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Instructions for making chicken manure organic fertilizer

January 2, 2020 by Daisy Yi  

The feces in the farm is a major problem that plagues the farm to solve the environmental pollution at this stage, therefore, we can only solve the pollution angle, to achieve the purpose of waste utilization, through decades of continuous exploration and research, Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industries summed up the most effective method of producing organic fertilizer production line from animal waste fermentation, this will not only convert waste into usable energy but also solve the pollution caused by aquaculture. 

chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

Chicken manure contains a large number of microbial harmful bacteria, absolutely cannot be directly applied, and must carry out deep high temperature fermentation. The purpose of certain fermentation is mainly two, one is to kill harmful bacteria, and one is to not fully digest the substance organic, increase the actual organic matter content.

Fermentation is mainly in the ground stacking or fermentation tank, that is, chicken manure stacked in the fermentation tank, the best at the same time to add the appropriate amount of fermentation bacteria, the use of a 
compost turning machine stirring evenly, usually fermentation time of 12-15 days. 

After deep fermentation of chicken manure, it’s dried and crushed. The chicken manure after crushed can be directly applied, but is only called the traditional farm fertilizer, cannot be called commodity organic fertilizer. 

However, if you want to make commercialized organic fertilizer, i.e. implement the NY525-2011 standard. According to this standard, the total content of NPK must be greater than or equal to 5%, organic matter must be greater than or equal to 78%, water is less than or equal to 30%, and the PH value is 5.5-8.0. Of course, there are other requirements, such as heavy metal content cannot exceed the standard, tick egg mortality and E. coli value, etc. need to meet the standard. Only meet the above requirements are qualified organic fertilizer. In terms of appearance, commodity organic fertilizers are divided into powder and particles. If you want to produce grain-forming commodity organic fertilizer, but also need to use
 fertilizer granulator for granulation, organic fertilizer granulation production equipment generally uses a disc granulator machine. Others have rotary drum granulator machine, etc.

Our company is specialized in the
organic fertilizer production line, the production of fertilizer equipment are: compost turning machine, crusher machine, blender, fertilizer granulator machine, etc., welcome to inquiry.


How to choose pig manure organic fertilizer machine manufacturers?

December 19, 2019 by Daisy Yi  

The pollution problem of livestock and poultry manure has aroused strong concern from the society. Due to environmental protection pressure, more and more farms have begun to solve problems and try to change the current passive situation. Practice has proved that the use of livestock manure to produce organic fertilizer is a more effective means of harmless treatment and resource utilization for large-scale pig farms.

 fertilizer machine

How to choose pig manure organic fertilizer machine manufacturers? When we choose the manufacturer, the qualifications of the manufacturer, the strength of the manufacturer, the customer's case of the manufacturer, the technical level of the manufacturer, the reputation and reputation of the manufacturer, and the quality of the after-sales service of the manufacturer are all important factors for our reference. 

Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry can design a production line of 10,000-500,000 tons of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment and workshop design according to customer requirements, and provide complete sets of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment, for example, turning machines, 
fertilizer granulator and other important machines.

Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment features:
The pig manure organic fertilizer equipment has a compact structure and advanced technology. It uses a harmless live bacteria starter to treat livestock and poultry manure, and carries out biological fermentation under the action of various beneficial microorganisms, releasing nutrients, killing germs, eggs, and detoxification. 

Pig manure organic fertilizer prospects:
1. Pig manure is rich in organic fertilizer resources. Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment raw materials resources.

2. The quality of pig manure organic fertilizer is high. The comprehensive organic matter content is higher than 45%, and it is also rich in various nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. The content is more than 6%, which is in line with national standards and applicable organic fertilizers.

3. The market demand for pig manure organic fertilizer is large. Fruit trees, tea plantations, and vegetable cultivation are particularly effective for improving soil in farmland.

4. Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment is suitable for the
organic fertilizer production line in aquaculture enterprises or aquaculture areas, which can effectively reduce the pollution discharge of pig farms, realize the harmless treatment of aquaculture pollution, and achieve the purpose of resource utilization.


Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line

December 7, 2019 by Daisy Yi  

Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line processing commodity organic fertilizer requires two steps: the early stage of the fermentation and processing parts and processing granulation. Biological organic fertilizer equipment need double pile fermentation, organic fertilizer granulatorhorizontal mixerdisc granulating, rotary drum dryercooling machinescreening machinecoating machinepacking machine and conveyor equipment.

chicken manure organic fertilizer production line


Firstly, the feature of the chicken manure organic fertilizer production line:

1, Organic fertilizer of chicken feces does not contain any chemical composition, as a result of chicken digest ability is poor, can use up the nutrition composition of 25% only, and the other 75% nutrition composition in feed follows excrement and urine reduction, make dry finished product contains nitrogen, phosphor, potassium, organic matter, amino acid, protein to wait for composition thereby.

2,The main material is organic matter in manure, organic fertilizer and manure, organic manure increased the soil organic matter content, organic matter can improve soil physical, chemical and biological characteristics, curing soil, improving soil fertility. China's rural "by dung breeding, seedling by dung long" the proverb, to a certain extent, reflects the manure, organic fertilizer to improve soil.

3,Chicken manure fertilizer increased a lot of organic colloid, both at the same time with the aid of the role of microbes convert many organic matter decomposition to organic colloid, this greatly increased the soil adsorption on the surface, and produce many adhesive material, make consolidation of soil particles into a stable granular structure, improve the performance of the soil water, fertilizer and air permeability, and the ability to adjust the soil temperature.

Then, the feature of the organic fertilizer production line:

It need not to use the bucket elevator, bucket elevator while modelling beautiful, cover an area of an area small, but easy to damage to particles, and easy to jam, difficult to clean, high failure rate, height space is large. This process all use belt conveyor transportation equipment and large dip Angle belt conveyor, this not only ensure the fluency of conveying system, protect the grain, and reduced the plant height, reducing the infrastructure investment. The granulation method is disc granulation, which has wide adaptability to raw materials, large output and improved product appearance quality.


Lastly,the horizontal grinder is used in the mixing and crushing process. The horizontal grinder can not only crush the large particles in the raw materials to improve the pelletization rate of the system, but also fully mix the materials again. Granulation in the production of organic fertilizer granulation way choice is very important. In the current industry mainly include disk, drum, extrusion, such as a variety of ways; these methods have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of granulating disc is uniform granule, stable performance and long service life and can produce organic fertilizer and fertilizer can produce inorganic and organic inorganic compound fertilizer, the technology choice granulating disc.

Cow manure organic fertilizer production line method

November 12, 2019 by Daisy Yi  

Cow manure organic fertilizer production line method

Designing fermentation compost turner machine is a good fertilizer machine used in the organic fertilizer production line.Because producing the organic fertilizer granulator need to ferment the raw material and using the fertilizer machine can save more time to ferment the raw material. The cow manure is a good organic fertilizer material that using the raw material to produce organic fertilizer granulator, but before producing we need to ferment the raw material for some time and different cow manure the method of fermenting are also different.

cow dung organic fertilizer production line

The fertilizer machine of fermenting raw material always be called the fermentation compost turner machine, and the machine are designed to several different types. Like the simple compost turner machine, windrow compost turner machine, double screws compost turner machine and hydraulic compost turning machine. The cow manure can be divided into dry cow manure and wet cow manure.
1.The dry cow dung due to be absence of the water and make it cannot to be fermented, so it is necessary to put into some water and then to use the simple compost turner machine to ferment.
2.If the cow manure is fresh and when began to ferment it need to add some other raw material to absorb the water in the fresh cow manure, and too much moisture easy to lead to impermeability, microorganisms cannot produce fermentation, auxiliary choice is diverse, the purpose is to absorb some of the fresh cow dung in the water. The general choice of accessories: sawdust, straw, grass ash carbon and so on .Finally, using the fermentation compost turner machine to ferment the cow manure.

After fermentation, the fertilize granulator should be used to make fertilizer pellets, then dried and cooled, then screened, finally, the fertilizer is packed and sold.