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Four major consequences of missing lubricants in mobile crushing stations

March 23, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

When the mobile crushing station is used, the role of the lubricating oil is mainly to reduce the wear, but its effect is not only the case. When the lubricating oil is missing, it will have a great impact on the equipment, mainly in four aspects: Temperature, speed, load and impact load changes, here is a detailed introduction to these four aspects. First, temperature changes One of the functions of lubricating oil for moving crushing stations is to control the temperature and prevent the high temperature deformation of its parts. Therefore, the lack of lubricating oil will cause changes in its temperature, and the characteristics of lubricating oil itself will change with temperature. It will change. Generally speaking, if the temperature is too low, it will become thicker. If the temperature is too high, it will become thinner. In this case, when the lubricant is used, it should be selected according to different temperatures. To choose a lubricant with a high consistency, if the weather is cold, a lubricant with a weak consistency is needed to ensure its effect on the mobile crushing station; Second, the speed of change For this station, the lack of lubricating oil will make the wear between the parts not relieved. If the wear is serious, it will affect the speed of its operation, and in the process of production, the faster the moving crushing station rotates, then the roller The more difficult it is to squeeze in the lubricant, which will result in poor lubrication, and the lubricant tends to agglomerate and thicken at high speeds. Therefore, low-viscosity lubricants are required for high-speed operation and high-viscosity lubricants for low speeds; Third, the load changes The use of high-viscosity lubricants in mobile crushing stations can prevent collision friction between equipment components. Low-viscosity lubricants are required if the equipment is lightly loaded, and high-viscosity lubricants are required for high loads. Fourth, the impact of changes in impact When the mobile crushing station is in use, its engine will generate a law of power. At this time, the equipment needs a thick lubricating oil containing an extrusion additive to prevent the friction caused by the oil film from rupturing; This paper mainly introduces the four major consequences of the lack of lubricating oil in the mobile crushing station, mainly the changes in temperature, speed, load and impact load, and analyzes the problem of what kind of lubricating oil to use in different situations. It is said that the lubricating oil plays a great role, so the choice must be in accordance with the production requirements.

Raymond mill operation and adjustment

March 22, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

SBM Raymond Machine Factory has focused on Raymond Mill for more than 20 years and summed up a series of experiences. After Raymond Mill has been operated and adjusted, the work efficiency has increased dramatically. Below we will share the method with SBM: Raymond mills generally do not adjust during normal work. Raymond mills that have just started work, or Raymond mills that have just been repaired need to be adjusted. When adjusting the Raymond mill, find out the control details of the wind main delivery system. The work should adjust the rotation speed of the rotary vane analyzer according to the requirements of the powder. In order to ensure the stability of the particle size of the Raymond mill and ensure the work efficiency of the Raymond mill, it should always keep enough raw materials in the mainframe. The feeder feeds evenly. When the Raymond mill needs to stop, first stop the work of the feeder and close the rack insert. After the raw materials left by the main machine are ground and blown, the main machine work is stopped, the blower is stopped, the blower is stopped, and the bag is dusted. Device. The Raymond Mill checks the tightening of the connecting screws of the main unit before starting. The connecting bolts in the grinding roller device must not be loosened to prevent the Raymond mill from causing accidents during work. Check the connection between the blade and the blade holder. Check the transmission parts of each auxiliary machine, the connection screws, the lubrication parts of each lubrication part, and the feeder starts to automatically feed the inside of the main machine. After the above preparatory work is completed, the speed governor and the analysis machine are first started. After the governor is operating normally, the required Raymond mill granularity is adjusted, and the degree of the dial pointer is determined according to the degree of the dial pointer, and the small blower is started and the dust remover is not installed. Start the blower, start the main machine, start the feeder, and adjust the appropriate amount of feed. At this point, the Raymond mill starts working normally.

Tips and strategies for purchasing overpressure trapezium mill equipment

March 21, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

The overpressure type mill is a kind of trapezium mill. Firstly, the stone material is mixed by the screw equipment in the equipment, and then the soil in the stone guess is mixed with water and discharged from the flow port on the equipment. The stone material is gradually selected by the action of the screw device, and is discharged from the discharge port at the top, and then the cleaning and picking action of the sand stone material is realized. If you want to purchase a more excellent over-pressure trapezium mill equipment, then you have to carefully purchase, but because we are not very familiar with these equipment, so introduce some about the purchase of overpressure ladder type A small method of grinding machine, under the premise of ensuring quality and output value, select equipment with lower cost. First, when purchasing the overpressure trapezium mill, it is more common to question the customers from the aspects of the multi-step trapezium mill. For example, the functions and features of the overpressure trapezium mill equipment, Quality, quotation, after-sales service, etc. are questions. However, many customers in the purchase of overpressure MTM trapezium mill products, many customers do not know what to ask when they face the manufacturers, care for some embarrassment, wait until the time is missed, only to think of a lot of questions have not asked, Regarding this situation, it is recommended that customers write it on this book. Although it is a bit earthy, it is good for you. Second, how to grasp the quotation of overpressure trapezium mill equipment? About this question, we have to shop around, in dealing with a plan, it is more than just the quality of the three products, but also the price. Liancai is our ideal dizziness. Third, the higher the price of the overpressure trapezium mill is to judge the quality of the sand washing machine. This is an unwise move, and it is the location of most customers. Fourth, on how to determine the function of the overpressure trapezium mill, this situation should be determined according to the output value of the crop. We need to analyze the specific conditions to select a suitable stone washing equipment. It is not always possible to listen to their sales staff saying that such a good customer chooses the type, and the customer needs to have the backbone. Fifth, on how to determine the quality of the trapezium mill, the first thing we have to do is to shop around, the second is to listen to word of mouth, and ultimately to see their after-sales service.

Four tips for cement vertical roller mill maintenance

March 20, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

First of all, production maintenance mainly refers to the elimination of production planning problems, the production can not keep up, the finished products are not up to standard, etc. There are two possible failure factors: one is the performance of the equipment itself, the other is the level of the operator, the general test machine does not There are quality problems, and the factors affecting the quality of the grinding equipment in the later stage are much smaller, which may not be caused by the operator. For example, the uniform feeding cannot be controlled, the order of starting and shutting down is incorrect, and the opening status of each valve is incorrect. For example, the lock of the locker is not Jiahui will produce less or no powder, and the yield will be low. The uneven feeding will affect the uniformity of the finished product and the problem of blockage has occurred. Second, predictive maintenance, similar to preventive maintenance, but there are essential differences, prevention is all possible problems, but the substance does not necessarily occur, and the prediction has already occurred, has been predicted to varying degrees, but has not yet Causes serious consequences. Predictively, according to the information provided by the state monitoring and diagnostic technology, necessary and appropriate maintenance can be carried out before the failure occurs. Most skilled operators can find potential faults in advance through sound and finished product status, so as to prevent and control early. Third, preventive maintenance, develop detailed plans for the operation of vertical roller mill, including production volume, schedule, professional maintenance department, etc. Reasonable work arrangements and preventive measures can extend the service life of equipment and accessories and improve production efficiency. The following points: 1. Develop a reasonable production plan to avoid overworked equipment. 2. Set up a special maintenance department to check regularly and find out that the abnormal quality of finished products and production efficiency are eliminated in time. 3. Lubricate or replace the minor or severe wear parts of the vertical roller mill. Fourth, fault repair refers to the unplanned maintenance taken when the cement vertical roller mill fails or the performance is degraded. It is more specific to the fault phenomenon. For example, the powder collector does not produce powder, the bearing is locked, and the Dust abnormalities in the material port, etc., such common faults. The Shibang Industrial Technology Group mine has introduced the detailed technical description of the milling equipment. In addition, the fault problem cannot be handled at will. Look for the technician or check and eliminate it under the knowledge of the technician. The entire process of failure should be carried out under power-off conditions to avoid other accidents.

How to maintain crusher accessories to maximize their service life

March 19, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

Buying a good crusher equipment is not only about paying attention to the price of the Crusher Machine at the time of purchase, but also the daily maintenance work after purchase, which is also the key to greatly improving the service life of the equipment. During the daily operation of the equipment, good operating habits and maintenance work after operation can maximize the service life of the crusher parts. Let me explain to you the daily maintenance of the crusher accessories! First, when crushing materials, it is necessary to select suitable materials for crushing according to the performance of the crusher. If the texture of the broken material is too soft or too hard, it will cause wear and tear on the accessories of the crusher. Especially in the gravel production line, the materials to be broken are more complicated, so it is more important to pay attention to this problem. When selecting the crusher accessories, It depends on the characteristics of the material in detail. 2. Before the material is broken, the material should be simply sieved to prevent the content of fine powder in the material to be crushed from being too high. Because if there are too many fine powders in the material, the conveying speed will be affected during the crushing process, because the fine powder will adhere to the conveyor belt, which will lead to the feed and discharge speed of the material and reduce the production efficiency, so before the broken material Simple screening is possible. Third, if you encounter the difference in viscosity, humidity, temperature, etc. of the material to be crushed, then you need to choose different crusher equipment according to the specific situation. In the ore dressing equipment, different Crusher Machine models are developed for different material characteristics. Therefore, depending on the water content of the material, the temperature difference of the materials, and the viscosity of the materials, different crusher types can effectively reduce the accessories. The degree of wear is also the key to improving the service life of the equipment. Fourth, when choosing crusher equipment, you can't just look at the performance, appearance, price, etc. of the whole machine. The most important thing is to look at the quality of each accessory. When choosing a good crusher, it is necessary to select high-quality, high-wearing accessories, in order to maximize the use of the crusher. 5. After the material is broken, the particle size of the finished product will also affect the service life of the crusher. The finer the particle size required for the crushing of the material, the greater the wear on the crusher fitting, because the finer the particle size, the more friction between the material and the fitting, so the wear is greater, which also affects the crusher. The key to life!

Raymond mills should be checked frequently

March 18, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

When the grinding roller device of Trapezium Mill is used for more than 500 hours to replace the grinding roller, the rolling bearings in the roller sleeve must be cleaned, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time. The fueling tool can be manually pumped. During the use of Raymond mill, fixed personnel should be responsible for the inspection. The operators of Raymond mill must have a certain level of technology. The Raymond mill must perform the necessary technical training for the operator before installation to understand the principle performance of the Raymond mill and familiarize with the operating procedures. After using the Raymond mill for a period of time, it should be repaired. At the same time, repair and replace the wearing parts such as the grinding roller and the blade of the Raymond mill. The grinding roller device should carefully check the connecting bolt nut before and after use to see if there is looseness and whether the lubricating grease is sufficient. In order to make the Raymond mill work properly, the equipment “safe operation system for equipment maintenance” should be established to ensure the long-term safe operation of the Raymond mill, and necessary maintenance tools as well as grease and corresponding accessories.

How much does it cost to invest in a construction waste crushing station?

March 15, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

Construction waste refers to the muck, spoil, waste, sludge and other waste generated during the construction, laying or demolishing and repairing of various buildings, structures and pipe networks by construction, construction units or individuals. With the rapid development of the city, various house demolition generates a large amount of construction waste. The amount of construction waste in China has accounted for 30%-40% of the total amount of urban waste, which has a great impact on the urban environment. Currently, for construction waste. The common treatment is the mobile crushing station, which can turn construction waste into waste. So how much does it cost to invest in a Construction Waste Crusher? It can be considered from the following aspects. 1, configure the device type The construction waste crushing treatment station is a novel crushing and screening equipment specialized in recycling and recycling of construction waste. It integrates vibrating screen, feeder, belt conveyor, first-class, second-class and third-stage crushers. . At the same time, there are different types of construction waste, and the nature is also very different, so only the right crusher can be used to achieve better crushing effect. The jaw crusher mainly breaks the construction waste with high hardness and does not cause “waste” of energy consumption. The cone crusher is mainly used for the second stage crushing. It is suitable for medium, coarse and fine crushing of construction waste. The impact crusher is suitable for two. Segments and three sections are broken. So how much investment a Construction Waste Crusher needs is largely determined by the price of the equipment. 2, production scale When selecting the configuration equipment, the size of the production scale should also be considered. Under the conditions of clear daily production and daily operation requirements, it can be determined which crushing equipment is required. The specifications are different and the prices are different. 3. Fluctuations in market prices Construction waste crushing stations, like any product, fluctuate as market prices change. After determining the production scale, production requirements and other conditions, please pay attention to the specific investment issues of the construction waste crushing treatment station, our technical staff will design the configuration plan for you free of charge, and choose the appropriate equipment.

Raymond mill needs attention

March 14, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

Industrial milling is inseparable from the deep processing of Raymond mills, especially in the field of fine powder processing. The following SBM Raymond Machine Factory summarizes some common sense and hopes to help everyone. In the case of high moisture, in the ultra-fine grinding production line, plus the dryer is connected by using a screw conveyor, there is also a special material or a special device to be mechanically produced. In the operation of Raymond mill, the following aspects should be noted: the concentration of raw materials of Raymond mill should be suitable, and the adjustment of water volume should be paid attention to in actual operation. In the country, the mine industry will support the mine industry. It shows a high-speed growth trend; when closed-circuit grinding, there should be a proper cyclic load. Within a certain range, the productivity of Raymond mill increases with the increase of sand return ratio. Under the condition of large sand return ratio, the fluctuation of classification efficiency has little effect on the productivity of the mill. Therefore, it is advantageous to appropriately increase the sand return ratio. Usually, the amount of sand returned by the rod mill is smaller than that of the ball mill because the gap in the unit volume of the rod mill is small. The speed of the Raymond mill should be controlled appropriately. When the rotational speed is slightly higher, higher productivity can be obtained. However, since the relative motion is intensified and the grinding medium has a large energy, it is easy to over-crush the material. Ultra-fine grinding involves a wide range of industries, and the frequency of use in various industries is also very high, such as mining machinery industry, chemical metallurgy industry and industrial milling industry.

Analysis of Mine Machinery Raymond Milling Materials

March 13, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

From the beginning of the Raymond mill, to the later high-pressure suspension roller mill, high-pressure micro-powder mill to ultra-fine powder mill, the material of the grinding roller and the grinding ring has been innovated, wear-resistant materials. Never leave the eyes of the R&D staff. For the customer, the key part of the Raymond mill equipment is the grinding roller grinding ring. The following is a brief introduction to the categories and applications of the lower manganese steel materials. High manganese steel is widely used in the manufacture of wear-resistant castings under impact and wear conditions, such as grinding rolls and grinding rings of mills, ball mill liners, crusher plates, rolling walls, crusher hammers, excavator shovel Teeth and so on. Due to different working conditions, high manganese steel is subjected to different impact and wear strengths. In many cases, traditional high manganese steels often fail to fully exert their impact and antiwear properties. The sub-high manganese steel adds a small amount of alloying elements while greatly reducing the manganese content, and appropriately adjusts the heat treatment process, thereby reducing the raw material cost by about 100 yuan, and the wear resistance is superior to ordinary high manganese steel. This material is suitable for the manufacture of wear resistant castings under high impact abrasive wear conditions. The use of this material instead of ordinary high manganese steel can bring direct economic benefits to the company by improving quality and reducing costs. High-carbon high-manganese steel makes the wear resistance of the material under the condition that the carbon content is appropriately increased and the heat treatment process is reasonably adjusted, and the cost is constant (because the high carbon ferromanganese can be used instead of the low carbon ferromanganese structure, and the cost is even slightly decreased) The performance has been greatly improved. This material is mainly suitable for wear-resistant castings of Raymond mill (such as ball mills) under medium and low impact abrasive wear conditions. Since this material has better wear resistance than ordinary high manganese steel, this material can improve the market competitiveness of the product. Microalloyed high-manganese steel greatly improves the structure and comprehensive properties of the material by rational use of trace alloying elements, and is suitable for the manufacture of wear-resistant castings under various harsh working conditions and strong impact conditions. Although the cost of this material is slightly higher than that of ordinary high-manganese steel (about 200 yuan per ton of material cost), it has a high performance-price ratio, so it is very popular in some occasions where ordinary high manganese steel is difficult to meet the requirements. Have a certain market competitiveness. As we all know, the classification of manganese steel is determined by the content of manganese. To know that the content of manganese is slightly different, the role of the steel used in mechanical equipment will be very different, so SBM Heavy Industry Raymond mill experts remind users to pay attention to When purchasing equipment such as Raymond mill, be sure to see the materials used in machinery and equipment. Do not blindly enter some manufacturers at low prices to avoid unnecessary losses.

What are the main reasons for choosing a quality Raymond mill?

March 12, 2019 by xiaoxuanxuan  

With the continuous development of the market economy, there are more and more manufacturers of mills. Although there are more and more manufacturers, everyone pays more and more attention to the quality of the mill. Shanghai SBM Raymond mill factory direct sales, we know that the selection of Raymond mill is very important, after all, Raymond mill models vary in size, manufacturers are also many, but this is not very important, it is important that we can choose from It is important to have a machine that suits our production needs. Generally, the choice of high-quality Raymond mills mainly comes from the choice of manufacturers. A good manufacturer needs more excellent factors. In order to better choose high-quality Raymond mills, we should pay attention to when purchasing equipment. What are you? Raymond mill is the main grinding equipment for milling production and processing. This equipment is indispensable for high efficiency and energy saving. In addition, Raymond mill has attracted a series of advantages such as reasonable structural design, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving. Many customers. To choose a quality Raymond mill, you need to pay attention to the following points: 1. Choose a regular Raymond mill manufacturer. First of all, we must choose a professional, large-scale Raymond mill manufacturer, because the professional Raymond mill manufacturers have a certain guarantee of after-sales service, and often those small-scale manufacturers in the process of making Raymond mill, use If the raw materials are unqualified, it will invest heavily in maintenance; some manufacturers tempted consumers with low prices, and all of them are full of traps, so we have to remember the principle of one point of price. 2. Investigate the production strength of grinding mill machine. Advance to the manufacturer of Raymond mill to conduct on-the-spot investigation, we must look at the strength of the manufacturer, strength is one of the factors for the inspection of the manufacturer, but also an evaluation of the credibility of the manufacturer, a strong production Manufacturers, higher credibility, is a better guarantee for users to buy equipment. 3, Raymond mill manufacturers of technology and after-sales. Whether the technical design is reasonable, directly affects the performance of the equipment, and the reasonable design makes the equipment run more smoothly and can create more profits. And to understand the quality of the equipment, as well as the after-sales service content that can be provided to the Raymond mill in the later period. Wanting high-quality Raymond mill equipment is a prerequisite for efficient production. Shanghai SBM is a professional manufacturer of Raymond mills. It has a large production workshop. The quality requirements for milling equipment are very strict, and the price is very reasonable. It can be said that it is the ideal milling equipment for users.