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How to carry out pre-treatment of suspended assembly floor?

April 29, 2019 by by56014904  

The ground grinding machine with more than 1000 watts is equipped with a suitable grinding disc to completely polish the floor to remove paint, glue and other residues, raised and loose plots, and empty plots must also be removed. I hope that these methods of SC-ZSfloor Sports Flooring Factory can help you. If you have other questions, please call us, we will serve you wholeheartedly! For the cracks on the customized synthesis indoor tennis court tiles of the suspended assembled floor, the stainless steel ribs and the surface of the polyurethane waterproof adhesive are used to repair the cracks. Vacuum the floor with an industrial vacuum cleaner of not less than 2000 watts. What is the characteristics of hollow plastic flooring and used as floor materials Recently, many people have consulted SC-ZSfloor online, and what kind of floor material is the hollow plastic floor that is often seen outside. In fact, this is the detachable futsal sport floor tiles. Suspended flooring has developed rapidly in China in recent years. Many outdoor kindergartens and indoor and outdoor sports venues are being laid. Many friends have seen such ground materials or have seen the venues where kindergartens are laid but do not know the name of the products. A plastic floor designed for hollowing out. Insiders call the suspended floor. The following SC-ZSfloor sports ground material and the analysis of the hollow plastic floor are also commonly known as the characteristics of the suspended floor: The suspended assembled floor adopts the surface hollow design, the bottom suspension support structure, and the locking connection is assembled. The raw material for the production is modified PP polypropylene plastic raw material. The product has the characteristics of green environmental protection and non-toxicity, and the color is rich and diverse, and the design pattern style can be customized. It takes a long time to use. The surface is hollowed out so that the floor does not accumulate water after the rain and does not accumulate dust. Easy to clean and maintain clean. With good mobility, it can be assembled and disassembled multiple times. The hollow detachable indoor sport surface has a wide range of uses and unique drainage design; it is very convenient to assemble and disassemble. Indoor/outdoor use, mostly for indoor and outdoor sports, basketball, volleyball, tennis, five-a-side football, badminton, table tennis, gymnasium, kindergarten, park, school and other multi-purpose training venues, but also good anti-slip, Withstand pressure and shock absorption. Finally, SC-ZSfloor sports ground material small series to say: Thank you for reading. Kindergarten's hollow plastic floor is a kind of ground material to share this. I hope that the small series of articles can bring you some different knowledge points. If you like, you can like it below. Is forwarding a kind of like this article? If you like, you can pay attention to Xiaobian, and welcome everyone to comment on the area.

Self-leveling treatment determines the success or failure of sports floor construction

April 25, 2019 by by56014904  

Self-leveling of sports flooring is necessary, but for various reasons, this problem is often overlooked by the owner, the general contractor or even the construction personnel. Some owners and general contractors are unwilling to carry out self-leveling construction in order to reduce the cost of prefabricated interlocking running track construction. They think that they only need to level the ground and will not affect the laying and effect of the sports floor. In fact, it is not the case that the worker can manually level the ground to achieve a flatness of 2mm. However, due to the manual leveling, the hand will lightly leave a slight unevenness on the ground. Although the ground is polished, it is tested to meet the laying requirements. However, after the sports floor is laid, there are still uneven bumps, especially the feeling that the light is not flat is even more powerful. This is mainly because the reflective effect of the sports floor amplifies the unevenness of the ground. So be sure to do self-leveling. For sports floor coverings that do not self-level, the SC-ZSfloor floor reminder is not a maintenance commitment. For the self-leveling process, it is also the focus of the work of the small floor service personnel. The basic requirements are as follows: Perform interface processing before leveling. 2. Self-leveling treatment is strictly carried out according to the ratio of self-leveling cement. Never save materials. 3, self-leveling must wait for whitening, only after drying. After the dust is removed, the adhesive is applied to the procurement futsal court. The role of self-leveling cement is not simply the foundation leveling. In addition to the foundation leveling, it can also produce a foundation that is smooth and absorbent; it can be used for leveling and denaturation of non-absorbent foundations such as ceramic tiles and stone floors before construction; 10mm, excellent fluidity, superior strength and environmental performance. Therefore, there must be strict construction process requirements for self-leveling construction. Never underestimate or sloppy construction. The requirements for self-leveling construction are not negligible. Self-leveling is not a panacea. It is impossible to lay a sports floor without self-leveling construction. The self-leveling construction process must be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions on the packaging bag. Although the self-leveling and different types of self-leveling construction of different brands are similar, the speed of the vessels used, the mixer, the mixing method, the amount of water added, and the used Interfacial agent requirements are different, you must not be the same, take it for granted. The construction unit shall also establish strict construction process standards and specifications for the self-leveling construction and strictly supervise and inspect. The formulation shall cover the various steps, each link and each detail of the self-leveling construction, and formulate different construction plans according to different foundations. And processing steps and methods. When it comes to the quality of construction, self-leveling construction accounts for 70% of the construction of sports flooring. If the self-leveling construction is done well, the purchase prefabricated interlocking running track construction will naturally be good.

Anti-slip effect of plastic floor material floor

April 24, 2019 by by56014904  

Many people know that the suspended floor is environmentally friendly when it is paved with prefabricated interlocking running track materials. It is mainly used in outdoor sports fields or kindergartens, but they are worried about the slippery floor sliding and not slipping. Why is there such a problem? In the traditional ground material, it is not a hollow suspension design, the surface area of ​​the water is oily, it will become slippery when wet or in contact with water, so this will arise. Today's SC-ZSfloor sports flooring material just saw an online report saying that the suspended floor is not slippery. So on this issue, SC-ZSfloor is used as a manufacturer to analyze how the suspended floor solves the problem of slipping: First of all, let's talk about the ground material of the procurement futsal court. The floor itself is very scratch-resistant and slip-resistant. First of all, we will first analyze it from the material. The floating floor material raw material (PP) is filled with average, no small holes. There is no cracking, peeling, foaming, delamination, unevenness of the thickness of the opposite side of the floor, and the ribs are well-proportioned. Because the material of the suspended floor is PP material, it is not pure plastic material, and some additives are added. The surface is textured and hollowed out, so its anti-slip performance itself is much better than other ground materials. Generally speaking, the suspended floor is not slippery. The suspended assembled floor uses a large touch system to reduce the risk of slipping. It will not slip during rainy days and will become sloppy when exposed to water. The surface texture of the suspended floor is diversified. Whether it is a large rice or a rice type, a rhomboid, a square or other styles, there will be very rough patterns, which can provide a good anti-slip effect. So for the problem of non-slip, in the cold season, snow can not be covered on the purchase prefabricated interlocking running track for a long time, and should be cleaned up after snowing. Any ground material covered with a layer of snow, a layer of frost, will be very slippery. You can try the following two methods: 1, salt or drag with a mop and salt water to promote rapid melting (currently used in too many cities) 2, covered with grass cover, so that the heat absorbed slowly dissolves. So it is the right way to clean up the snow on the floor in time. So we can't use extreme examples to describe these problems, but we can only use common methods to describe some of the problems we have, so on the whole, the suspended floor is still very slippery, from materials, Design to work can achieve this.

Three misunderstandings about the floating assembly sports floor

April 18, 2019 by by56014904  

Suspension sports assembled flooring has been popular in the 3x3 multi-use basketball court flooring market for decades due to its unique suspension structure design, comfortable sports touch, and high cost performance. It is recognized by more and more consumers. However, while this kind of sports flooring produced from PP polypropylene raw materials is widely used, there are a small number of consumers who are still trapped in the blind zone of misunderstanding of suspended assembly floor, which even affects the maximum performance of its performance. The consumer sports life in the misunderstanding also brings a lot of inconvenience! Today sc-zsfloor sports ground material for you to correct three misunderstandings of many people on the suspended floor! Misunderstanding 1: Flame retardant is not burning We know that suspended commercial interlocking volleyball court flooring is generally flame retardant. However, some users use the lighter to point the PP floor directly for the so-called "verify the floor is good or bad", to see if it can be burned, it is not fireproof, it does not burn. It is flame retardant. In fact, the national requirements for the fire level of PP floor to meet the B1 level, according to the national standard non-combustible materials designated as fire A grade, such as stone, tile and so on. The technology of the B1 flame retardant standard contains a cotton ball with a diameter of 10mm. The alcohol is placed on the PP floor and burned naturally. After the cotton ball is burned out, the diameter of the burnt PP floor mark is measured, such as less than 50mm. Is the B1 flame retardant standard. Instead of watching it burn, you can't burn it. 2, misunderstanding 2: wear-resistant is to use the sharps will not scratch Some users ask about the service life and wear resistance of the suspended sports floor, and take out sharp tools such as knives or keys, and scratch the surface of the floor. If there are scratches, it is considered not to be wear-resistant. In fact, the country's PP floor wear resistance test is not simply using a sharp tool on the surface. It is a flat-bottomed sanding disc. The test floor is sanded under the condition of 1Kg of pressure. After the rotation and grinding, the floor surface is wear-resistant. The layer is worn to expose the number of revolutions of the substrate. The number of revolutions of this node is an indicator of the wear resistance of the suspended floor. For example, the number of composite floor turns is 1500 rpm. Therefore, the wear resistance of the suspended floor is determined by the national testing agency. 3, Misunderstanding 3: smelling with the nose is not environmentally friendly More specifically, it should be that a suspended floor with a strong pungent odor is not environmentally friendly. The material used in the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track is free of formaldehyde. It is also not allowed to use or add formaldehyde in the production process. The qualified suspended plastic floor should be 100% formaldehyde free, and there may be fragrances and additives. The smell will not cause harm to people's bodies, nor will it make people feel uncomfortable. At present, some companies or manufacturers of sports flooring are produced by glue bonding. Because the glue contains formaldehyde, such a floor has a pungent smell, which will affect people's health. Therefore, it is also important to choose high quality qualified glue.

Seven major issues in the decoration of the kindergarten

April 12, 2019 by by56014904  

Kindergarten decoration as a children's teacher's public space is very different from our regular home decoration. Kindergarten decoration should not only take care of the children's daily living course arrangement, but also pay attention to the environmental protection performance of the decoration materials. Only when they fully understand the kindergarten's work and rest can they According to the actual situation, the kindergarten decoration should be carried out according to local conditions. If you want to know some relevant information about kindergarten decoration, then the small series of detachable grid unity sport flooring factory also collected a lot of relevant information, let everyone know about the kindergarten during the renovation process. Some precautions, how to choose a kindergarten decoration company will also be mentioned in the text, let's take a look. First, kindergarten decoration matters needing attention 1. For the dressing of the park ground, try to avoid the use of carpets, mainly because it is very easy to absorb the mites in the dust, which is very unfavorable for the health of the body and mind. In addition, it is not suitable to lay foam puzzles. These products contain a large amount of formaldehyde and benzene. PVC plastic floor materials can be used. Non-slip, environmentally friendly, durable, non-toxic, elastic and anti-fall. 2. The outdoor activity venues and playgrounds outside the park can be assembled with detachable multi-use basketball court mat. The colors are varied and the styles are varied. The colors are gorgeous and can be customized according to the decoration style of the park. After the rain, it does not stop water, shock absorption and non-slip, safe and environmentally friendly, and has a long service life. 3. It is well known that most of today's paints contain lead, and the suspension of lead dust is usually within 0.8m from the ground, and this is exactly the height of the child. If children inhale such harmful substances, it will seriously affect them. Physical and mental health, so when decorating, we must strictly control the quality of materials and enhance ventilation. 4, in order to use more assured, after the dressing is completed, it is best to use the test instrument to predict the concentration of harmful substances in the environment, and reserve a certain amount of floating space, because even after the test is up to standard, after the teaching aids are placed, Will release some harmful substances. 5, when choosing the paint in the park, try to use water-based, although the price will be higher, but it is more reliable, and the color should not be too bright, the more vivid the heavy metal content, the easier after contact with the child Lead to lead and mercury poisoning. 6. When choosing teaching aids, try to use solid wood material. At the same time, the paint in the teaching aid is preferably water-based. In addition, you must check whether there is an environmental testing report. 7, the playground play area can use artificial turf, anti-UV. Durable. Free of manual maintenance. Second, how to choose kindergarten decoration design company 1. When selecting, remember not to believe the content on the advertising paper easily, because these are created by professional planners and teams, so all kinds of publicity advertisements should be treated sensibly so that you can carefully choose the one that suits you. Decoration company. 2, in the selection must be selected professional and reliable enterprises, as well as some successful cases in the past, in order to obtain satisfactory service, so that the entire kindergarten decoration presents the best decorative effect. Conclusion: The kindergarten decoration process is not so complicated. Understanding the relevant processes and precautions will make the whole process more convenient. After reading these materials, I believe that you have a better understanding of kindergarten decoration and how to choose detachable outdoor soft elastic flooring company. , sc-zsfloo company specializes in the production of kindergarten floor, kindergarten plastic assembled floor, to protect the children's sports health.

Basketball court suspension assembling plastic floor installation construction process

April 11, 2019 by by56014904  

1. Construction basis: Simply level the base cement without obvious pits and drums; no waterproof treatment is required. If it is a very obvious pit or drum, it must be disposed of before construction. Easy to install and disassemble, no glue is needed. It can be directly placed on a flat cement or asphalt floor, and the detachable elastic knight sport flooring is assembled with a snap-on connection and fastened with a rubber hammer. 2. Graphic line: The site is lined with a special paint for the polypropylene top layer and does not fall off. The protruding part of the circular area can be painted with the same color as the main body with a special paint of the same color. Third, the edge of the edge: Edge strips can be provided according to the site area and construction plan. It can solve a gap between the floor and the ground, and play a role of transition and beauty. Four. Installation time: Usually four people can complete a standard basketball court pavement in less than eight hours, which is quick to install and easy to maintain. During the installation, the floor joints are connected by male buckles. In order to make the adjacent two floor blocks tightly fit after installation, the rubber seams can be used to knock the floor joints without any glue and any nails. The suspended assembled floor is usually not four people. The pavement can be paved or lifted in three hours. Usually, the outdoor maintenance area can be washed only with water, and the mop is cleaned indoors, and the maintenance cost is low. 5. Sports performance: The performance is very close to the floor for sports events. Excellent sports performance: the rebound rate of the ball is as high as 95%. 6. Anti-skid design: The double-layered rice character is anti-slip stripe, non-slip and can transmit strong movement power as desired, preventing sports injuries such as sprains and bruises. The latest wear-resistant design makes the soles tightly close to the ground, non-slip and can transmit strong sports power as desired. Seven. Color selection: The surface of the suspended assembled floor is matt-treated, which is consistent with the brightness of the light. It does not absorb light and reflects glare, which can better protect the eyes and not cause fatigue. Eight. About basketball stand: The basketball stand area is reserved, and the basketball stand is placed on the ground, which does not affect the paving and construction of the assembled floor. Nine. Thermal expansion and contraction: The thermal expansion and contraction coefficient of the assembled floor is 2‰-3‰. The expansion and contraction value does not cause the outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking and the ground to vacate in the up and down direction; in the left and right direction, the seams of the two assembled floors are not tight. Close together, but there is a certain gap, which ensures the expansion and contraction of every two assembled floors; plus the expansion and contraction area reserved around the site, enough to ensure the use of the entire site. X. Foundation issues: There are hundreds of support points at the bottom of each sports assembly floor. The grip fit is good. On the one hand, it has a good shock absorption and cushioning effect. On the other hand, the movement power is evenly dispersed in all directions. In this way, if there are occasional small pits on the site, no matter where the pit is, it will not affect the balanced load of the assembled floor.

What is the difference between suspended assembled floor and wooden floor?

April 10, 2019 by by56014904  

The suspension assembled sports floor is the detachable elastic knight sport flooring on the market. It is a very advanced and innovative sports ground paving material. Like the wooden floor, it is very popular among people in various sports fields and home decoration. Since it is the floor that the public likes, there will be some confusion in the selection. What are the advantages of the suspended assembly sports floor and the wooden floor? Let's explain it in detail. 1. Insect prevention: sc-zsfloor suspension assembling floor is mainly made of modified PP (polypropylene) as raw material. The material is imported from abroad without any pest control. The wooden floor has higher requirements for pest control, such as no pest control or pest control. If it is not done well, the mites can easily destroy the internal structure of the wood flooring itself. 2. Maintenance: sc-zsfloor suspension assembling special materials and construction of the floor, the longest time, maximum acceptance of sports and load, and will not affect the sports performance and maintenance function; the wooden floor needs to be restored and maintained after a period of use, otherwise it will Affects its internal physical structure and produces deformation. 3. Moisture-proof requirements: sc-zsfloor suspension assembling sports floor does not require any moisture-proof measures; wooden floor is also very high in moisture-proof requirements, and the moisture-proof process is complicated. If it is not done with moisture-proof treatment or moisture-proof treatment, the wooden floor will be produced after the tide. Deformation, leading to walking and so on. 4. Environmental protection: suspension assembled sports floor colorless and odorless, low noise (noise reduction coefficient ASTM C 423 5-10%); wood flooring in the process of processing additives, equipment in the process of adhesives, floor paint, etc.! These will have different degrees of gas volatilization, and there are harmful volatile substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. 5. Construction: The construction technology of suspended assembled floor is mature and simple, and the construction time is short. A standard basketball court can be completed within 4 days. The wooden floor construction process is complex, requiring protection measures such as moisture, insect and fire prevention, and partial wooden floor. The need to build the keel is time consuming and labor intensive. 6. Cost Maintenance: The outdoor soft elastic flooring for kindergarten interlocking is a one-time investment, and no investment is required after the use. The price of a good imported wooden floor is higher than that of the assembled floor. In the later stage, it is also necessary to clean, polish, wax, etc., and if necessary, redo the "three defenses", and the investment is relatively large.

Eight problem solving methods for sports flooring

April 9, 2019 by by56014904  

First, when paving the sports floor, any one of the telescopic gaps is less than 1 cm, especially when the door edges and corners and the hidden parts are paved, the expansion gap or the sawing board is roughly estimated, so that any part of the floor is in contact with the fixture. As long as any part of the removable interlock synthesis elastic double tier sport flooring is in contact with the fixture, the force and reaction force will occur, and the part or all of the arch will be lifted. In severe cases, the joint will be cracked or warped. Second, the cement floor is less than three months old, or three months after completion, but the doors and windows of the room are closed, airtight, non-ventilating, and excessively humid. In this case, the time for the sports floor will be slightly longer. Arching or seam cracking and warping. Third, before the commercial prefabricated interlocking running track, although the geothermal heating room has already done the heating experiment, because the geothermal construction unit did not reach the highest temperature in order to cope with early work or save money, there is no continuous observation of the temperature change, and the local surface has a temperature and then stops. Experiments, in this way, a large amount of moisture and warm air did not come out. After the local board was paved, once the heat was supplied again, the tide and moisture that could not be emitted increased sharply. Or even if a complete experiment is done, the geothermal temperature does not increase gradually after paving, but is raised once in place, so that the moisture, moisture, and hot air generated by the excessively rapid increase to the extreme temperature cause the floor to erect or crack. Bubbling phenomenon. Fourth, after the sports floor pavement, it does not enter the room for several months. When the doors and windows are closed for a long time, the indoor air does not flow and the humidity is not enough. Especially in the winter and summer seasons, the "squeaky board" in this environment is prone to arching and cracking. Fifth, the user did not maintain the floor according to the paving instructions and the “warranty card”. In particular, when cleaning the floor, the floor joints were poured into the water or the seams were often wetted, resulting in joint cracking and corner lifting. Sixth, in the sports floor paving, the paving workers in order to grab the time to grab the time, or simply rely on the experience to not carefully follow the "Pavement Manual" operation, the following illegal pavement phenomenon: A. The size of the head stitching is a beat paving; B. When the tapping is too hard or the position of the mat is improper, there is damage to the lock and it is not found; C. The installation is too strong, so that the seam is too tight, there is a slight arching; D. repeated repeated beats, Destroyed the lock seam; 5. Knocked weak, no fastening seams. Seventh, when the indoor tennis court interlocking mat is paved, the individual floor locks are not standardized (too loose) or tight, the locks are broken, and they are not picked out, but are mixed well and cause problems. Eighth, winter paving, due to the increase in water absorption rate of the floor and the “hibernation” of the sports floor, there is no need to place the floor in the user's room for more than 12 hours for temperature adaptation and “freezing and waking up”, so after the floor is laid for a while, cause problems. When paving, the floor mat is not staggered, especially if the mat seam is completely sealed with a dry tape, so that the moisture is pulled out from one place. In this case, the seam is not cracked, or is bubbling or slanting. . This is the most common and most common cause.

Comparison of sports flooring and other materials flooring

April 8, 2019 by by56014904  

I. Comparison of sports flooring and carpet 1. More durable, the service life is more than 5 times that of the carpet. The indoor tennis court interlocking mat of the factory has a service life of more than 15 years. 2. Cleaning and maintenance is easier and maintenance costs are lower. 3. The ground resistance is small, which is convenient for running with a wheeled cart. 4. Better flame retardancy, no toxic gases are produced when burning. 5. Pattern combination, rich color matching, larger design space, patterns and patterns under the transparent wear layer, will not be damaged. 6. The application range is widely applicable to public places, entertainment places and home places. 2. Comparison of removable interlock synthesis elastic double tier sport flooring and stone 7. The construction is simpler, the construction period is shorter, and the processing cost is lower than the stone. 8. Better interchangeability, color difference, pattern, and stability in muscle than stone. 9. The color is more selective, rich in color and more decorative. 10. Good elasticity, comfortable feet, can give a warm feeling. 11. Light weight: The weight is 1/20-1/30 of the same area stone weight, especially suitable for high-rise or old house reconstruction. 12. Low noise: the noise is lower than the stone. 13. Anti-slip, anti-condensation: safer to walk. 14. Variety and series: such as commercial flooring, household flooring, sports flooring, anti-static flooring, etc. Comparison of commercial prefabricated interlocking running track and wood flooring 15. Fire resistance is better, the flame does not spread, and the cigarette head is burnt. 16. Surface hardness and scratch resistance are higher than wood. 17. Not easy to deform, good dimensional stability. 18. Decorative effect, pattern design, pattern selection is better than wooden floor. 19. Better processing performance: heat-weld treatment, making seams completely waterproof, dustproof, anti-seepage, anti-bacterial, anti-mild, anti-mite effect 20. The noise is small, which can be reduced by 6-14 decibels, which is more conducive to controlling the noise generated during walking. 21. A wider range of applications: not only suitable for homes, but also for places with a lot of traffic in public places. 22. Environmental protection: This material is derived from natural raw materials, which can save a lot of valuable natural wood and meet the requirements of green environmental protection.

Different stages of maintenance sports flooring methods

April 4, 2019 by by56014904  

(1) Cleaning and maintenance after the floor is laid/before use 1. Remove dust and debris from the floor surface. 2. Use a scrubber to add 3M red grinding disc or similar products to clean at low speed (diluted with strong universal cleaner 1:20 and added to the scrubber) to remove the protective wax, grease, dust and other dirt on the floor surface. Drain the sewage with a water suction machine. 3. Wash with water and blot dry. 4. 1-2 layers of high-strength surface wax as needed. Cleaner: Strong universal cleaner High-strength wax Tools: Grinding Machine Red Grinding Machine Water Absorber Wax Tow Water Squeezer (2) Daily cleaning and maintenance of synthesis elastic knight sport flooring 1. Dust or vacuum cleaner to vacuum. (Drag the dust on the ground, dry it and push it.) 2. Wet drag. (Use a floor cleaning polish to dilute with water 1:20 with a semi-wet mop.) If necessary, you can also use a scrubber with wash & shine for low speed cleaning. Detergent: ground dragging agent, floor cleaning polish Tool: dust push mop (3) Regular cleaning and maintenance of interlocking double tier sport flooring 1. Dust or vacuum cleaner to vacuum. 2. The floor cleaning varnish is diluted with water 1:20, and mopped or mixed with a high-speed polishing machine and a red lap. 3. Upper 1-2 layers of high-strength wax. 4. If necessary, it can be polished with a high-speed polishing machine and a white polishing pad. Cleaner: floor cleaning glazing agent Tools: Dust Push Grinding Machine Red, White Grinding Machine Water Absorber Wax Tow Press (4) Complete renovation 1. Dust or vacuum cleaner to vacuum. 2. Dilute with a strong de-waxed water 1:10 and spread evenly on the ground. Wait for 5-10 minutes. Use a scrubber and a red grinder to clean and dewax at low speed. Use a water suction machine to drain the sewage in time. 3. Wash with water and blot dry until no residual detergent is left on the floor. 4. 1-2 layers of high-strength surface wax as needed. Cleaner: floor cleaning glazing agent Tools: Dust Push Grinding Machine Red, White Grinding Machine Water Absorber Wax Tow Press (5) Treatment of special dirt on detachable outdoor sport court tiles 1. Oil stain: Partial oil stain, the water-based degreaser stock solution is directly poured on the towel to wipe; large area oil stain, the Wei Te water-based degreaser is diluted 1:10, and the grounding machine is added with a red grinding disc to clean at a low speed. 2. Black offset printing: use spray cleaning and maintenance wax with high-speed polishing machine plus white polishing pad polishing treatment. For long-term black offset printing, the strong black offset remover can be directly applied to the towel for wiping. 3. Glue or chewing gum: Use a professional strong degumming agent to pour it directly onto the towel and wipe it off.