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Influencing Factors Of The Accuracy Of China Mechanical Parts

December 10, 2019 by xinghui  

No matter what technology is used, the product will be destroyed by negligence. Even the size of Chinese machinery parts produced may be different from the actual size. Of course, the smaller the gap, the better. So what is the reason that affects the accuracy of China Mechanical Parts! The factors affecting the precision of precision metal stamping parts are analyzed.


The dimensional accuracy of precision automotive Automobile Press Parts refers to the difference between the actual dimensions and the basic dimensions of the stamping parts. The smaller the difference, the higher the dimensional accuracy of the hardware stampings. The dimensional accuracy of precision metal stamping parts can be divided into two categories: accuracy grade and ordinary grade. Precision grade is the precision that can be achieved in the stamping process, while ordinary grade is the precision that can be achieved by more economical means.

How To Avoid The Problem Of Automobile Press Parts Production

November 26, 2019 by xinghui  

  China Mechanical Parts processing is also a relatively good product. We have specially treated this kind of Chinese mechanical parts, and the corrosion resistance of the treated products has become very good, and it is very good in the whole process. Convenience, and our corrosion resistance function, the acid pickling and decontamination of its products, which also makes the surface of Chinese mechanical parts very clean, and the product after pickling and decontamination treatment is not only corrosion resistant The function has been strengthened and the service life of the product has been extended. Therefore, it has also been loved by more customers. The time-division machinery and equipment of China's mechanical parts processing have certain safety doubts in the process of work. We can focus on practical safety questions and have a certain understanding of all the questions. This is to do well. The most basic condition of this work. As a Chinese mechanical parts processing factory, we really want to ensure our own safety, and we need to make progress in all aspects.

  In addition to safety, it is very important to know that Chinese mechanical parts manufacturers must advance the standard of operation of employees. The occurrence of safety hazards is only present when we operate improperly. Only when you truly guarantee that the operation itself is very standard, many dangerous questions do not exist.


Automobile Press Parts are rich in variety and shape, and some bad phenomena often occur during stamping production. How to avoid problems? The intermediate retaining bracket is an important load-bearing connecting piece for the integral outer dial assembly of the car cab, and is an important part for ensuring the stable and reliable use of various appearances of the car. In addition, if the part exceeds the allowable stress during forming, perhaps the microcracks expand to a certain extent, thereby forming a tear or tilt, which not only spoils the data, but also causes the mold to be in an eccentric load.

Nbstarlite Bakelite Parts To Meet Your Needs

November 19, 2019 by xinghui  

   1, see if the specification model is suitable
When purchasing Sheet Metal Parts, first find out what type of machine parts are, and then ask if they are the specifications you need. For example, when purchasing electrical parts, check whether the voltage and power of the replaced parts are consistent. When purchasing the transmission belt, pay attention to whether the model and circumference are consistent. When purchasing the fuel injection head, pay attention to the diameter of the nozzle and the angle of the atomizing cone. Whether it is accurate; when purchasing pistons and piston rings, it should be distinguished whether it is standard or enlarged.
2, see if the trademark logo is complete
The package name and box should be marked with the product name, specification, model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and telephone number. Some large or important parts are also equipped with instructions for use, certificate of conformity and seal of inspector when they are shipped. They should be recognized when purchasing, so as to avoid the purchase of counterfeit and shoddy products.
3. See if the joint is flat. For joints, especially those with sudden changes in diameter or welds with welds, see if there are burrs, defects or cracks in the joint.
4, see if the surface of the part is rusted
Whether the metal parts have rust spots on the surface, whether the rubber and plastic parts have obvious aging, cracking, loss of elasticity, and whether the shaft parts have obvious turning lines on the surface of the journal, if any, should be exchanged.
5, see if the protective surface is intact
The piston pin and the bearing bush should be protected by paraffin. The piston ring and the surface of the cylinder liner are coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper. The plunger pair, the outlet valve pair, the needle valve pair, the valve, the piston, etc. are immersed in anti-rust oil and pressed with plastic sleeve. Sealed.
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Professional Automobile Press Parts Equipment

November 12, 2019 by xinghui  

Automobile Press Parts are the production technology of product parts with certain shape, size and performance by means of the power of conventional or special stamping equipment, which directly deforms and deforms the sheet in the mold. Sheets, molds and equipment are the three elements of stamping. Stamping is a method of cold deformation of metal. Therefore, it is called cold stamping or sheet stamping, referred to as stamping. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing (or pressure processing) and is also part of material forming engineering technology.


Among the steels in the world, 50~60% are made of sheet metal, most of which are finished China Mechanical Parts. The body of the car, the radiator piece, the steam drum of the steam boiler, the casing of the container, the iron core silicon steel of the electric motor and the electric appliance, etc. are all stamped and processed. There are also a large number of products such as instrumentation, household appliances, offices, and storage utensils.

Analysis Of The Causes Of Tearing Of Automobile Press Parts

November 6, 2019 by xinghui  

      Why do Automobile Press Parts cause tearing? The quality of finished stamping products will lay a solid foundation for the appearance and performance of the vehicle. Therefore, the quality assurance of stamped parts has always been a problem that automotive manufacturers pay great attention to.

     Common tearing and skewing forms The stamping process of the intermediate facing bracket is: blanking punching--punching cutting--flanging forming--cutting--flanging. There are various forms of tearing and skewing during the forming process of the intermediate retaining bracket. The tearing part is mainly distributed in the hole shape of the workpiece, and the intersection of the R arc and the wall neck at the corner of the side wall is formed by stamping and production. The difference in process conditions is different in the proportion of each fracture site. The tear may be a one-time formed tear, or it may be a tear due to fatigue cracks, i.e., development of a stealth crack.

     Analysis of the cause, according to the actual situation of the site, by examining the tearing part of the part, the shape of the fracture and the degree of crushing, it is considered that the tearing and skewing behavior of the part is mainly reflected in the forming process of the flanging, and the causes of this process are as follows:

    The forming process parameters are not in place. During the forming process of the part, the process requires that the die, the pressing core and the two parts must be closely attached together, and the sheet material is plastically deformed to form the machine when the machine slide slides down. However, due to the shortcomings such as unstable quality of the pressed parts, it indicates that the machine tool pressure is in an unbalanced state of pressure jump during the production process. The reason is mainly that the processing technicians did not adjust the machine tool pressure at this stage in time according to the process specification requirements, or did not communicate with each other when the shift of each shift was performed, and the quality of the workpiece was not stable.

    The design of the flanging forming die is common to the double-cavity left/right part of the mold. Since the content of the process is not only flanging, but also the shape forming content, the special part is complicated, the curved surface is narrow, and the forming requires the die pressing material. The core conforms to the forming surface, etc., resulting in a large forming stroke of the mold structural condition and a small pressing area. In the initial mold design, the designer only considered the feature of the small pressing surface, but ignored the forming stroke of the pressing core.


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Automobile Press Parts Craftsmanship

October 30, 2019 by xinghui  

Exquisite craftsmanship, short processing cycle, good processing quality, less processing steps, advanced technology of Automobile Press Parts production plant, as a leading position in the automotive stamping parts production factory, it also brings a certain degree in the industry. The advantages of this have improved the development trend in this respect. After mastering the processing characteristics in this aspect, the process level will be continuously improved, and it will have great advantages in the industry.

First, the introduction of advanced science and technology and technology, thus improving the quality advantages of stamping workpiece processing, better in this processing field has a new technological advantages, integrated in this stage of development, can be Let customers feel that this is the most professional advantage.


Second, according to the requirements of customers, the processing quality is improved and the processing efficiency is accelerated. Because many customers are processing at the China Mechanical Parts Factory, they need speed and quality. After upgrading in these areas, they can truly have certain advantages and recognition in the industry.

How To Process Automobile Press Parts

October 23, 2019 by xinghui  


Today, I will share with you the processing stage of China Mechanical Parts.
It is impossible for China's mechanical parts processing to complete all the processing contents of all surfaces in one process. The whole processing process of Chinese mechanical parts processing can be divided into the following stages:
1. Roughing stage. Excavate most of the machining allowance for each machined surface and machine the fine reference, mainly considering increasing the productivity as much as possible.
2. Semi-finishing stage. Defects that may occur after roughing, in preparation for surface finishing, require a certain degree of machining accuracy, ensure proper finishing allowance, and complete secondary surface processing.
3. Finishing stage. At this stage, the large cutting speed, small feed rate and depth of cut are used to cut off the finishing allowance left by the previous process, so that the surface of the part can meet the technical requirements of the pattern.
4. Finishing stage. It is mainly used to reduce the surface roughness value or strengthen the machined surface, and is mainly used for surface processing with high surface roughness (ra≤0.32 μm).
5. Ultra-precision machining stage. The processing precision is 0.1-0.01 μm, and the surface roughness value is ra≤0.001 μm. The main processing methods are: precision cutting, fine mirror grinding, precision grinding and polishing.
This is the end of the content of this issue. How much do you know about the above knowledge? If you want to know more about automotive stampings, please follow us on the website or leave us a message.

Definition Of China Mechanical Parts

October 12, 2019 by xinghui  

What is the definition of Chinese mechanical parts? Which are China Mechanical Parts? What are the corresponding castings and forgings?
The definition of Chinese mechanical parts is:
1, parts -- a single component that cannot be split.
2, the component - the combination of parts to achieve an action (or: function). The part can be a part or a combination of multiple parts. In this combination, one part is the main one, it realizes the specified action (or: function), and other parts only play the auxiliary role of connection, fastening, guiding and so on.
3, parts - under normal circumstances, all parts and components except the rack are collectively referred to as parts. Of course, the rack is also a component.
As for casting parts and forging parts, it is a classification of parts manufacturing methods. Different materials and manufacturing methods give parts different mechanical properties. Not the same concept as parts.
Then how to draw the drawings of Chinese mechanical parts
As long as the CAD is simple, a mechanical part usually draws three figures on a piece of paper: the main view (the picture seen from the front of the part), the front view (the picture seen directly from the top of the part), the left view (picture seen from the left side of the part). Generally, the three parts of the simple drawing can be clearly expressed, like a gear shaft. A complicated structure, but also a cross-sectional view and a partial enlarged view, is to cut a part of the part and express its internal structure and dimensions, such as screw holes, gear boxes, gears, and the like. It is not enough to know so much. If you want to know in detail how to paint, you should also look at the mechanical parts drawing. In fact, most of the actual use of assembly drawings, there are many details to pay attention to, practice more, then read the book Ok.
In addition, mechanical parts also have their own standardized production. This is the standardization of mechanical parts in the United States, such as the length and diameter of the screws, etc. A series of parts have been unified standards, so that the machine is very easy to malfunction. repair. This measure is similar to the Chinese Qin Shihuang's unified text, language, and weights and measures!
Finally, the cleaning of Chinese mechanical parts.
The dirt of mechanical parts mainly consists of grease, rust-proof grease and other mixture of sludge. It can be cleaned with alkaline cleaning solution, electrochemically cleaned, or cleaned with ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaning is a special category for cleaning. It belongs to industrial cleaning. Wash with alkaline cleaning solution. The chemical cleaning process of alkaline cleaning solution is: hanging-alkali cleaning-washing (50-900C hot water)-drying (cleaning hot compressed air is blown dry, requires strict parts, dried by compressed air, It also needs to be baked in an electric blast drying oven of 105-1150C for 10 minutes. The electrochemical cleaning of alkaline solution with alkaline cleaning solution should pay attention to the following points: it is not suitable to clean the surface of the machine with thick oil, oil pollution When thick, it needs to be pre-cleaned by other methods; general steel parts should be cleaned on the cathode and then cleaned on the anode. For spring parts, thin-walled steel parts, ultra-high-strength steel parts can not be cleaned on the cathode (to avoid hydrogen permeation of materials, Produces hydrogen embrittlement); parts made of materials such as copper, zinc, nickel, etc. cannot be cleaned on the anode (avoid oxidation of the surface of the material); quantitative analysis of the electrolyte is performed periodically, and the drug is supplemented according to the analysis result.

Principles For The Processing Of China Mechanical Parts

September 29, 2019 by xinghui  

The production of China Mechanical Parts is a material forming technology, and it is a new metal cold deformation processing method that has emerged in recent years. It is one of the main methods of metal plastic processing. In the production of mechanical parts in China, people use the power of traditional or special stamping equipment to punch, use the pressure to deform the material, and then use the metal plate in the mold to deform the parts with certain dimensions. Therefore, Chinese mechanical parts manufacturers in production, need to pay attention to what problems, let the following professional manufacturers for us to introduce!

In the production of mechanical parts in China, it should be noted that engineering equipment such as presses or molds should be used under normal use conditions. This effectively prevents the strip from being transported along the correct location or by our pre-booked gap. We, ah, make sure all parts are tight. In the production of mechanical parts in China, do not change the installation position of the stamping die. Once they change, they scratch or crush the surface of the workpiece. In this way, the quality of the workpiece is greatly affected.


Another point is that in the preparation of raw materials, technical specifications must be observed, accurate measurement of raw material particle size, strict inspection of raw materials and card inspection. At the same time, in the production of mechanical parts in China, it is necessary to inspect the grinding tools and some punches carefully and regularly to prevent the wear of the work pieces and guides caused by long-term operation. Strictly observe all relevant precautions when manufacturing Chinese mechanical parts to avoid unnecessary losses.

A Brief Introduction China Mechanical Parts

September 23, 2019 by xinghui  

Mechanical parts are non-detachable basic units that make up the machine, such as bolts, screws, keys, belts, gears, shafts, springs, pins, and so on. China Mechanical Parts are divided into general parts and special parts. A general-purpose part is a part that can be widely used in various machines, and a dedicated part is a part that can be used only in a specific type of machine.

1. Common materials for Chinese mechanical parts

The materials of Chinese mechanical parts are metal materials, non-metal materials and composite materials.

Metal materials are classified into ferrous materials and non-ferrous materials. The ferrous materials include various steels, cast steels and cast irons, which have good mechanical properties (such as strength, ductility, toughness, etc.), are relatively inexpensive and readily available, and can meet a variety of performance and application requirements. Among all kinds of ferrous metals, alloy steels are often used to make important parts because of their excellent properties. Non-ferrous metal materials, including copper alloys, aluminum alloys, bearing alloys, etc., have the advantages of low density, good thermal conductivity and good electrical conductivity, and are usually used in applications where friction, wear and corrosion resistance are required.

Non-metallic materials refer to polymer materials such as plastics, rubber, synthetic fibers, and ceramics. Polymer materials have many advantages, such as abundant raw materials, low density, good elasticity in a suitable temperature range, and good corrosion resistance. The main disadvantage is that it is easy to age, and many of them have poor flame retardancy. In general, heat resistance is not good. The main characteristics of ceramic materials are extremely high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high melting point, high stiffness and low density than steel. At present, ceramic materials have been used in structures such as seals, rolling bearings and cutting tools. Its main disadvantages are relatively brittle, low fracture toughness, high price, and poor processing technology.


Composite material refers to a new type of material obtained by a composite process using two or more materials having significantly different physical and mechanical properties to obtain the desired properties. For example, non-metallic materials such as glass, graphite (carbon), boron, plastic, etc. can be composited into various fiber reinforced composite materials. The plastic composite steel plate with high strength and corrosion resistance can be obtained by attaching plastic to the surface of ordinary carbon steel plate. The main advantage is that it has high strength and elastic modulus, but the quality is extremely small, but also has poor heat resistance and heat conduction. The disadvantage of poor electrical conductivity. In addition, the price of composite materials is relatively expensive. Therefore, composite materials are mainly used in high-tech fields such as aviation and aerospace. In civil products, composite materials also have some applications.