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New products used in the treatment of varicose veins

August 16, 2019 by William Ring  

The treatment of Varicose Vein Removal Houston has changed dramatically in recent years. The surgery which was the treatment of reference is not necessarily proposed in first intention. Vascular medicine is the specialty that supports the diagnosis and medical treatment of diseases of peripheral vessels:


  • Arterial diseases: including arterial disease of the lower limbs (15% population after 65 years)
  • Diseases of the veins: venous thrombosis "phlebitis" (300000 people / year in France), varicose veins, leg ulcers (3% population after 60 years)
  • Microcirculation diseases (capillaries): Raynaud phenomenon (10% of the population)
  • Lymphatic vessels diseases (lymphoedema): lymphedema of the arm in 15% of patients treated for breast cancer.

Varicose veins are common in the population (about 20%) but venous symptoms such as heavy legs are even more so (50%). They can be the subject of a Varicose Veins Treatment Near Me request for aesthetic reasons but they can also, when they are important, be complicated by abnormalities of the skin of the legs which can go as far as the ulcer.

It is important to treat them before this stage. To treat venous symptoms by Varicose Vein Doctors Near Me such as heavy legs, the only effective treatment is elastic compression by socks or stockings, whether there are varicose veins or not. To treat varicose veins, it is necessary either to remove them (conventional surgery by stripping which pulls out the varicose veins), or to stop them in reaction to a chemical injected into the vein (sclerosis) or to the heating of the vein by a radiofrequency current or a laser.

The Varicose Vein Removal Near Me has changed dramatically in recent years. Surgery, which was the standard of care, is no longer offered as first-line therapy except in some cases where varicose veins cannot be treated with more modern methods.

First-line treatment can be:

Or echo-sclerosis, that is to say the injection of a product mixed with air to form foam directly into the varix under control of ultrasound. This gesture does not require anaesthesia, lasts a few minutes and can be repeated in case of incomplete efficiency. It is practiced by vascular doctors in ultrasound room

Either a heat treatment or something else that is best. This gesture is practiced in interventional radiology or surgery room, under local anaesthesia. A catheter is introduced into the vein to be treated and the doctor activates segment by segment the heating by laser or radiofrequency. Doctor at Varicose Vein Treatment Centre performs this procedure under local anesthesia "tumescent" (that is to say by injecting around the vein a liquid containing the aesthetic but which takes off the vein from the surrounding tissues to avoid burning them. under control of ultrasound, that carries out the vascular doctor itself.

Echo-sclerosis can treat varicose veins of moderate diameter, while thermal procedures can treat larger varicose veins. The surgery is reserved for the treatment of varicose veins of large diameter and particularly sinuous.

Article Source: https://veintreatmenthouston.home.blog/2019/07/25/new-products-used-in-the-treatment-of-varicose-veins/

Primary Restless Leg Syndrome and its solution

August 9, 2019 by William Ring  

Restless legs syndrome is a relatively common condition affecting 5 to 10% of the population. A guided history of looking for the four cardinal signs can often be unmasked, but, predominantly in the evening and at night, Primary Restless Leg Syndrome can easily remain undiagnosed if not actively sought. Of unknown etiology and mechanism, it can be favored by several neurological, endocrinological, rheumatologic, metabolic, toxic or medicinal conditions that deserve to be corrected.



Although detailed in its current description by the Swedish neurologist Karl Ekbom in the 1940s, 1,2 restless legs syndrome is a relatively common situation affecting 5 to 10% of the population. 3.4Although prevalence increases with age, symptomatology may appear in childhood where some association with hyperactive children has been described. This mainly evening or nocturnal symptomatology can escape the clinician during the hours of consultations. General and family physicians are certainly best placed to detect, diagnose and manage most patients with this syndrome. This work, which is primarily intended for them, tends to make a current review of this syndrome in its various clinical and practical aspects.


Secondary Restless Leg Syndrome is present in 80% of polysomnographies of patients with restless legs syndrome. These periodic movements predominate during sleep and, by definition, take the form of puffs of at least four movements lasting from 1/2 to 5 seconds and appearing every 5 to 90 seconds. Typically, these are movements of flexion of the leg, dorsiflexion of the ankle and extension of the big toe. Other movements involving either the trunk or the upper limbs may appear. Nevertheless, these periodic movements predominate in the lower limbs and are generally observable mainly during sleep.

Far from being pathognomonic of restless legs syndrome, these periodic movements can appear in the normal subject, especially the elderly. These periodic movements of sleep must be differentiated from the movements occurring during sleep apnea syndrome. In that case, movements usually appear when breathing resumes. During the day before, they appear only during the rest, their periodicity is less obvious, and they can sometimes trigger or be incorporated into voluntary movements which give them a prolonged appearance. Although rare, these periodic movements of the day before are often the only clinical manifestation observable in these patients whose symptomatology, evening or nocturnal, escapes the examination in office. Restless Leg Syndrome Diagnosis Near appears only during rest, their periodicity is less obvious, and they can sometimes trigger or be incorporated into voluntary movements which give them a prolonged appearance. Although rare, these periodic movements of the day before are often the only clinical manifestation observable in these patients whose symptomatology, evening or nocturnal, escapes the examination in office. They appear only during rest, their periodicity is less obvious, and they can sometimes trigger or be incorporated into voluntary movements which give them a prolonged appearance. Although rare, these periodic movements of the day before are often the only clinical manifestation observable in these patients whose symptomatology, evening or nocturnal, escapes the examination in office.

Sleep disorders can also accompany restless legs syndrome. These are primarily difficulties in initiating sleep, rarely accompanied by daytime fatigue, unlike other sleep disorders where this complaint is in the foreground. Nevertheless, the introduction of the treatment of this syndrome, including dopaminergic agonists, can cause such drowsiness.

Article Source: https://veintreatmenthouston.home.blog/2019/06/25/primary-restless-leg-syndrome-and-its-solution/

Medical process For Treating Varicose Vein

August 9, 2019 by William Ring  

When you suffer from varicose veins, being treated should be on top of the list. Also, the Vein diseases not just helps to create any kind of the hideous abnormalities in physical appearance of your skin but at the same time it even become much of the burden to individual who is suffering from this problem and may also lead to health problems that also includes heart if not proper Vein Treatment Near Me is done. Now, you may also be able to avoid being the traditional surgery of vein stripping because of various advanced process related to the Vein Treatment Clinic Near Me for varicose vein.


You will also be able to find that the Top Vein Doctors Near Me, still searching them necessary to employ the much traditional vein surgery as the method that is meant for the treatment of the varicose vein. For treating more severe kind of the vein disease, process such as surgical ligation as well as stripping which takes away varicose veins through sealing it shut as well as removing it completely from surface of skin are mainly used. As these veins just collect blood from skin and their circulation inside your body does not get affected in any such way.

Another option for Best Vein Treatment Houston is Ambulatory phlebectomy, as this process is meant for much more severe vein disease, it also surgically removes the large veins from skin from pulling through the surgical hooks. It usually needs the local anesthesia for the outpatient atmosphere, wherein patient may simply return to the normal set of activity a day when this procedure is completed. Moreover, Vein Specialist Near Me also takes care of the Endoscopic vein surgery which is yet other invasive treatment of  the varicose vein where the small incisions are made above swollen veins as well as small video cameras gets inserted to check the inside of veins that are finally taken off from your skin.

Moreover, for less severe kinds of the vein diseases, you may also get the state-of-the-art and spider vein treatment that is available in the Long Beach where various top vein doctors at Houston Vein Clinic are situated. They are the renowned physicians that provide the much advanced options of treatment and that also make proper use of the random incisions for taking away the problems of bulging or it may also be of special and exclusive solutions that are injected to shrink off veins. At the same time, you may also find much advanced technology such as the laser therapy as well as different methods of radio frequency. The procedures of cutting edge present specific complications which the doctors as well as patient need to discuss prior to undergoing anything. Also, the medical history of patient must even be addressed perfectly to be able to consider various set of underlying conditions which might also affect the result of treatment. The more as well as highly advanced methods of the non-invasive technology in the meantime, create the scar which can also last for weeks as well as for months prior to finally disappearing.

Article Source :  https://veintreatmenthouston.home.blog/2019/06/25/medical-process-for-treating-varicose-vein/


Diagnostic criteria for syndrome

July 31, 2019 by William Ring  

Are you affected by restless legs syndrome and need Spider Vein Removal Houston? Then take the test. If you answer yes to the four questions below, you may actually have Restless Legs Syndrome.


  1. Unstoppable need to move limbs associated with or caused by "uncomfortable" sensations in the lower limbs
  2. Motor impatiens or uncomfortable sensations only present or aggravated by rest, particularly in the lying or sitting position
  3. Symptoms improved partially or completely and temporarily by movement
  4. Appearance or worsening of symptoms in the evening or at night

If there is any doubt, the doctor can look for additional criteria to confirm or refute the diagnosis:

  • Presence of Periodic Movements of lower limbs during sleep or waking (example of a patient in the video below)
  • Family History of RLS (or Ekbom Disease - MWE)
  • Positive response to dopaminergic treatments

Finally the doctor can refine his diagnosis by checking:

  • Evolution of the disease: usually in a chronic mode with sometimes spontaneous remission phases
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Normal neurological examination in the idiopathic form
  • Some biological examinations can be requested for possible predisposing factors such as iron deficiency.
  • Clinical examination is necessary to eliminate other medical conditions that may affect the lower extremities and cause similar symptoms:

o             neurological conditions (peripheral neuropathies) - muscular disorders

o             vascular diseases (arterial diseases) - rheumatic diseases

An electromyography examination for Best Treatment For Spider Vein performed by specialist neurologists may be required in some cases to eliminate peripheral nerve damage.

Finally, depending on the case, a more specific examination is often performed: this is the video-polysomnographic recording of sleep, performed in specialized centers for the management of sleep pathologies. This examination confirms and objectifies, among other things, nocturnal motor hyperactivity, periodic limb movements and sleep disturbances.

These criteria are based on the patient's own description of RLS symptoms, and are therefore purely subjective and defined as follow

In the idiopathic form, neurological status is usually normal. The age of onset is very variable, ranging from childhood to the elderly, the evolution is usually slowly progressive with significant fluctuations, temporary remissions are frequent, may last several months, and this regardless of drug treatment.

Familial aggregation of restless legs syndrome has been noted on many occasions, suggesting genetic susceptibility, as well as good agreement in homozygous twins. It should nevertheless be noted that, in the latter case, it can also be a great appearance age difference between the two twins, suggesting either a polygenic effect, a significant environmental influence. A susceptibility locus has been identified on the small arm of chromosome.

Spider Veins during Pregnancy

If spider veins occur during Pregnancy then Best Treatment For Spider Vein is must on time so that it will not become the major issue. In such condition one can also prefer Laser Treatment For Spider Veins as it has no side effect on the health and completely safe in case of  Pregnancy.

Article Source : http://veintreatmenttexas.over-blog.com/2019/06/diagnostic-criteria-for-syndrome.html

Different options for Varicose Vein Treatment

July 25, 2019 by William Ring  

You actually do not need to suffer from any kind unsightly as well as much painful varicose veins and that too for any long time. There are various different kinds of Vein Treatment Houston available which may simply reduce or could even remove the varicose veins. Prior that you even start talking to the doctor about what is the best option for you, you should learn as much as you may actually know about different treatments. Getting much details and information is the initial most step for making the well informed medical decision.


When you suffer from problem related to the varicose veins, you should know how painful this problem could be and hence it is important that you should look for Best Vein Specialist In Houston. Because level of the blood pressure is specifically much high in your legs, this is the reason that where are much likely to happen. When blood is not able to flow in a proper way because of the fact of the degenerated veins, blood may also pool, that might lead to swelling. So, when you get the treatment at Vein Clinic In Houston you will be saved from pain and problem. Such inflamed veins usually itch but it may even cause the ulcers when they are scratched. They may also be caused by the small vein disease as well as through some other kind of the conditions. The doctor or Vein Specialist Houston Tx can simply help you to identify the root cause from your problem.

Some of the physicians and also the Vein Specialist Houston also specialize for treating the swollen veins. Also, you should also consider consulting the vein doctor. It is clear as phlebologists, such doctors for Vein Treatment Texas will be also able to simply identify which treatment would be much effective for you. Moreover, there are various different treatment options. The most common kind of the methods for controlling such kind of the pain is through using the lasers. The Laser Vein Treatments usually treat the much kind of the affected area of your leg as well as restore proper blood flow. Laser treatments enhance both look as well as overall health of leg and other area. Different treatments are mainly sclerotherapy as well as vein stripping. Sclerotherapy mainly uses the series of injections for the purpose to shrink the affected vein. On the other hand the Vein stripping is mainly the surgical option.

You need to speak with your doctor about the issues of vein issues. There may be some underlying cause related to the vein issue which requires to be addressed prior that you may get the treatment for varicose veins. When you get the treatment, you would certainly feel as well as look quite better. You would need to be free about the unsightly inflamed veins as well as feel much confident. Also much better, you will no more need to live with pain and itching.

Article Source : http://site-1777722-8878-1915.strikingly.com/blog/different-options-for-varicose-vein-treatment

Aesthetics of the legs (care of varicosities)

July 18, 2019 by William Ring  

The treatment of varicose veins in the leg is mainly based on aesthetic eradication, sclerotherapy and specialized vascular lasers. What is the Best Treatment for Varicose Veins? In this article, we present several techniques against varicosities: treatment with or without surgery, laser, etc...


Veins and varicose veins removed

The stripping eliminates in a simple and definitive way the totality of the varices of the lower limbs, from the most voluminous to the finest.

The precision and simplicity of the method can even remove the veins on the temple, lower eyelids and back of the hands.

Surgical treatment of varicose veins: crossectomy & short stripping

The crossectomy and the short stripping are directed to the saphenous reflux that must always be treated when they exist under pain of recurrence of underlying varicose veins, or even lack of results (heavy legs). This Varicose Vein Removal Surgery Near Me procedure can also be performed as an outpatient and allows the patient to walk and go, immediately after, to his occupations. It must sometimes precede the treatment of varicose veins and spider veins.

Operative suites

Compression tapes or tights, taken off at bedtime, will be put back the next morning and this will be done for one to three weeks. The dressing is kept for 48 hours.

Medications prescribed to relieve the discomfort caused by compression bandages are needed only once in two.


The Varicose Vein Removal Surgery is an effective act because the removed varicose veins do not come back anymore.

The safety of this non-aggressive gesture has been demonstrated. No phlebitis has so far been reported after ambulatory phlebotomy.

The aesthetics of the result is obvious: the traces of the small orifices disappear in a few months.

The convenience of this intervention allows the continuation of the usual professional and family activities. The inconvenience is minimal. The pre-consultation will address all the issues that concern you. Every year, tens of thousands of events are successfully completed.

Micro-sclerosis of apparent vessels

To complete an eruption, or when there are only small superficial red or blue vessels, micro-sclerosis is then useful.

It is with the help of a very fine needle that a sclerosant product is injected into the interior of these small vessels. This product will irritate and create an inflammatory reaction of the walls of the capillary which, by mating, will prevent the blood from circulating there. Thus, the vessel, emptied of its blood, will no longer be visible.

Micro-phlebolysis consists of injecting glucose serum (mild sclerosis) and then laser photocoagulation treatment to prevent recurrence.

In a few sessions, both legs can be treated entirely. It is necessary to know then to maintain the result in the time when other varicosities appear. The method is not painful, safe if it is well practiced and can significantly improve the aesthetics of the legs.

Natural Remedies for Varicose Veins

If one don’t want to go for the Varicose Vein Removal Surgery Houston then adopt the Natural Remedies For Varicose Veins as it I best way to get rid from problem without any side effect.

Article Source: https://veintreatmenttexas.blogspot.com/2019/07/aesthetics-of-legs-care-of-varicosities.html


Choose the Perfect treatment for vein treatment!

July 18, 2019 by William Ring  

Veins are usually defined as the blood vessels that are mainly accountable for carrying the deoxygenated blood from body to the heart and to the lungs. On the other hand, when the veins become thick with various kind of the turns as well as twists they may get enlarged and they are usually referred as the varicose or much commonly as the Spider Veins. This is mainly the "nervures" which are located in thighs as well as legs which get varicosed. This is when you need to look for the Vein Treatment Center Near MeSurgery is even a perfect kind of the option but there are mainly three procedures which seem to stand out from the effectiveness thereby making them much better above the surgery for varicose as well as the spider veins.


Below mentioned are five best Venous Insufficiency Treatment Houston for spider vein:

-        Sclerotherapy

It is most common kind of the treatment during that has a salt solution that gets injected in the affected vein. It also makes vein walls to get swell, then it also get stick and finally the seal shut. When there is not much of the blood flowing in these veins they may get the scar tissue as well as slowly fade away in just some of the weeks. Many times you will also need to get treated by the Top Vein Specialists Houston more than to attain much successful kind of the removal. But as it is not always the painful process it never require anesthesia as well as it may also be carried out by the Best Vein Specailist Near Me at their office.

-        Treatment for Laser leg vein

It is considered to be latest as well as most updated methods to treat the condition. During the most strong treatment for the bursts of the laser light that are also passed through vein that usually make it to disappear. As, lasers are usually known to be much direct as well as accurate it help to removes the veins quickly as well as much more effectively. On the other hand, patients have also been known to always feel some painful kind of the heat sensation that doctors usually tend to reduce through using different methods of the cooling. That is also being said that the laser surgery is not actually much advisable for the purpose of veins which is larger than about 3mm.

  • Methods of Endovenous

Such kind of the method usually combines with the radio frequency as well as laser technology that could also effectively treat the spider veins. The micro sized helps to catheter the first most placed in the affected vein. Moreover, device also sends the laser energy that shrinks as well as finally seals wall of the vein.

  • Surgery

The Surgery is mainly used to remove the large spider veins. The doctor will help to surgically seal the shut the vein as well as remove them from leg. On the other hand, doctors will also be able to helps as well as remove veins that are also much located near surface of skin, ones that are also accountability for collecting the blood from skin.

Article Source: https://veintreatmenthouston.home.blog/2019/07/12/choose-the-perfect-treatment-for-vein-treatment/


Different treatment for Spider Vein Treatment Texas

July 13, 2019 by William Ring  

From a semiological point of view, it is akathisia that represents one of the most difficult differential diagnoses, especially since some causes are common, such as taking narcoleptics. In restless legs syndrome, the provocative effects of rest and sitting, the unpleasant sensation better defined and localized than in akathisia, the disappearance of sensation during activity help in diagnosis. Muscle cramps can sometimes impose on a restless leg syndrome. The usually unilateral contracture waking the patient rather than preventing him from falling asleep is an argument for cramp rather than for restless leg syndrome. The syndrome painful legacies and moving toes can also sometimes impose for a syndrome of the legs without rest. In this situation, the movements are distal, continuous, accompanied by pain observable whatever the position. Finally, nocturnal periodic movements can be mimicked by other movements such as hypnologic jerks, nocturnal epileptic seizures, and so on. In case of doubt, a polysomnography allows to specify this semiology.



Restless leg syndrome can be idiopathic or secondary. The appearance in childhood or in the young adult, as well as a family history will evoke the first possibility. At later onset, a secondary form will be evoked and actively sought (Table 3). Indeed, this syndrome can be promoted by iron deficits, 10 and ferritin less than 50 micrograms per liter merit supplementation. Diabetes and renal failure 11 are also frequently associated, especially when complicating polyneuropathy. Finally, the syndrome can appear during pregnancy where it culminates happily in the third trimester to improve after childbirth.

Some medications for Spider Vein Treatment Texas promote the development of restless legs syndrome. In the foreground are neuroleptics and caffeine. Tricyclic and serotonergic antidepressants also deserve mention in the sense that they are sometimes prescribed as a treatment for restless legs syndrome.

Best Treatment for Spider Veins

As a first step, the Spider Vein Treatment Near Me will be done once they are discovered. Particular attention will be paid to detecting and eliminating drugs and substances that may cause the syndrome. Lifestyles will be improved by providing moderate and regular physical exercise and regular sleep habits to avoid naps. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and heavy meals before bedtime. Finally, a warm bath before bedtime, by changing the circadian rhythm of the temperature, 19 may decrease the evening paresthesia.

The exact physiopathological mechanisms and the causes of the syndrome of the legs without rest being, at the moment, essentially unknown, it is, in particular in the primary syndromes, of symptomatic treatments. Before introducing such treatments, the discomfort that restless leg syndrome causes to the patient will be evaluated. For this evaluation, we can use the international evaluation scale for restless legs syndrome. This questionnaire, comprising ten questions rated between 0 and 4, makes it possible to estimate the severity, from low: 0-10, to very severe: 30-40. In mild cases, we will reassure the patient and we will be able to cope with the symptoms thanks to the rules of hygiene of life. When discomfort is greater, treatment for Spider Vein Houston will be introduced taking into account the main complaint

Article Source: https://veintreatmenthouston.home.blog/2019/07/12/different-treatment-for-spider-vein-treatment-texas/