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How can the wear resistance of the grinding roll of activated carbon micro-grinding be improved?

September 23, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

There are many ways to process materials by ultrafine mill. The motor of micro-grinding is a complete set of equipment. Through the rotation of belt, the bearing with belt pulley and pinion will transfer the transmission force to the reducer. Then, through the shaft of small and medium gears and big gears in the reducer, the big gears are equipped with coupling at the end, and the power is transmitted through coupling. To the spindle, the spindle drives the plum blossom rack to rotate. At present, the development prospect of activated carbon market is more and more extensive, and the use of micro-grinding will be more and more. Micro-grinding is a suitable equipment for the processing of activated carbon. It has an effect on the production of environmental protection. After years of grinding experience, SBM has improved a new level of equipment innovation, fineness and output. Secondly, there is the problem of grinding roller ash, which is also a headache for many users. Only the roller assembly will not ash. This problem can be solved only by replacing the assembly. The micro-grinding roller grinding ring can also be used to protect the grinder barrel from the direct impact and friction of the grinded materials and materials, and avoid the loss. In the process of production, micro-grinding manufacturers need to select good materials, new casting process for production, and enhancing wear resistance is the main key. In addition, users need to add lubricants to make their rotation more flexible. The micro-grinding produced by SBM will develop more rapidly in the domestic investment industry in the future, showing a greater increase. Better equipment will adapt to the development of the times, new ultra-fine grinding opportunities appear, new technology enterprises will win the respect of the market, win the trust of customers.

Three advantages when using stainless steel investment casting

September 21, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

1. It can cast complex castings of various alloys, especially high temperature gold castings such as jet engine blades, streamlines and cooling chambers, and processes that are almost impossible to form. Therefore, our company uses stainless steel precision casting to produce the remaining products. The production process is fast and the consistency of the castings is guaranteed. 2. Stainless steel casting can also avoid the stress concentration of residual knives after machining, and has the advantages of heat resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance and even ultra low temperature. Stainless steel does not corrode, pitting, rust or wear and has an extremely high corrosion strength. The deformation of steel is not easy to break, it has strong environmental performance, and the corrosion does not have good ductility and toughness. 3. It can reduce the machining, some parts of the product are higher, some allowances, but some castings are finely polished, the allowance is only left, and the use does not require processing, so the casting method can make many mechanical equipment can save metal materials and products. machining.

What is the difference between a new construction waste crusher and a traditional crusher?

September 20, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

With the continuous development of technology, the crusher has gradually evolved. The improvement of the process for different materials, like the new construction waste crusher developed and produced now, is better for the treatment of construction waste. And added a device that can automatically remove iron and remove impurities, and automatically reduce dust and noise. More in line with the current social requirements for environmental protection. The new construction waste crushing station has improved the previously unreasonable places and used newer materials. The wear parts are more wear-resistant during the operation, and the use time is longer, which greatly reduces the production cost and improves the production efficiency. As the pulverizer, its most remarkable feature is environmental protection and pollution. In addition, it adopts the vehicle-mounted mobile frame, which is flexible and convenient to move. When the truck head is pulled, it can reach the construction site, and it is easy to realize the construction waste “turning waste into treasure”. Can save users a lot of investment costs and transportation costs. The construction waste crusher can be used to produce 4 medium aggregates at the same time. For example, the stable layer in the construction of highways and railways, the recycled aggregates after the construction waste is broken can completely replace the natural sandstone for paving. In urban construction, construction waste recycled aggregates can be processed into more than 30 kinds of brick products such as burn-free bricks, permeable bricks, and tooth bricks, as an important material for paving roads in urban construction. The new construction waste crushing station not only solves urban problems, improves the urban environment, but also brings considerable profits to customers and realizes the economic cycle. Gradually, it has become an environmental protection project that many investors are optimistic about. Users who want to invest in the construction waste treatment industry are welcome to call for free consultation.

A good ultrafine mill manufacturer/brand of course to see Shanghai SBM

September 19, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

Ultrafine mill as a ultrafine mill processing hot selling equipment, its manufacturers in the domestic area numerous, buyers as a needle in a haystack general search for suitable processing equipment, so, for customers, where will have their own satisfaction ultrafine mill? Today small make up for you to send a good ultrafine mill factory/brand of course to see Shanghai SBM Shanghai SBM ultrafine mill equipment good where? In the pricing of products, fully reflect the economic benefits, can take into account the consumption strength of most enterprise users. In the quality of equipment, strict to meet the requirements of national quality inspection, durability is necessary. In the choice of ultra-fine mill model, not necessarily everything, but must be able to meet 90 percent of the customer selection needs. In the aspect of product after-sale, the professional after-sale service with perfect order and systematical system, which bears the concept of taking the customer as the center and helping the customer to solve the production problem and so on Good ultrafine mill manufacturers/brand push, Shanghai SBM machine co., LTD. Specific advantages are as follows 1, in terms of the price of SBM ultrafine mill, we focus on the middle and lower level consumer market area, second, in essence, or a large direct mining equipment manufacturers, given ultrafine mill prices are low exp, in addition, using “ Small profit but large turnover Equipment marketing model, so in terms of price, is relatively favorable 2, in terms of quality of ultrafine mill: SBM all has passed ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification, in addition, as a large mining machinery manufacturer, not only have professional equipment quality inspection team, and, in the process of equipment production, also can stick to the responsibility to the people of production system, so in terms of quality of ultrafine mill equipment, users can rest assured the choose and buy friends 3. As for the model number of ultrafine grinding machine, it can be roughly divided into five categories: HGM80, HGM90, HGM100, HGM125, HGM1680, etc. And each ultrafine grinding machine of different models is customized by SBM professional, so users can find the right grinding equipment here 4, in terms of ultrafine pulverizer after sales: as a professional large-scale milling equipment manufacturers, not only can provide users with equipment on-site installation, commissioning and other services, but also to provide users with free operating personnel training and other services, and so on the whole, SBM the ultrafine mill manufacturers for the material that is your ideal milling equipment to pick one.

How many tons of small ultrafine mill can be produced?

September 19, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

According to recent consulting. How many tons of small ultrafine mill can be produced? Throughout the &; Many customers, therefore, today by the technical staff of Shanghai SBM machine co., LTD. To do a unified reply to say that the output of small ultrafine mill can be up to how many tons? This problem in a strict sense, is not difficult problem, such as SBM for senior ultrafine mill manufacturers, customers want to have much production demand, what kind of fineness requirement, as long as you have enough money to have investment in good faith, there are raw materials to meet the needs of production, professional large-scale production, small ultrafine mill production requirements is not a problem here we look at a few general-purpose small ultrafine mill production, for example, comparing the reference 1, model for small HGM80 ultrafine grinding, ideally, processing of around 1000 mesh size, Its high output up to 100 t/h2, model for YGM80 small mill, in the ideal state, processing of around 1000 mesh size, its high output up to 260 t/h3, model for CM80 small coarse powder mill, in the ideal state, the processing of around 1000 mesh size, its high output up to 200 t/h when the micro powder grinding equipment, can according to customer requirements for fineness, production will also change, request the fineness, the greater the yield will be lower, in the ideal state, sometimes want to greater production, Or give up small to large ultra-fine grinding machine processing equipment, but if you have enough money, or other ideas, you can also buy small micro grinding equipment, to cooperate with the processing and production How many tons can be produced for a small ultrafine mill? For such problems, we hope you can contact us directly. SBM will recommend suitable equipment and preferential price for you according to your specific production needs, investment budget, actual production environment and other factors. Please let me know.

Graphite superfine vertical roller mill grinding machine price selection

September 18, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

Graphite superfine vertical grinding mill is a high-quality grinding equipment exclusively created by SBM heavy machine. It has typical performance advantages and features, mainly from main engine, feeder, classifier, blower, pipeline device, storage hopper, electric control system. , collection system and other components, can produce 325-2500 mesh high-quality powder, product fineness can be adjusted according to customer needs, for non-metallic minerals with graphite hardness below 7 and humidity below 6%, the equipment has very good The grinding effect has the comprehensive mechanical pulverizing properties such as rolling, grinding and impact. The SBM heavy machine can provide customized high-quality grinding machine products, and can customize the exclusive powder production line solution according to customer needs. In the graphite powder industry, the SBM heavy machine customized graphite ultra-fine vertical roller mill selection scheme is more scientific and reasonable, the product price is more humanized, more in line with the customer's on-site demand, and is deeply loved by the industry. Welcome customers to visit our factory for further development. Check out for more details. The process characteristics of graphite are mainly determined by its crystalline form. Graphite minerals with different crystal forms have different industrial values ​​and uses. In industrial production, graphite can be divided into three types: dense crystalline graphite, flake graphite, and cryptocrystalline graphite. Among them, dense crystalline graphite is also called massive graphite, which is characterized by high grade, generally 60-carbon content. 65%, sometimes 80 to 98%, but its plasticity and slipperiness are not as good as flake graphite. The flake graphite is superior in floatability, lubricity and plasticity to other types of graphite; therefore, its industrial value is large. The hidden quality graphite is also called amorphous graphite or earthy graphite. The crystal diameter of this graphite is generally less than 1 micrometer. It is a collection of microcrystalline graphite. Graphite has high application value in industrial production and is widely used in metallurgy. Chemical, petrochemical, high-energy physics, aerospace, electronics and other fields are deeply loved. As a professional manufacturer of graphite superfine vertical roller mill grinding machine, SBM heavy machine spares no effort to continue to build high quality mill quality and after-sales service, and make greater efforts and contributions to the improvement of graphite material value. Superfine vertical grinding powder preparation field: SBM heavy machine professionally manufactured ultra-fine vertical grinding mill is a high-quality grinding equipment for deep processing of non-metallic minerals. It has high application value in the ultra-fine vertical roller mill market and is widely used in graphite. In the fields of wollastonite, limestone, calcite, etc., in the field of graphite materials application, SBM heavy machine graphite ultra-fine vertical roller mill grinding machine is scientific and reasonable in price, high-quality and high-end, and the selection scheme is more professional and personalized, which is different. The customer's on-site needs are the best choice to increase the market value of graphite materials.

How to reduce the occurrence of rust in precision casting during processing

September 17, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

In precision casting, we can use stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, etc. They can be used for Stainless steel casting. However, it is still necessary to choose from specific circumstances. But no matter which material is used, rust will inevitably occur. What can be done to reduce the occurrence of rust in processing? Corrosion or discoloration of metals or alloys in the atmosphere caused by oxygen, moisture, acid, salt and wet air is called rusting or rusting, which can turn high-strength metal surface into low-strength compounds. To this end, investment casting often needs to be treated in the medium term. Rust preventive methods usually use water agents to prevent rust or oil to rust. No matter which method is chosen to prevent rust, the casting must be washed in advance to remove the surface dirt and promote the formation of passive film. The ingredients, temperature and usage of the cleaning fluid. After the casting is washed, hot and dry compressed air is used to blow dry. Then rust treatment is carried out.

Stainless steel casting needs attention

September 11, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

1. In order to prevent whiteness in stainless steel precision casting, besides technological measures, it is necessary to make the wall thickness not too thin (some data point out that when the wall thickness is more than 15 mm, rounded corners must be used at the corner of the casting with metal mould. 2. Because of the non-yielding nature of the metal and core, in order to facilitate the removal of castings and withdrawal moulds, the casting inclination of stainless steel castings should be larger than that of sand castings, which should generally be 30%-50%. 3. The thickness of inner wall and inner rib of stainless steel castings should generally be 0.6-0.7 of the zhuguangzhi.37ix.com.cnjinyinzhi.37ix.com.cnsekazhi.37ix.com.cn tongfengg.37ix.com.cnshusongdaih.07858.netshusongdaif.07858.netthickness of the connecting outer wall. Otherwise, because the inner wall (rib) is cooled slowly, cracks are likely to occur at the junction of inner and outer wall when the castings shrink. 4. The minimum wall thickness of stainless steel casting should be larger than that of sand casting because of the fast heat dissipation of metal mould, and the minimum wall thickness of various casting alloys and different sizes of casting.

Principle application of scale graphite powder vertical mill

September 5, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

SBM heavy machine is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and manufacturing of series milling equipment. For scale graphite powder, SBM heavy machine customized graphite vertical roller mill has scientific principle, high grinding efficiency, stable operation and reliable performance. The best choice for improving the processing efficiency of flake graphite powder. Vertical mill is the mainstream equipment for environmental protection and consumption reduction advocated by the state. It is very popular in China, such as graphite, limestone, slag, gypsum and coal. The scale graphite powder belongs to the hexagonal crystal system and has a layered structure. It has good properties of high temperature resistance, electrical conductivity, heat conduction, lubrication, plasticity and acid and alkali resistance. Scale graphite powder is widely used in advanced refractory materials and coatings for the gold industry. Such as magnesia carbon bricks, enamel, etc. Military industrial firework material stabilizer, smelting industry desulfurization speed-increasing agent, pencil core of light industry, carbon brush of electric industry, electrode of battery industry, catalyst of fertilizer industry, etc. After extensive processing, the flake graphite can be used to produce graphite emulsion for lubricants, mold release agents, drawing agents, conductive coatings, and the like. As an ideal equipment for processing scale graphite powder, SBM heavy machine graphite vertical mill has high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption and stable performance. It is the preferred equipment to improve graphite processing efficiency and create greater value.

Slag vertical grinding machinery equipment manufacturer

September 4, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

As a professional manufacturer of grinding machinery, SBM is a professional grinding machine manufacturer with professional expertise in Raymond mill, Vertical Roller Mill, ultra-fine mill, superfine vertical mill, etc. Advanced equipment has the advantages of high productivity, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. It is very popular in many fields such as slag, metallurgy, cement and thermal power plants. The slag vertical grinding price and selection scheme formulated by SBM heavy machine are cost-effective and scientific. It is an effective assistant to help the slag to seek recycling and recycling of industrialized roads. 1, SBM heavy machine strength In the field of milling machinery manufacturing, SBM Heavy Machinery is a high-tech and excellent enterprise with large scale, strong strength, exquisite technology and perfect after-sales service team. The mills produced are of various varieties, complete models, excellent quality, stable performance and operation. Reliable, cost-effective, the equipment is carefully manufactured with wear-resistant materials, all performance indicators have been greatly improved, is a new powder equipment unmatched by ordinary mills, whether in product selection In the after-sales service, SBM heavy machine always carries out various activities around the customer, and helps the customer to create greater market value with dedication and professionalism. It is your preferred partner for trust. 2, slag vertical grinding price science, excellent quality Vertical mill is a grinding equipment produced by SBM heavy machine for industrial solid waste such as slag, desulfurization gypsum and fly ash. It has excellent characteristics of drying, grinding, grading and conveying. It is a large production capacity and high powder extraction rate. The high-quality equipment is an excellent equipment for efficiently solving the problems of low productivity, high energy consumption and high maintenance cost of ordinary mills. Combining the actual production needs of each customer, SBM heavy machine scientifically customizes the more professional slag stand. Grinding price and selection plan, from the customer's point of view, from the perspective of creating greater value, helping customers scientifically select and rationally allocate more excellent resources, helping each customer to achieve great achievements in their respective fields and gain greater market share. profit.