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How to deal with the challenge we have met in steel pipe production

January 4, 2019 by alisarong  

As one of the steel pipe's supplier, threeway knows clearly that we have to meet the global challenge with the coming of climate change due to the trends. No matter requirement for ERW steel pipe or other tubes, we should take strategics for production.


The challenge can be included in following aspects:

Raw materials dealing: Once we decided to produce steel pipe for customers, it is our responsibility to ensure the raw materials used in the iron making process or other pipelines production are of a level of quality. Thus, we can decrease the use of iron ore, coking coal and increase resource efficiency.

Improvement on transfer: Transfer of best practice performance across the industry to reduce the energy intensity of the steel making process as this affects CO2 emissions. Energy intensity can be influenced by many factors, which are manageable, as many organisations have proven.

Why do so many clients choose steel pipe

January 3, 2019 by alisarong  

From plastic pipe to steel tube, different thinking would make us do various decisions for which kind of tube to choose from. According to the data from our survey, we know that more and more customers have predilection for seamless steel pipe and welded pipeline.  


Why? There are important reasons for that.

First of all, steel, one of the most important engineering and construction material in the world, could be a nice choice for pipe's making. Thus, we will take advantage of its strength and hardness. For example, steel can be used in cars and construction products, washing machines and cargo ships as well as surgical scalpels.

At the same time, steel can be recycled over and over again without loss of property. Under this situation, pipes made by steel could be environment-friendly.


Different standards for various steel pipe application

January 2, 2019 by alisarong  

We can supply clients with GB, ASTM, API and DIN standard when talking about this topic. No matter seamless or welded steel pipe like ERW steel pipe, once you send us general requirement for standard, we can show you relative data or stock.


Today, we'd like to describe these standards deeply so that you friends can understand more clearly. There is a type can be used for high pressure service if you see carefully. For example, for GB and ASTM two kinds, you can see that GB/5310-1995 can be used among high pressure boiler once they are seamless steel tubes. And for ASTM, there is ASTM 192 can be used too. There are so many pipelines shall work for us in the similar situation. Thus, our customers can pick them up according to the price, other quality consideration and environmental thinking. 

Continuing our steel pipe business in 2019

December 29, 2018 by alisarong  

Time flies and now we shall say goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019. We have a happy cooperation over ERW steel pipe and other tubes business. We are sincerely hoping that we will continuing our pipes business in 2019 and forever.


In the coming of New Years Day, Threewaysteel wishes all of you good health and good luck in everything. Meanwhile, with more than 25 years experience on manufacturing steel pipes, we shall keep our promise on steel pipes quality. We will devote to provide professional one-stop procurement service for customers with excellent quality by the advanced technology, competitive price according to the market trend, convenient transportation and timely delivery.

Carbon seamless steel pipe for its wide application

December 28, 2018 by alisarong  

Carbon seamless steel pipe, one of seamless categories, would have its special characters with different types. And this also leads to various application for customers. Today, we can have a view for it.


There are more than ten categories for the carbon seamless tube, and we've listed them for you. From the chart, we can get that ranging from structure purpose, liquid service to drill pips and petroleum cracking tubes, we can adopt the carbon seamless pipelines for transportation of oil, gas, water even the steam and boiler manufacturing. For more details, you can discuss with us here by email or calling directly.


It is our lucky to be accompanied by steel pipe

December 27, 2018 by alisarong  

How many sorts of steel pipes are there, an innocent girl in a rosy skirt asked her dad when they passed by a store which offered steel pipes. Dear, there are numerous kinds of pipes. For instance, seamless steel pipe for gas transmission, pipes for water delivery, and some others for rainwater convey, answered the dad.



The girl postulated that if there were no steel pipes in the world on that clear evening as the great convenience of steel pipes her dad told her, and took it down on her exercise book:

If there is no steel pipe in the world, some jobs which are related to this field will disappear. For no stores of pipes stand on street, some people may be trapped in dry dock when there is no demand for sales and installment. Consequently, unprivileged people cannot enjoy their life as happy as others.

If there is no steel pipe in the world, individuals, corporations, and nations, all of these will be incapable of operating smoothly. Raw materials in liquid or gas condition are tough to transport. Take water as an example, which is a necessity in peoples daily life and plays an indispensable role in industry. If you take water in a bucket, your arms will be sore within few minutes definitely. And this is also true of all walks of life. Conveying water in other ways will cost a lot, which will add financial burden to ones business.

So, our life will be inconvenient without steel pipes. It is these pipes that provide us a high-quality life. We are so lucky to be accompanied by steel pipes.

Superior quality ERW steel pipe with special function

December 26, 2018 by alisarong  

As the saying goes that you get what you pay for. So does for ERW steel pipe and other tubes. For superior quality pipeline, you will see their special features during the whole engineering project.


Special features of superior quality ERW pipes and tubes

High strength corrosion resistance: ERW pipes are cost effective pipes with tighter dimensional tolerances and less weight.

High malleability: ERW pipes find their usage in distinct fields.

Durable and sturdy: Processed through multifarious tests which will guarantee its durability and sturdy.


Different price would get various steel pipes with different features and for transportation of each kind of good, it is necessary to have high quality steel pipelines. 

ERW steel pipe with OD 21.3-610mm for clients

December 25, 2018 by alisarong  

Threeway steel pipe can provide you ERW steel pipe with standard API 5L, API 5CT, ASTM 53, EN10217, DIN 2458. IS 3589, JIS G3452, BS1387. It's getting larger and larger requirement for this kind of tube in area of energy and construction fields.


ERW steel pipe, referring to a group of welded process such as spot and seam welding. Under this situation, this kind of steel pipeline can be used for low pressure liquid delivery, such as water, gas, and oil, oil drilling and machinery manufacturing, etc. Market trends would finally lead the production of steel pipelines, and ERW steel tube is one common size for lots of applications. 

The role of steel pipes marking for wholesale

December 24, 2018 by alisarong  

Whether seamless steel pipe or welded type, steel pipes marking is just like an identity card which gives others identity authentication. So, we cannot ignore the role of steel pipes marking.


Today, we can learn what kind of information should be listed in the pipelines marking before wholesale.

Manufacturer's name or mark, for example, Threeway would be our logo in our sold tubes.

Specification number.

Size, like NPS and weight class, schedule number and so on.


Type of pipe.

Test pressure, seamless pipe and other types.

Nondestructive electric test and so on.

Heat number, lot number, run number.

Any additional information desired by the manufacturer or specified in the purchase order. 

Chromium oxide analysis for steel pipe corrosion

December 21, 2018 by alisarong  

Generally speaking, each element in seamless or ERW steel pipe would finally lead to different troubles during the corrosion process. Thus, we should figure out the characters so that we can protect our tubes from the damage.  


Chromium oxide is particularly sensitive to chlorides. Corrosion will be accelerated in coastal areas with salt-spray exposure, and in areas where de-icing salts are used during winter. So it is necessary when we choose stainless steel pipe for this situation as we have to protect the pipe from damage from these elements. And for food and chemical industries, components for the chemical and food industries have high chromium content to compensate for regular exposure to chlorine, salt, and other corrosive substances. So choosing the suitable steel pipe according to the relative working environment is very important.