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All you want to know about Keratin Hair Treatment

November 5, 2018 by william mason  

Who doesn’t want silky shiny hairs which are easy to style and manage? It’s a dream of every girl to frizz free silky smooth hair and do not require much care, but because of lack of time and busy schedule, the hair care becomes almost impossible. Also the pollution and exposure to the environment makes hair dull each day. In a city like Sydney the problems like unmanageable hair, frizzy hair, dry hair etc are every common. Of course there is simple solution for it and it is Keratin treatment for your hair. It is a in-salon, heat activated treatment which is non-permanent which smoothens the hair significantly. However this treatment should be done by keratin hair treatment Sydney experts only because the process involves heat.
When you provide Keratin treatment to your hair it’s like giving your hair a feast. They will become much more manageable then before, once you provide them a blow dry or iron smoothening. The benefits of Keratin treatment include the following:
 Smoothens the hair considerably
 Removes Frizz
 Makes the hair shinier than before
 Reduces the time required to style the hair
There are number of keratin treatment Sydney service providers who are offering this service but not all of them can be trusted. It should be noted that Keratin smoothening is quite different from Brazilian hair straightening and both the process should be get confused with. Both the processes involve heat and semisolid hair care products but the results are different. The keratin hair treatment Sydney experts provide outstanding results. The curls remain curls but become more manageable; those with straight hair who go for Keratin treatment by good keratin treatment Sydney professionals, their hair become shinier and silkier and styling them becomes much easier.
What actually happens in Keratin Treatment?
Keratin is the protein found in our hair. In Keratin treatment process the molecules of keratin are bounded with hair and a heating process is applied so that they are evenly deposited into each hair strand and the hair becomes, smoother, stronger and making hairstyles becomes breeze. Keratin solution is used for coating and the bonding between the keratin molecules and hair strand is made stronger by using hair dryer or straightening rods. The structure of the hair remains the same, means the curls will remain curls and straight hair will remain as it is, only the texture of the hair will change.
The keratin treatment when done by a good keratin hair treatment Sydney professionals, it lasts for about 4-5 months just like the results of Brazilian hair straightening depending on how you take care of your hair. With each successive treatment, the texture of the hair gets improved. Remember that Keratin treatment is not like permanent straightening and does not gives you poker straight hair, but the results it will provide are really great.
The Keratin treatments are also available in various packages and they can be customized according to your needs. If you want to slightly alter the shape of your hair, you can get it done accordingly.
Don’t let bad hair ruin your looks, get your keratin treatment done today.