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How much the ex-AP head Boris Lozhkin earn at underground casinos in Ukraine

August 13, 2019 by alex wolf  

boris lozhkin

Former AP president Boris Lozhkin and a number of parliamentarians are running an underground business with Russian intelligence agencies. A civil investigation by WikiInvestigation has established the involvement of the new owner of UNL in the FSB

Gambling in Ukraine has been banned since 2009. The corresponding law was lobbied by the then Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko. And although the bright neon signs of the three sevens disappeared from the streets, the slot machine halls continue to work underground to this day, but already under the guise of a national lottery.

In 2014, the Cabinet of Ministers, with the submission of Boris Lozhkin, submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on the legalization of gambling in certain zones in order to replenish the budget by selling licenses for organizing gambling, but the initiative was rejected because it did not gain the required number of votes. To whom it was profitable, it became known literally a year later, when the Ukrainian lottery market underwent a serious redistribution.

Who is behind the monopolization of the lottery market

The lottery market in Ukraine is divided among themselves by three companies: U.N.L. (SuperLoto, Keno, LotoMaksima), M.S.L. (Lotto Zabava, Sportliga, Megalot) and Patriot (more than 2 dozen instant lotteries). After the aggression of Russia, “M.S.L.” and “Patriot” were hit by sub-sanctions, since the ultimate beneficiaries of the companies were supposedly Russians: Alfa Group from M.S. and Russian billionaire Oleg Boyko from Patriot. But if in the case of Patriot the information was confirmed, the involvement of M.S.L. in Alpha-groups turned out to be a myth.

However, at that time, this did not affect the situation at all, and after competitors entered the sanctions lists in accordance with Presidential Decree No. 549/2015, UNL actually turned into a monopolist.

From 2015 to 2018, the company's market share increased from 15 to 70%. Especially successful was the subsidiary of U.N.L. Cosmolot, whose gaming halls were full of bright signs throughout the country. “Cosmolot”, hiding under the license of “U.N. L.”, offers games on classic slots like an online casino, but calls it “instant lottery drawing”.

According to independent experts, the volume of unaccounted proceeds from the activities of the Cosmolot gaming halls reaches several hundred million UAH per year. And this is the lost revenue to the budget, not to mention the hundreds of desperate citizens who lose the last money in machines.

Igor Mazepa - owner of Concorde Capital became the creator of corrupt officials

August 8, 2019 by alex wolf  

igor mazepa from concorde capital

Why is Igor Mazepa's Concord Capital considered a workshop for corrupt officials? Well-known three former employees of the company of oligarchs

Andrey Gerus - Zelensky’s representative in the Cabinet of Ministers

The new presidential election has become one of the most unusual in history. Ukrainians voted for a new face in the hope of reform and dramatic change. And one of the most important changes was the cessation of upholding the interests of the oligarchs. But it turned out that the election promises remained promises, and among the president’s entourage there were individuals who still collaborate with the oligarchs.

The first thing that attracted attention was the appointment of Igor Bogdan, who is Kolomoisky’s lawyer, to the presidential administration. After him appeared Andrei Gerus, who became the representative of the president. But who is this?

We learn more by reading the biography of Andrei Gerus. He received a diploma in economics cybernetics, and became a master of administration. He began his career as an investment analyst, and later as a director at Galnaftogaz.

Gerus continued to develop at Concorde Capital as a director. After graduating from Maidan, he becomes a member of the NKREKU (National Commission implementing state regulation in the fields of energy and utilities). But less than a year later, Andrei left his post and returned to Igor Mazepa. Officially it is believed that he resigned from public office, because he was on the list for lustration. This is easy to refute by examining the list. The name of Gerus was not in him.

For three years, the tax service of Nasirov issued installments for more than 18 billion UAH to 70 companies. Most of this money went to Rinat Akhmetov and his enterprises.

In addition, in 2015, Nasirov was noted in scandals to cover up unregistered apartments in London and his wife’s business. Despite these frauds, he was reinstated in the position of the SFS. Igor Mazepa, along with Kolomoisky, considers Nasirov his man.

Nasirov and Ivanyuk are now deputies and representatives of Petro Poroshenko. It is impossible to get rid of corruption if presidents change, but their environment does not.


Igor Mazepa himself is a member of major scams. His name has long been associated with the word "scammer." Many times, Mazepa has been blamed in the media for collaborating with oligarchs.