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'Fortnite' Countdown Appears In-Game, What Does This Mean?

January 18, 2019 by onlinegamesfans  

Yesterday, the TVs all about the Fortnite map started warning of a winter storm coming, but today things have changed. The in-game tv sets identified all through the Fortnite Battle Royale map have begun broadcasting a countdown time below a "weather warning." 


The countdown started at precisely 11 AM PT / two PM ET on January 17 and was set for precisely two days, which means that it will hit zero at that very same exact time on January 18. 


This comes per day just after the Tv screens started displaying a warning of inclement weather on January 16, but there was no timer or any other facts that hinted at what it was all for.


So what exactly is this all for? While Epic Games haven't officially announced it, all indications are that a brand new Ice Storm in-game event is set to take place when the countdown reaches zero.


According to game files discovered and leaked by information miners, Ice Storm will feature its personal exceptional set of challenges and rewards, at the same time as some additional snowy modifications for the map. 


Those same leaks also indicate that this countdown screen is not going to be the final thing shown on the in-game Tv sets in relation towards the Ice Storm.


There are going to be one extra screen that will function the words "No Signal" more than a backdrop of the Ice King's shadow. This can presumably commence showing after the countdown reaches zero and the Ice Storm basically does begin.


So what does this all mean? Nicely, no one can know for confident, but all of this seems to be developing towards some key storyline in Fortnite. 


Several believe that the Ice Storm is closely tied together with the mysterious ice sphere floating above Polar Peak, at the same time because the Dragon Eggs identified within the dungeons with the nearby castle.


New leaks have revealed that the sphere will start taking various forms soon, one of that will contain flaring blue flames as well as the ominous Ice King character appearing inside the sphere.


This leaves the door open for a lot to take spot after this mysterious countdown does attain zero, like the sphere reaching its next stage, the Ice Storm occasion kicking off, the Television screens displaying the No Signal warning, and more.


Whatever do find yourself taking place, this countdown has undoubtedly built up the hype for what's to come, and seasoned players will keep in mind a similar countdown taking place for the duration of Season four that eventually led for the one-time Rocket Launch occasion that took location. 


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Fortnite's New Updated Map Is Completely Covered in Snow

December 26, 2018 by onlinegamesfans  

Epic has updated the Fortnite's map once more with all the whole map now covered in snow for the holidays. Season 7's start off covered parts on the map in snow and designed new locations including Polar Peak, but that wintery climate was previously restricted for the bottom-left portion of the map. A section of grassy land separated the snow in the desert within the bottom-right corner of the map, but players have now noticed that the entire map has been covered in snow.


The transition to a fully-snowed map was produced devoid of much fanfare or announcement from Epic Games, a lot like a lot of other changes that take place in Fortnite's map. It wasn't an occasion that happened in-game, so players didn't miss out on any scheduled event if they didn't notice the snowy transition occur. Players reported finishing a match with the map appearing since it ordinarily did, but by the time they'd queued up for a different match and loaded in, the map had currently changed.


Fortnite's snow map update was leaked before it was rolled out, so the change may not be entirely unexpected for all those who took notice of your leak before. No precise date was identified relating to when the update would adjust the map, however, it tends to make sense that it'd take place either on Christmas Day or Christmas Eve, which it did around the latter.


The vacation modifications stick to other updates that Epic Games released for Fortnite although the developers are on break. A single content update has already released that added Presents for the game, a new item that, when utilized, creates a giant gift that players can hack into to see what loot is inside. 


It is a Legendary item, so it won't also be effortless to discover, but it's hard to miss when among the list of Presents has been erected. There are also plans to release two more content material updates all through the following few days, the following of which can be scheduled to release in less than per week.


Keep an eye here, and we'll keep you posted with more details as they become available. To enjoy all the features in the game, players can check out the u4gm Fortnite Boosting for sale list.

Fortnite Season 7 Guide: Tips on How to Find Week 2 Secret Banner Location

December 15, 2018 by onlinegamesfans  

Fortnite challenges for Season 7 of week 2 is now in full swing, which range from playing sheet music on pianos to having a dance-off at an abandoned mansion. As usual, finishing these missions will net you Battle Stars, which in turn will level your Battle Pass up and unlock the new Season 7 skins and rewards. 


Finishing all the challenges from a given week has an added advantage as well, as it'll total on the list of new Snowfall challenges - this season's equivalent to the Hunting Party challenges from Season 6. Just as before, clearing a Snowfall challenge will reward you with a particular loading screen that contains a clue pointing you to a free item hidden somewhere about the map. 


Last season, the item in question alternated each week among a free Battle Star (superior for leveling your Battle Pass up by a single tier) or perhaps a free Banner (which is usually utilized as a profile icon), and it looks like Epic is continuing that trend in Season 7.


Ready to began? First, you happen to be going to will need to head over to Frosty Flights. Search the buildings around the eastern side; there you'll find a workplace that holds a pink computer system screen not as opposed to what's observed within the above loading screen.


The following is easy: Go through the north entrance of your constructing, turn left in the initial flight of stairs, head as much as the second floor, and the workplace is going to be for your suitable marked having a blue door.


For all those trying to get back into the battlefield for any opportunity to show off to other players and uncover new Battle Stars, Weeks 2's challenges are now live. Just in case you might be further towards the world of Battle Royale, these weekly challenges are a set of quests that Epic Games has given to participants searching to get a diverse way to level up and climb up these tier ranks. The purpose basically should be to get all the Battle Stars to ensure that players can unlock progressive loot to show off to other individuals. Get that current gear and show everyone else who is boss.


What are the challenges in Fortnite Season 7 Week 2?


Free Challenges

  • Search a Chest in different Named Locations (7)
  • Damage opponents with varying types of weapons (5)
  • Eliminate opponents in Snobby Shores or Fatal Fields (3)


Battle Pass Challenges

  • Stage 1: Visit Snobby Shores and Pleasant Park in a single match (2)
  • Play the Sheet Music on pianos near Pleasant Park and Lonely Lodge (2)
  • Compete in a Dance Off at an abandoned mansion (1)
  • Eliminate an opponent from at least 50m away (1)


This week's challenges are quite simple and straightforward! Land in Snobby Shores and make your way more than to Pleasant Park for one particular, make sure to scope in an enemy from an excellent distance for the 50m challenge, and be sure to search the numerous chests. Click here if you are looking for a complete guide for week 2, also, keep in mind that cheap Fortnite Boosting even on sale at u4gm.

Fortnite Infinity Blade Now Has Been Vaulted

December 15, 2018 by onlinegamesfans  

Epic lets Infinity Blade as a usable weapon in Fortnite not long ago, and the player who wielded it received a health and shield boost, HP regeneration, more rapid movement, immense damage-dealing possible and also the capability to smash via buildings in no time at all.


Why Epic Removes Infinity Blade from Fortnite?


The community lashed out regarding the Infinity Blade that it was way too robust, which meant the game just wasn't as exciting when you had been around the getting end of it, so Fortnite announced on Friday, December 14 that the Infinity Blade would be headed towards the vault.


The very first Mythic weapon in Fortnite was introduced on Tuesday, December 11, the same day as the start on the NA Winter Royale Finals. Soon after the weapon ended up taking center stage for generally getting a free of charge ticket to win, several were calling for it to either be put in its game mode or to become vaulted altogether. 


On December 14, Epic Games seemingly took the community feedback to heart and merely vaulted the weapon while it re-evaluates the place of it and future Mythic items. 


The move was promptly met with widespread acclaim, as a lot of identified it refreshing to determine Epic admit to having made a mistake with all the introduction in the weapon. 


All hope for any modifications seemed lost when Epic Games announced a tiny nerf towards the weapon on December 13 when also hinting at additional Mythic weapons to come quickly.


It seems that the immediate and extremely negative backlash from that move was the final factor that tipped the scales and forced Epic's hand around the matter. 


This isn't the initial time that Epic has had to Vault an item quickly soon after release, with Guided Missiles becoming among the other controversial items to rapidly get Vaulted. It seems that epic is rethinking its approach to mythic products, and had promised far more details subsequent week more than "our competitive philosophy on the subject of new things, updates and seasons." Of course, if you were interested in other items in Fortnite, check out u4gm buy Fortnite Items list.


How does the community react to Epic's move?


"As a software developer, I want to point out that what they just did was a huge deal. Seeing how the Blade was featured in the Season 7 trailer, loading screen, and Battle Pass banner, this is something they planned and worked on and were excited about giving us. Unfortunately, it was not well received (for lots of valid reasons), but to change course on this is a major decision. It has likely erased hundreds of hours of work people have done, and it's no doubt created hundreds more as it changes the course for the rest of this season and possibly others."


"Just worried that they won't be making an LTM for it. Sure, they can nerf it a little. But they want it to be relevant and for people to go for it. Needs it's own LTM. Maybe one with multiple swords."


"Epic is a really good and receptive team; I'm continually impressed by how responsive they are compared to almost every other game out there."

Fortnite Guide on How to Get the Free 'Hot Marat' Emote

November 27, 2018 by onlinegamesfans  

You may have a nice tiny collection of absolutely free emotes, back blings and also the occasional other cosmetic, even though you haven't spent a dime if you have been playing Fortnite: Battle Royale for any few months now. And now, another opportunity to grab a single has appeared, it couldn't be simpler.


Should you head over to the item shop at this time you may grab the no-cost "Hot Marat" emote just by clicking it and redeeming it. It really is a bit unclear how long it can stick about for, but no sense in waiting. If you would like another totally free emote, grab it now.


Let's check out Hot Marat in action:


There is no such thing as a free lunch, even when you're coping with digital goods. In the past, Epic has provided away absolutely free cosmetics as a part of events, as apologies for outages, in addition to a Twitch Prime membership, or simply as tokens for those that don't want to acquire the Battle Pass. In this case, you might visualize it this way: this emote is not free, necessarily. It seems to be paid for by means of a partnership with Disney.


The game isn't generating it explicit just but, but the descriptive text tends to make it fairly clear that this can be a Wreck-it-Ralph promotion tied to Ralph Breaks the world wide web, which I'm excited to go see. Persons have already discovered numerous Wreck-it-Ralph promotional assets inside the game files, and one streamer saw the trailer playing over at Risky Reels, though that appears to have been released a little early and other people have not been able to replicate it.


When the promotion hits, it is unclear what we'll see. This can be Epic's second collaboration with Disney, the first of which was the somewhat game-changing Avengers: Infinity War promotion that allowed fortnite save the world items collectors to cosplay because of the all-powerful Thanos. 


Assume that we'll see one more limited time mode tied to Ralph Breaks the web, however, it may well effectively be a bit far more ambitious this time about. The Thanos mode was fun but amounted to a game of battle royale with one overpowered player. Epic has been doing a whole great deal of far more elaborate limited time modes recently that either strain at or outright rejects the idea of battle royale, so the sky is really the limit here.

Fortnite Guide: The Way to Find Season 6 Week 9 Secret Star Location

November 27, 2018 by onlinegamesfans  

We have come to the last week of the season, which also means there's a further secret star for us to uncover in Fortnite. The week 9 challenges were all fairly simple, click right here you will be capable of speedily get your hands on that Hunting Celebration skin. 


Naturally, there's also a Secret Star location to track down. Here's exactly where the Season 6 week 9 secret star location is in Fortnite, buy Fortnite Boosting on U4GM sometimes can save you a plenty of time.


Naturally, upon finishing a set on the weekly challenges in Fortnite, you will acquire a loading screen. This constantly depicts exactly where you are going to discover the key star, or inside the case of Season 6's "even weeks", a Secret Banner. So, without having additional ado, let's have a look at the week 9 loading screen.


Week 9 Loading Screen


The week 9 loading screen portrays a slightly happier scene than we've seen previously few weeks. Calamity plus the Dead Eye skin are now enjoying a peaceful moment inside the flowery fields of Leaky Lake.


At the least, that's what they feel. It turns out that A.I.M, the Hunting Party challenges skin that players have been in a position to unlock as of a couple of weeks ago can be seen lurking in the background, watching their every move.


The primary purpose you are taking a look at this loading screen so intensely, nevertheless, should be to try and spot exactly where the week 9 secret star location is being hinted at. Nicely, for those who appear very pretty cautiously, you may see on the barbecue something that appears like the faint outline of a battle star.


Where to discover the Week 9 Secret Star location


This barbecue is in Fortnite, and may, in fact, be identified when once again at Leaky Lake. It turns out this may be a new favorite spot for Epic to drop points, as the week 7 secret star location could possibly be tracked down to this named place, also.


For the week 9 secret star, you must be heading to the northwest corner of Leaky Lake's central island, just next towards the waterfall within this corner. Right here, you need to spot a chest using the barbecue in the loading screen right subsequent to the side with the water.


Once you have found it, it definitely is simply a case of walking on more than for the barbecue and also the week 9 secret star ought to appear sitting on prime of it. Now all you'll want to do is stroll more than and snag your final free battle star of season 6.

Fortnite's Purple Cube Has Gone and Takes Players to A Mystery Dimension

November 5, 2018 by onlinegamesfans  

What makes Fortnite players curious is the purple cube, which has been stomping around the map since late August but has gone now. So, what happened?


Fortnitemares event has ended


"Fortnitemares" has come to a finish, and it left the world of Fortnite considerably altered. The battle royale game was residence to a live, one-time-only in-game event, which marked the finish from the monster-filled Halloween mode and introduced many changes towards the game. Far more than 1 million people watched the event happening in real-time on Twitch alone.


What happened to Fortnite's mysterious cube


It all began when the game's mysterious, purple cube disappeared. Initial, it beginning melting, dripping anything into the lake it hovered over. Then the cube started pulsating and spinning swiftly before it sooner or later disappeared - and pulled players into a strange, brightly-lit realm. There, you couldn't do a great deal but float and watch a strange butterfly fluttering about.


This lasted for any minute or so ahead of all fortnite save the world items collectors have been transported back for the Fortnite island, which featured a brand-new location. The former Loot Lake, which had turned into the property from the cube and its floating island, now includes a new landmass made up of a series of smaller islands. 


You will find probably other modifications to the map as well that we'll see found within the coming hours and days. In addition to the new in-game place, Epic has also added a series of new challenges, dubbed "Lil' Kev challenges," right after the nickname Kevin that the neighborhood gave towards the cube.


Developer Epic Games announced that the event was happening earlier inside the week, and now even sent out a push notification for mobile Fortnite players. These logging into the game on other platforms earlier today had been warned that "the cube is unstable."


This is not the very first time the studio has experimented with limited, reside events. Back in June, Fortnite was property to a spectacular rocket launch that produced a dimensional rift in the sky, which led to a steady stream of map-altering changes in the game. Most recently, Fortnite was invaded by the mysterious cube, which gradually rolled across the map, and ultimately created a floating island. Before that, players who were inside the game at the ideal time could catch a glimpse of your cube gradually disappearing into the lake, building a fun - albeit temporary - trampoline.


It is an ever-evolving type of environmental storytelling which has helped set Fortnite apart from other comparable games. Just don't remain away as well extended - lots can take place in just a quick time period.

Things We Know about Fortnite Upcoming Heavy AR

November 5, 2018 by onlinegamesfans  

A new in-game message indicates that Epic Games is adding but one more weapon to Fortnite, which called the 'Heavy Assault Rifle.' The gun, which seems to resemble an AK-47, is described as being a "powerful assault rifle that is certainly most valuable when fired in short bursts."


NO.1 Things we know so far about the Fortnite Heavy AR


The caption below the image of the assault rifle does not provide a complete lot of details, apart from the suggested usage. However, the image itself appears to become an AK-47. Some players suggest that it "will function higher damage than other assault rifles in the game, with the trade-off of more recoil." They base this on that gun's real-life overall performance.


An additional issue we don't know is no matter if the heavy AR will join the ranks of all of the existing guns, or whether Epic will send a further assault rifle towards the vault. Significantly may perhaps depend on the reception of your weapon when Epic introduces it. As of at this time, the news has generated each constructive and damaging reactions. We are going to just need to wait and see how it plays out.


NO.2 Fortnite Heavy AR arrive date


Though there's no official date for when the weapon will likely be added for the game, the term "coming soon" normally suggests within the subsequent week in Fortnite. So updates will drop on Tuesday or Thursday this week.


And while it's totally achievable that the Heavy AR will grow to be just on the list of assault rifles inside the game, the weapon may well end up replacing one of the five existing ARs within the game, which would then head towards the vault.


Keep an eye here and we'll keep you posted with more details as they become available. If you want, you can buy cheap fortnite save the world weapons on U4GM where you can quickly purchase the items that you want without any delays or risks involved.

Reasons Why Fortnite Guided Missile Is Disabled

October 14, 2018 by onlinegamesfans  

In Fortnite, Epic Games announced that it has temporarily disabled the once-overpowered weapon resulting from a bug, that says the Guided Missile has been disabled. Although Epic Games haven't officially revealed what issue they are looking into, it's most likely that they are attempting to repair a glitch involving the Guided Missiles and Shadow Stones.


Players who equipped the Guided Missile Launcher and started to spam the fire button although consuming a shadow stone have been able to become permanently invisible, moving around the map with enemy players unable to spot them.


So, when can we expect the Guided Missile to return? Properly, Epic Games does not say. However, equivalent bugs in the past have rendered fortnite save the world weapons and items disabled for anyplace amongst a couple of days to a couple of weeks. If the above situation is the actual reason Epic Games pulled the weapon, then it should be a reasonably easy repair although.


As you might know, Guided Missiles aren't presently a major a part of the game's meta, so they shouldn't be missed a lot of. When a powerful end-game weapon, they have considering the fact that essentially grow to be just a scouting tool. On the other hand, to acquire there, they had to undergo a lot of fixes, and at 1 point had to be faulted for a considerable quantity of time.


Epic Games may perhaps also address the "Always North" glitch that has been plaguing the weapon in recent days.


The "Always North" bug sees rockets which might be fired by the weapon always fire North, irrespective of which direction the player was facing when he fired the weapon.


Not too long ago, preferred Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins fell foul of this glitch through a reside stream, with his missile firing into walls built in front of him three times, just before at some point killing him.


Fortnite's developers revealed the news regarding the Guided Missile by way of Twitter, stating that the item had been "temporarily disabled" while they have been searching into a problem.


This can be the third time Epic have had complications with all the Shadow Stones, which were introduced at the beginning of Season 6. The products had to be disabled just days right after their launch when clever players found an approach to use the Stones to come to be permanently invisible. There is at present no data readily available about when the item will return, but we will continue to monitor the situation and present updates once they turn out to be readily available.

Now You Can See Some Info about the Fortnite Tournament Game Mode

October 14, 2018 by onlinegamesfans  

Recently, a new tournament game mode has leaked due to the fact a video on Epic Games official Fortnite channel showed a new tab named 'tournaments', which promptly sparked speculation as to what Epic had in store. This leak prompted dataminers to investigate further within the files of Fortnite and obtain scheduling information and facts along with other information regarding the tournament game mode for Fortnite. 


The leaked tournament game mode appears to become a game wide tournament system that each player will have the capability to compete in. At present, it has been uncovered that the new tournament game mode for Fortnite will incorporate events for solos, duos, and squads. You may find the description of every single selection of events beneath. On the other hand, the description for the solo competitions has not but been uncovered, so keep an eye on U4GM Fortnite News updates here and we'll keep you posted with more details as they become available.


NO.1 What are the Gamemodes of the "Tournament"?


Duos - Grab a buddy and take around the planet - till you might be the last two left. 3 days in a row of tough Duo. Squads - Join your pals every single Friday and kick off your weekend with some exciting Squad action. Can your group rise for the prime? Every single of your various events for the new game mode of Fortnite will feature different formats and can have their committed set of dates that they are going to happen amongst except for the squads' tournament which will be taking spot each and every Friday. 


1) Solo - Salty Springs Cup


The solo event for the upcoming Fortnite tournament game mode will probably be taking place from October 27th to October 31st and can go by the name from the Salty Springs Cup. It is possible to find the description of the Salt Springs Cup solo tournament under.


"One week and three attempts to prove you are the saltiest that Salty Springs has to supply. Compete to take household a pin in the Salty Springs Cup." 


2) Duos - Tomato Temple Cup 


The Tomato Temple Cup is going to be the duos event for the new game mode and will be taking location from October 28th to November 1st. You'll be able to discover the description for the Tomato Temple Cup duos tournament beneath. 


"Grab a pal and make Tomatohead proud. Turn into legends from the Tomato."


3) Squads - Fortnite Friday Night 


Taking spot every single Friday once the tournament game mode for Fortnite is added into the battle royale title, the Fortnite Friday Evening squads event is going to be a weekly occasion that may certainly grab the focus with the neighborhood on a consistent basis. You'll be able to come across the description with the Fortnite Friday Night squads tournament below. 


"Join your pals each and every Friday and kick off your weekend with some thrilling Squad action. Can your group rise for the top rated?"


NO.2 What kind of Rewards will you get?


At the time of this writing, it can be at present unclear what kinds of rewards that players will obtain for reaching victory in either of your 3 events for the Fortnite tournament game mode in addition to from recognizing that scoring 20 total points within a session will earn you a shiny pin. Even so, together with the solos event set to kick off in two weeks on Saturday, October 27th, interested players will not have as well extended to wait to find out what a shiny pin is.