plans-and-predictions/

Best LinkedIn Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Marketing

January 10, 2019 by webzaa  


The LinkedIn is not just restricted to entrepreneurs or C-level officials. A lot of real estate agents, Developers and Builders are taking full advantage of the platform and seeing results using it. If you are not much used to LinkedIn marketing it is time to take full advantage with Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai because it is a trusted site with Google and LinkedIn profile help in boosting your Google ranking on the top pages with people looking for real estate properties online. So do your real estate marketing on the linkedIn with best Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai and generate good leads for your business.

Already there are more than million of real estate professionals in the LinkedIn who make use of business. The achieving success using LinkedIn is more than putting up the profile with Best Real Estate Social Media Marketing Companies. You require to build a good platform and make use of every possible thing works well in favor. When used properly and consistently, LinkedIn can help you in getting on the top lead in your real estate business.


The buying a house involve a great deal of confidence and trust between the two parties. It is one of the biggest decisions in people lives. As a real estate agent, you want to make sure you’re doing and talking the right things and have the experience to handle the important things in their lives. Potential buyers try to find for property online. Your profile page must have every one of the points of interest of your experience and specialties to enable buy to build up trust with a house buyer and fortify the relationship with customer’s.

Attractive and Powerful Profile:

Pay attention to the most popular and searched keywords related to real estate. Optimize your profile well and make it useful to a viewer so it could appear more in searches and get more results to your website go with Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency they have good experience to make attractive and powerful linkedIn profile.

Make your page stand out:

The reason behind using LinkedIn is to let people know the right things and get all legit and good information. Here is how your company page can stand out among all other competitors:

  • Add in every detail about your real estate business
  • Links to other social accounts
  • Outline your experience in real estate
  • Website URL
  • Certifications

Once done with all critical information, create a professional looking Company page. If you don’t have anything then go with Real Estate Digital Marketing Agency as such develop something which attracts people to your page.

A great header image should include:

Unique information about your business. Data should include highest sales volume at your agency in an Information or content that you can add to your LinkedIn page:

  • Infographics
  • Site/home photos
  • Video recording
  • Slide share presentations
  • Create a Showcase Page

You can create more than one showcase pages for posting real estate. Promote offers, blog posts, referral programs and other business information which you need your audience to know, do your real estate business promotion with the Digital Advertising Agency.

What Are the Chief Characteristics of the Best Logo & Web Design Company?

November 30, 2018 by webzaa  

Website Design Agency

A good logo allows businesses to echo their brand. It’s one of the core elements of a business simply because it enables customers to recognize a business and relate with it. In many ways a business logo also privileges companies to differentiate from their market competitors, more so as one particular idea is shared amongst numerous companies. To differentiate from their rivals, hiring the best online logo design company and Website Design Agency is turning out to be a primary choice for many businesses.

However, with everyone claiming to be the best in their domain, how does one know about those which actually are? Read on!

  1. Top logo design companies Gives Importance to Perceived Value:

Perceived value is one of the most crucial aspects of modern day society. In simple terms, it means those things which are actually appeasing to the eye. The 1st characteristic of the best online logo design company is they make your company logo STAND –OUT!

These experts using their superior skills are able to craft your company emblem which entices clients into giving importance to it.

  1. They Design Logos Which Are Universal In Nature:

Those rating as the best company logo design maker, always design logos which are appropriate and universal in nature. Up keeping all the rudimentary aspects of logo designing, top designing companies make every logo unique, fresh and coinciding the objective of their client’s business.

This clearly means that business owners can use these expectedly designed logos on their business newsletters, brochures, wrappings, receipts, visiting card and more.

  1. Maintain Optimal Level Of Consistency Every Single Time:

Another primary characteristic of a top notch logo designing company is ensuring that the client’s brand value never deters. For that their experts always devote optimal level of dedication to every logo they craft.

Irrespective of

The Scale of the Company


Designing a Completely Fresh Logo


Designing Their Old Emblem with a Fresh Touch

These agencies always maintain consistency and thorough professionalism whatever be the need.

Apart from these main characteristics –

Some Other Crucial Trails of the Best Logo Design Online Company Are As Follows –

A)Iterations/Design Options– Usually business owners don’t have anything clicking and as a result seek for such logo designers for inspiration/design options. Notable companies will always oblige to this request. They will present clients a sheet having fresh design options to represent a business on a mass arcade.

 After business owners pick one from their sheet, these companies will also ask for specific customization preferences. Those include – slight tweaking in appearance, color, font, graphic or any other eye appealing aspect.

B)Proof Of Their Previous Work–They always present adequate proof of their previous work. When you visit their site, you will come across thumb nails of their previous work.

C)After Sales Support– Those who possess a good market reputation will always render after sales support. Their experts will always be accessible via email/ phone if some their patrons call for minor tweaks in the logo.

These stand as the quintessential characteristics of the best online logo design company. Safe to say, these are also a few traits which a business man should keep in mind when choosing one. Do make use of them to get a compelling Development and Web design. It will help you represent your business propaganda in the best possible manner.

Author Bio: Webzaa is a truly modern Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai. Formed by professionals who have more than a decade of experience in digital arena, Webzaa is one of the most dynamic agencies in India who can cater to all aspects of digital marketing and communication.

Why You Should Always Hire A Good Digital Marketing Agency

November 23, 2018 by webzaa  

Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai

If you want to increase the sales of your products drastically, then the first thing that you need is a good website. Even if you do not want an e-commerce store, for any company, online presence is a must nowadays to increase credibility and show professionalism. Websites like Webzaa specialize in not just Website Design but can also significantly help you generate a lot of traffic to your website. The amateurish website creates a bad impression among the clients and is detrimental to the company too, so you should always consider hiring a professional company like us for doing this kind of work. Some of the other services that are provided by bus are-
Services That Are Provided By Webzaa

The Graphic Design – If you are looking for a Graphic Design Agency then we are the best one you can find. We excel in new company logo design that will bring out the true essence of your brand. Not only has the logo that we make created a brand new corporate identity for your company that is going to attract a lot of clients. This professional logo design service is going to give a lot of weight age to your company and you should definitely get your logo designed by our expert graphic designers.

Web Design – We are the best Web Design & Development Agency in Mumbai; we do our work in such a way that you can present your business to the entire global market. At Webzaa, all your ideas and thoughts blended with our technical knowledge and professionalism gives the best results that we can achieve together for a company. Get the best Development and Web design today for your online store and see the remarkable change in the figures. Nothing attracts customers more than a website that is attractive and easy to handle and our technical team believes that too and helps you achieve the perfect end results.

SEO And The SMM – Apart from the Web SEO Services we also provide the search engine optimization services so that in the present competitive situation in the internet, your company can stay in the top. The digital marketing strategies are 100% effective and are sure to make your business leave a mark in the global market.

So get your work done by the top Google Adwords Agency in Mumbai like us and experience the difference in the results. Our customers are highly satisfied by the excelled services that are provided by us at affordable rates. So why wait anymore? Contact us, the best SEO Agency in Mumbai and build your website organic traffic.

Web Designing Benefits for Real Estate Companies

November 17, 2018 by webzaa  

Web Design and Development Agency in Mumbai

Real estate companies are very common business across all cities and states. This includes construction selling of new and old houses and apartments. Also is an important profitable business of selling residential plots. In this article will we try to reflect the advantages a company or an entrepreneur can make out of website? The fundamentals of website like basic introduction followed by profile of the unite, there ongoing and completed ventures, Client speaks are few of the one side information displayed on static pages. The form of information should be on the required documents to support clean titled property on sale.

When it comes to web designing, many that are 95% of the owners are not very much clear about the benefits business prospects and its limitations in certain segments. First of all you should understand that business trends are fixed Real Estate Digital Marketing in Mumbai.

Only thing a person can play upon is the sales deviation or better known as market share. Every unite should plan to increase working out creating value added benefits of their products, not just having a flat sales plan. Before marketing your address Web Design & Development Agency in Mumbai be sure about what can really generate revenue for you.

Let’s talk about possible useful information on website which could be useful for potential buyer is like giving the link documents, related on tenancy certificates, on dues revenue records. There are two ways to handle this, one by pasting the scanned copy of the procured documents and other is linking with nation informatics centers server of governing body.

Today’s world needs not just web presence but strong marketing on Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai like Myspace Facebook etc. we are to emphasize that all web companies give you a business solutions, instead they are very specific on Website Design and Website Development. But you as an entrepreneur should identify the strength of internet.

Mostly the real estate PPC Company in Mumbai is all about plots sale and sale of constructed houses, either as an independent bungalow or an apartment. All the way these types of business are area specific that is they sell for their region. Of course there are some cities on global scale that attract global citizen, but you are clear about your potential customers. Now that your sales plan is very clear, mind it that we are discussing about online potential buyers Google Adwords Agency in Mumbai.

If your venture consists of plots, ask the web developer to have basic four pages with additional route map focusing prime land marks and layout [approved] of the plot area describing clearly the electricity and sewage lines as per plan. So all together you may have six to seven pages. Some of the creative ways is adding video tour to the site. Use free uploading sites or upgrade your hosting plan. This means take a decent video tour of the location, drive, marked layout, proposed developed or upcoming developments in and around your venture. This will make feel investor upon freezing one or more of your sales offer. You can ask flash designer to putt slides in your website banner with key marketing images and cap sons rotating with quite an understandable time role. In the marketing don’t include bulk mailing as is considered negative. If reported constantly your domain may be blocked.

Follow organic marketing tools which are nature and add value for your clients. In case you are short of time, idea is to outsource this service to reputed SEO Agency in Mumbai.

Using flashy files on the website is not advisable as it takes more time for them to open and download on generally available internet speed. Remember that if your services are good enough and very competitive, this alone can increase your sales. But online marketing remains very important, search engine ranking, SEO Services in Mumbai which is more about branding and help people on decision making.


The Rise and Scope of Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai

September 11, 2018 by webzaa  

Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai

In a period of almost ten years, the concept of Search Engine Optimization or SEO as it is better known, has spread like a wildfire. The  advent of digital marketing brought a lot of opportunities, sectors, job markets and thousands more of other cognitive domains in India and the world. Thus, it was natural that the SEO Company in Mumbai, The IT Hub of Maharashtra picked up on this trend. Even though the Search Engine Optimization is still at a nascent stage in Mumbai, India. The impact it has had on the country’s job sector is humongous. With the upsurge of Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, began the rise of SEO services in Mumbai.

Past Growth of Digital Marketing Sector:

The growth of the Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai and Website Development and Web design sector is progressing rapidly, not just in India but throughout the world as well. While all other Industries are struggling with a growth rate of 5-10%, the Digital marketing industry is booming high. In the Year 2015, PPC Company in Mumbai sector grew by 45.5% year on year and by the year 2016 it grew by 50 % year on year. It is evident that the sector is growing every year as a channel by almost 50%. In the year 2016 the scope of Digital Marketing was approx. Rs 7,300 crores which was only 12.69% of the total marketing spends in India. Promote your business on the google but make you go to best Google Adwords Agency in Mumbai and improve your business leads.

Few Stats:

  • This brings ratio the of Digital to Total marketing spend in 2020 to 26%
  • The market of advertising grows by 14.2% year on year
  • To consider the growth of Digital Marketing year on year to be 45%, then the marketing spends by 2020 would be Rs 22,254.96 crore
  • The marketing budget by 2020 is predicted to be Rs 85,617 crore in next 3 Financial Years
  • As per another marketing study, by 2020 1/3rd of the total marketing budget would be allocated to Digital Marketing.

Dominant Segments:

Today, most of the companies have their social presence and websites too, because the world is going Digital. The modern Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai, the sector that is topping the charts in FMCG. On the other hand, education sector stands at 4.4% in Digital Spends. This shows the scope of education domain is of Rs 321.20 Crores. The Search Engine optimization and Search Engine Marketing has fast gained importance as a part of owning media industry. Optimize your business website with the Best Seo Company in Mumbai and improve your brand visibility on the search engine.

Adopting the Digital Marketing platform to promote your business is the best thing you can do to reach out to the online audience. The digital marketing sector that has been gone on since some time now, like any other market there are a number of challenges. Factors like lack of understanding of digital in India, sub-par skills of average marketers, etc. Are dampening the market for the industry leaders.

Webzaa is one of such companies which is ranked as a predominant SEO Company in Mumbai. From last 2 years, this company has garnered national and multinational client by consistently providing ground-breaking solutions to its clients and business.

Tips to Win the War of Company Branding with Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai

September 1, 2018 by webzaa  

Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai

The marketing has always included some form of storytelling. The branding posts of a company’s products and services means understanding what the company is offering, and determining the best way to sell it. But as digital has become the primary way that we communicate with purchaser’s. The opportunities to tell your brand story to business audiences are endless, the challenges of doing so have increased in parallel. Go with the best Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai.

The Digital marketing and social media engagement are no longer a nice to have, yet I still scratch my head wondering why so many B2B brands still refuse to adapt or evolve. The times of a brand or product post doing Social Media Marketing Agency in Mumbai, Blogs, Press releases, Outreach blogs or sharing product pages on the social media have been since the 2010.

Though in past years an ROI in this form of marketing was unclear, we now know the data exists to report on and optimize performance go with PPC Company in Mumbai. Sophisticated marketers at the forefront of the industry understand how to use Google social marketing Analytics and make them actionable.

The activities of digital marketing programs for B2B companies need a completely different train of thought than for client brands. Even if similar tactics are used like: content marketing, performance media or social media engagement the approach needs a different way of thinking SEO Company in Mumbai.

The best practices that require to be adopted in some fashion for B2B brands. Here are you can start thinking about today, and begin to implement in your approach.

The reality is that while most marketers and marketing agency are using data in some way, very few are turning those insights into action. The Harvard Business Review and Product Review predicted that data-driven storytelling was positioned to be the next big trend in the content marketing. Today, while many brands are starting to dive into the data, many are still far from making it actionable. Go with the best digital marketing, Google Adwords Agency in Mumbai.

Reaching B2B decision makers is difficult, and controlling the narrative they are exposed to is even more challenging. They are sophisticated, well-educated, skeptical about digital marketing and they won’t answer the phone when your sales team tries to cold call. The purchaser’s journey is complicated, dynamic and unpredictable – but one thing for certain is that B2B buyers seek and cost third-party validation­, whether they search it in a Google search result or if one of their colleagues forwards them a blog post.

The researching influencer conversations and media habits, and then building activation programs which leverage paid, earned and owned media channels, B2B brands have the opportunity to surround sound their audiences with relevant content marketing, and reinforce their brand message at the same time. The future of B2B marketing rests on audience intelligence. This simply means that marketers required to understand their audiences first, then build content and marketing programs that will resonate and add cost with those groups Digital Marketing Company in Mumbai.