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What Appearance Inspection Should Be Carried Out for Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire

December 6, 2019 by xiu weetime  

What standards will be followed when Copper Clad Aluminum Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) are inspected? Introduction of inspection standards for copper clad aluminum winding wires:

Appearance inspection: (1) Smooth surface, no black line, no random line, no pitting, no oxidation, no marking, no scratches and bruises, no hand joints, no fingerprints. (2) The flat cable is good, uniform, without stacking edge and under edge (high edge and low edge or high edge and low edge). (3) The tension is moderate but not too loose or too tight. (4) After rolling, the copper wire surface has no ash sticking phenomenon.

Wire diameter inspection: wire diameter shall be in accordance with the national general standards, and shall be strictly controlled according to the special requirements of customers. The specific inspection steps are as follows: (1) First, adjust whether the micrometre is zero. (2) Place the copper wire to be inspected outside the clamping wire of the micrometre and twist the end of the micrometre with appropriate force. (3) Observe the reading of the micrometre after hearing it shake three times. (4) should be so repeated inspection two or three readings are consistent, each time can't detect the same position, should be a segmented inspection. (5) Copper wires with wire diameters above 0.2cm shall be inspected for different interfaces of copper wires to avoid flat wires.

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Reasons for Yellowing of Copper Winding Wire And Solutions

November 29, 2019 by xiu weetime  

In a sense, the manufacturer of Copper Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) is a finishing and assembling industry. Among them, the choice of copper winding wire is particularly important, and if it is slightly careless, it may lead to safety accidents. I would like to share with you some reasons for the yellowing of copper winding wire and the solutions.

The yellowing of copper winding wire usually has the following reasons:

1. The high-temperature transition and high activity of the tin furnace lead to large pinholes in the coating and rapid copper-tin penetration.

2. The tin layer is too thin, copper and tin soak quickly

3. Excessive halogen residue in flux and incomplete pickling of copper surface

4. The packaging time is too fast, the heat is not scattered, and the tin furnace has too many impurities.

5. The quality of copper is not high, and there are too many impurities.

6. The temperature has an effect on the activity of copper atoms, yellowing faster in hot days than on cold days.

These problems can be dealt with in the following ways:

1. Mold diameter>line diameter +0.02 mm;

2. Place it for about 2 hours and then pack it.

3. Purchase good flux and match flux concentration, mainly because flux affects tin plating quality;

4. Choose better oxygen-free copper wire.

With the deepening of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection from time to time and the expansion of the demand for environmental protection products from time to time, many industries of enameled wire hardware and electrical machinery have long been heading for the category of energy conservation: LED, energy conservation, environmental protection, and thermal insulation materials, energy-saving doors and windows, construction waste disposal and recycling equipment, air-source heat pumps, and other hardware and electrical products with energy conservation and environmental protection effects are supported by policies, with great market potential and expanding market share from time to time.

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The Characteristics of Aluminum Winding Wire Are Between Copper And Auminum

November 22, 2019 by xiu weetime  

Aluminum Winding Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) is a kind of enameled wire. Its characteristics are between copper and aluminum. Why? Because the inner conductor is copper clad aluminum material, the advantages of lightweight aluminum and excellent conductivity of copper are totally separated. Therefore, the current application is expanded from time to time. In detail, aluminum winding wires have obvious advantages over copper winding wires:

1. More excellent DC resistivity. The DC resistivity of aluminum winding wire is approximately 1.5 times that of pure copper wire. When the resistance values are the same, the wire diameter is about 1.2 times that of pure copper, while the weight of aluminum winding wire is only 1/2 that of pure copper wire.

2. The weight is lighter, the wire density of aluminum winding is one-third of that of pure copper wire with the same wire diameter, which is very effective for reducing the weight of cable and coil. In the category of the audio coil, the product performance is greatly improved.

3. The cost is lower. Compared with pure copper winding wires, aluminum winding wires can reduce the consumption cost by 30%-50% in some application areas.

4. Solderability is better. The aluminum winding wire has the same solderability as the pure copper wire because its outer surface is concentrically coated with a layer of pure copper, and does not need special treatment like aluminum wire.

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Considering The Importance of The Function of Aluminum Magnet Wire

November 15, 2019 by xiu weetime  

Aluminum Magnet Wire(XINYU-ENAMELEDWIRE) is commonly used as a balancing mechanism in machinery and is widely used in industrial production such as automobiles, machine tools, and electrical appliances. But its quantity is large, its scope is wide, and its variety is multifarious. At present, its application fields involve almost all fields of the national economy.

First of all, the reliability of aluminum magnet wire directly affects the completion of work tasks of vehicles or related products. At the same time, considering the importance of the function of the aluminum magnet wire, it is necessary to stop the strength design of the aluminum magnet wire, so as to ensure the reliability of its application in the regular application conditions and the service life.

Under the long-term work of variable load, the aluminum magnet wire firstly sprouts cracks in thin parts gradually, and then gradually expands to fracture.

Usually, aluminum magnet wire and shock absorber work together in the suspension system of the automobile and prevent the automobile from shaking too much. Generally, the performance of aluminum magnet wire during shock absorption is related to its torsion angle, and the material of aluminum magnet wire is stretched or sheared.

Therefore, this torsional angle limitation is finally caused by the failure of the material, which cannot be restored to its original state when the material undergoes plastic deformation. Therefore, it is finally attributed to the tensile strength and shear strength of the material. Therefore, the performance of aluminum magnet wire is ultimately related to the material of the spring.

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