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5 Creative & Inspiring Bathroom Remodeling Trends

October 13, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Are you preparing your home for remodeling in New York? If so, then bathroom is the most important aspect you should consider for your renovation project. Though a full-service company for bathroom renovation in New York can help you decide on the style, understanding more beforehand will improve your satisfaction with the final design.



Bathroom Remodeling



When it comes to planning your bathroom remodeling in New York, here are a few trends you should consider to stay up-to-date with latest trends:


1. Focus on luxurious minimalism.

The minimalism trend has been popular amongst all New York homeowners. Minimalist designs are simple, clean and highly efficient. They are considered as smart additions and can save you more space as well as focus more on functionality rather than flair.


The minimalist bathroom designs are sleek and efficient as well as bring in a lot of convenience to your entire living space. They have evolved to add floating vanities that are designed with adequate storage space and wall-mounted toilets that are elegant and sophisticated and high-tech toilets that focus on functionality.


2. Use invisible shower stall.

As the name suggests, the invisible shower stall isn’t visible. It’s actually the seamless glass shower enclosure combined with barrier-free shower floors. The infinity shower is extremely popular in 2019, especially on bath to shower conversion projects and you don’t see it going away anytime soon.


If you want clean lines, the improved bath space and sophisticated floor to ceiling glass walls and shower area you may have to narrow down your eyes a little to see at least from a distance, an invisible shower may be ideal. It’s a great addition that you should consider for bathroom remodeling in New York.


3. Choose windows for sinks.

In 2019 most homeowners consider windows over mirrors while redesigning bathrooms. While your bathroom layout will have to face an exterior wall for it to work, you will have quite appealing and interesting end result.


Just imagine washing your hands and looking up to enjoy outdoors through crystal clear windows instead of your own reflection. Do you think you’d miss seeing yourself in front of you when you clean up? Still, you can add mirrors to other areas of your bathroom, if you want to bring in beautiful look to your bath space.


4. Use wallpaper accents.

Wallpaper makes a small yet strong impact on walls. While homeowners aren’t using it to cover up the entire bathroom area, they are using them to decorate the sections of the entire wall. You should think of an accent wall, which is coveted in beautiful and exceptional designs. The most important aspect of wallpaper design trend is that it can be changed over time.


5. Use stone and wood.

This bath design trends has actually started garnering reputation over the years. Most homeowners prefer bringing in the raw and earthy look of wood – from oak to pine and others as well as rough stone accents like slate.


All of them can make the bathroom feeling cool and more sophisticated than more traditional or luxury materials like marble or porcelain. Above all, you don’t need to use real wood or stone to get this look. Instead, you can use faux products for the same look and feel without the higher costs or maintenance needs.



Final Consideration – Are you thinking about remodeling a smaller bathroom or master bathroom? Or do you get inspired with a beautiful and modern design? Whatever the reason behind your decision of bathroom renovation in New York, you should choose no further than MyHome Design & Remodeling. Contact us today and get started planning your bathroom remodeling in New York!  

What is the Apartment Remodeling Checklist for First-timers?

September 24, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Most strong minded homeowners in New York are willing to live in the home of their dreams; but it can be extraordinarily reward experience. But the challenge of doing NYC apartment remodeling is extreme. When it comes to apartment remodeling in New York, this project is stressful and nerve-racking for first-time renovators.

So, if you are a newbie, you should take a look at the below discussed suggestions that you have to heed:

You need to plan ahead and enlist help as soon as possible.

Time frame matters a lot for apartment renovation projects in New York City. The sooner you get the planning done, the more prepared you will be for the entire project. You will need to get yourself prepared for the myriad of elements that are beyond your control like landmark codes, regulations, permits, etc.

Getting ahead of the project at the very beginning can save you money significantly. However, you can take help from professional renovators as they can make sure your renovation process goes on smoothly. One of the smartest ways you can do before the beginning of your renovation is to make all important decisions on design, fixtures, etc.

This way, you won’t get surprises in price, labor, projects and time. By using apartment renovation service to help you plan and manage your project, you can guarantee that your budget helps you determine your design.

You need to hire a team.

If you want to manage overall costs and keep your renovation project streamlined and effortless, it’s wise to hire a contractor and an architect to work together simultaneously. Traditionally, homeowners used to hire the architects and then a contractor when the design part was done – which can lead to considerable costs and delays.

Currently, there’s a huge availability of full-service contractors available to design, supply and install the apartment fixtures, etc. leading to getting the design done at a considerable cost. Again, if a contractor is involved with the design process, they can provide you with real-time pricing as they have real world experience of executing unique designs for the best interests of clients.

You should know how to speak the language.

The more informed you can be about the apartment design and build process, the more time and money as well as frustration you will save for yourself. During the renovation process, you will need to outsource so many decisions to your professionals inevitably.

For important decisions like tiles, fixtures, appliances, etc, it’s necessary to choose them yourself and go as well as see them in person. After all, you’ll have to live with these choices. You should know exactly what you like and prefer as well as save money by making the most out of your time.

There are lots of details you have to obtain during the planning process; so it’s a good idea to take proper notes while discussing with your full-service NYC apartment renovation contractors. The more you know about your plans, the more you will feel comfortable while asking questions on design elements with your contractors.

You should make sure the budget speaks design.

The perfect way to make sure your apartment remodeling matches your initial planning while cost what you want to invest in is to allow your budget speaks up design. The current innovative remodeling process connects seasonal architects, experienced contractors and clients to design renovation plans that are delivered on-time and within your budget.

Bottom Line –

MyHome Design & Remodeling is a leading name for using a creative approach to match your preferences and priorities with the industry-best professionals. We have the dependable NYC apartment remodeling experts dedicated to deliver your project as beautiful as possible for a fair price – all at no additional cost.

Consider Quartz Kitchen Sinks for Kitchen Renovation in New York

September 8, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

There are so many things you need to consider when it comes to kitchen renovation in New York. For your kitchen remodeling project, choosing the right kitchen sink is important. You should consider the functionality and aesthetically pleasing design for kitchen sink.

But you need to consider the right material for your kitchen best suiting your personal style and preferences. However, quartz kitchen sinks are ideal for most homeowners in NYC or Manhattan seeking for functionality, affordability, maintenance level and design fit.   

Making the Purchase of Quartz Sinks for Kitchen

Most people prefer quartz in the kitchen as a perfect option for their countertops. Quartz material has the look of natural stone like granite; but without high maintenance. This is a practical choice as it’s made from one of the hardest minerals on the earth. Though it’s not 100% natural; rather a perfectly engineered product.

This goes same for the quartz sink, made from a composite material comprised of quartz crystals and acrylic resin. As a result, this sink is built to last through all the wear and tear on a daily basis no matter whatever your family will throw at it. If it’s good for the countertop, it only makes perfect sense to use it in the sink also.

The Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Sinks

If you want to choose the right sink, you have to consider a few important things like the size, layout and design style. It seems really nice to have the space to wash all the big pots and pans; so a deeper sink may be a right choice for you.

But you need to consider whether it fits in your space in the best way as possible. You may include two bowls instead of one to get that division, because of its functionality. You have to focus on the kitchen style like rustic, farmhouse and traditional.

However, quartz is an eco-friendly and practical product, which adds unique character inside your home. Here are a few benefits of choosing quartz sinks during kitchen renovation in New York:

Durable – Quartz is resistant from stains, scratches, chips and can heat up to 530 degrees.

Low Maintenance – Quartz sink has smooth surface, which is easy to clean and maintain.

Hygienic – The Quartz material is nonporous; so bacteria from food particles won’t spread. This is also odor resistant.

Versatile – You will get to choose from different color options for your kitchen sink.

Affordable – The quartz may be more affordable depending on the style you have to choose.

However, a quartz sink will be a long lasting addition to your kitchen that you can use for more years to come. If you need a low maintenance sink, quartz is ideal for you as it’s easy to clean and hygienic.

Another important thing is that the sink absorbs noise and vibrations, offering you a peaceful dish washing experience. Again, if you want to match a quartz sink with the countertops made from the same material, you’ll have a sleek, seamless look that brings in a level of sophistication to your kitchen.

Quartz Kitchen Sink – The Right Fit for Your Kitchen

The quartz sink is right for kitchens with different designs and styles. It can greatly fit into a contemporary or traditional style. But mixing and matching is a staple of any perfectly thought out design plan so that it can go well with any kitchen you dream for.

Quartz is a right choice for versatility and you’ll love the way it looks. You can consider including metals in the kitchen, which is always encouraged in the design. Copper is ideal as it brings in a lighter and homey feeling.

In fact, a copper kitchen sink may add rustic appeal and character to your space; but it’s costly to purchase and for upkeep. It’s also heavy and needs additional cabinetry reinforcement. Moreover, stainless steel is a low maintenance sink; but considered as durable and will fit perfectly into a modern design. In addition to, you will get to choose from limited choices for color and finishes. Whether it’s nickel, glossy or sheen, you will have only silver color.

Bottom Line –

The last but not the least, you have to consider every detail when considering kitchen remodeling in Manhattan. A low-maintenance, functional and cost-effective quartz kitchen sink can help you get the greatness and beauty of kitchen. Whether you’ve made the choices for kitchen renovation in New York or need some professional help, you can schedule a consultation with MyHome Design & Remodeling today. We will get back to you as soon as possible and renovate your kitchen space in the best way as possible.

How Do You Design Your Space to Bring in Positive Vibe?

August 21, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

A perfectly designed space is important for the success of any remodeling project and the same goes for a complete home renovation. When you plan on designing your space, you should focus on the way you want to feel at home and the energy you want to share with your friends or family. Therefore, it’s suggested to work with the space you have and keep every room’s purpose in mind as you go.

Do you want to bring the positive energy to your home? It’s no doubt the appealing ambience doesn’t happen suddenly. Probably it’s because of the meticulous designers who use specific colors and layouts that improve feelings you want your guests to experience.

Working with Everything in Your Space

When you work on designing a space, you have to focus on a kitchen remodel, a bath renovation or an update to any room in your home? Do you want to design inviting, soothing spaces that are full of life and energy?

Remember that, there’s no one size that fits all design. So, keep in mind the energy you want to get as you make selections. Here are a few useful tips for designing the most important rooms in your home:

The kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of a home; but its functionality differs from a homeowner to another. Maybe you do a lot of cooking or focus on some light entertainment now and then. Or you might have a separate dining room or your kitchen might be your go-to-spot for eating.

Consider smart kitchen layouts that impact both functionality and mood completely. You can consider a triangulated kitchen space with a stove, refrigerator and sink. If you utilize your kitchen often, this works best for you.

An open kitchen layout can bring in an airy feel to your space and lift your mood. Go for lighter cabinets that open up small spaces very well. You should choose lighter paint that contrasts with countertops and cabinetry that offers intriguing complexity.

When you buy darker kitchen cabinets, you can avoid the feeling of being closed in and anxious in larger spaces. You should incorporate textures to avoid a monotonous look.

The dining room

Do you color your dining space with dark hues? They can be the ideal picks for your dining room. Bold red color works perfectly, even if you’re on a diet. The color promotes appetite. Just make sure that incorporate light fixtures that will set the overall mood of the room depending on the time of the day.

However, when you have breakfast with kids, you need different lighting than you’d want for a meal with close friends or romantic dinner for two. Make a purchase of light fixtures that allow you create the right mood for the occasion.

The living room

Bring in complexity and texture to your living room space through accent walls and accent lighting fixtures. You can go for natural tones and materials like wood or exposed brick that ensures warmth and comfort for an inviting and welcoming feeling.

The bedroom

Of course, you want to promote your sleep and relaxation. You can consider blues, greens and yellows colors. Though reds and burgundies can make a room pop, you can leave them out of the bedroom for a good night’s sleep.

The bathroom

When designing your bathroom, invest in intricate tile floor designs which can do wonders in breaking up a monotonous small space like a bathroom. Complex bathroom designs bring in more texture and depth while ensuring a great sense of invigoration inside.

Again if you want to make your small bathroom feel larger, airy and more energetic, you should choose lighter colors, natural lighting or light fixtures. If you have more space, install glass panels or complete shower doors instead of curtains that will create an invigorating mood.

Final takeaway

No matter whatever kind of space you start with, you can make changes to bring the energy you want inside your home. From a fresh coat of paint to a complete remodel, adjustments will make your rooms exactly the way you like them.

If you want complete renovation or simply kitchen and bath renovation in New York, you should look no further than MyHome Design & Remodeling. We specialize in providing perfectly designed apartment renovation, kitchen and bathroom remodeling in NYC best suiting the interests and requirements of clients.

Our experts for NYC kitchen and bath remodeling can help you design and build your dream space the way you want as possible. Contact us today and let’s get started!

5 Products to Consider for Bathroom Renovation in New York

August 15, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Considering Bathroom Remodeling in NYC

A bathroom is considered as the highly underrated cornerstone of every home in New York. Likewise the bedroom, a bathroom is a place where you start and end your day. This space pulls you together for a positive day and removing remnants of the outside before a good night’s sleep. When it comes to decorating, bathroom should be highly considered to improve your mood.

When the towels get mismatched, tissue box left uncovered and little cotton balls scattered around the wrong places, chances are that you resent spending any time inside your bathroom. A perfectly-appointed bathroom is paramount to bring in the overall vibe of your home.

Therefore, you should devote enough time and budget to sprucing up your bath space. Fortunately, you can consider buying essential products for your NYC bathroom remodeling project:

1. Bath Mat

Tactility is a key factor in loving a space and nothing is worse than stepping on a bath mat, which is damp perpetually. However, a damp bath mat is able to collect all sorts of debris particles in its fibers. Considering a bath mat seems cleaner and gives off a fine spa like vibe.

Not only will it absorb water effortlessly without the unpleasant dampness. However, natural wood brings in warmth and quality to any bathroom.

2. Towel

Bath Remodeling

A towel is considered as the most important upgrade that greatly impact on the overall look of your bathroom. Though towel covers up a pretty good amount of wall and you use them daily, you should love your bath towels. You should consider exciting color and pattern like the dotted ones in your towel.

3. Wastebasket

When outfitting your bathroom, a wastebasket is certainly the accessory you should consider. You always think about a wastebasket because there’s almost always something to throw away. Moreover, a wastebasket offers you a good chance to introduce new textures or a pop of color to your bathroom space.

Bath remodeling

4. Decorative Storage Space

It’s the universal truth that there is never sufficient space when it comes to small apartment bathrooms. One of the best ways you should feel confident about your bathroom space is to hide all those bath products and tools that make it looking so cluttered.

You should sacrifice some bath floor space for a useful freestanding storage cabinet and you won’t have any regret at the end. Use of additional shelves enables to add more exciting décor like plants – a definite must in the bathroom and high-design objet.

5. Coordinated Accessories

When speaking of covering up things, there are specific things that really do require a decorative façade. While some liquid soap package is fair enough to display, the generic package on cotton goods – balls, tissue and swabs you shouldn’t consider. Your bathroom space will seem much more intentional with a cohesive array of accessories for those things like a luxury travertine set.

Bathroom Remodeling

Final Consideration –

When considering upgrades for your upcoming NYC bathroom remodeling project, you should choose no other than MyHome Design & Remodeling. We are the full-service apartment remodeling firm in NYC specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodeling in New York and the surrounding areas. For immediate help with bathroom renovation in New York, please contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started!

6 Best Reasons to Choose NYC Bathroom Remodeling

August 7, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Bathroom remodeling is an important endeavor and its payoff can be huge. Whether you’re looking for NYC bathroom remodeling, seeking for a right excuse or want to know the exact time to make changes, they are enough reasons to consider bathroom renovation to take the plunge. Here are some of the best reasons to consider hiring professional bathroom renovation:

  • Change in Lifestyle

You have bought a home for just two of you and now you have a kid with a baby on the way. Your small bathroom is already cramped for bathing of a toddler; including another one is going to make this more difficult. Whatever your life brings in, if your bathroom isn’t enough to fulfilling your needs, it indicates that you should invest in bathroom remodeling.

  • Additional Value

Consider upgrades tastefully to improve your home’s overall value and make it more preferred on the market. Like other people, you want nice bathrooms and obviously, you’d be turned away by a bathroom that is dated or lacking in functionality. Therefore, you should bring in additional value to your bath space by considering professional bathroom renovation in NYC.

  • Higher Efficiency

If your bathroom looks old, it’s not like using energy efficiently. Wastage of water, poor light and more make the bathroom less enjoyable to be inside. This is really good time to invest in energy efficient toilets, showers and much more. In addition to, if your bathroom is old enough, that doesn’t circulate air sufficiently; you could be dealing with mold and mildew. This is where; a NYC bathroom remodeling specialist comes in to your rescue.

  • Improve Safety

When doing bathroom remodeling, you should think about the safety of the entire space. If you’re planning to age in a place or may want to sell your home one day, consider investing in accessible bathrooms. For bathroom renovation in New York, you can consider installing a non-slip tile, a shower seat, handrails and much more that makes and feels you safe and secure.

  • Doesn’t Look Good

You know how the time goes and styles change over the years. Do you think that your bathroom doesn’t change with the time? And are you feeling that bathroom doesn’t look good anymore? This situation happens to everyone and is a good time that indicates that you should invest in bathroom remodeling. After all it’s your home and you deserve to love your bathroom space.

  • Make a Great Difference

Just imagine the length of your bathroom. Now, consider if you’ve added that space width to your bathroom. What kind of impact this bring in and you will get a lot more.

Bottom Line –

After a decade or so forth, your bathroom will start showing its age. Seeming like an outdated wardrobe, the old remodeling trend can start feeling outdated. We have satisfied clients who come to us with a vision to give their bath perfect makeover by considering an update in finish and reconfiguration of the shower at the entrance.

For a beautiful bathroom space in NYC, please contact MyHome Design & Remodeling today. We’ll help you get the perfect yet effortless look of your bathroom the way you want with minimal fuss.

Consider Home Remodeling to Add Style to Your Home

July 22, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Whether you are thinking of kitchen and bath remodeling in New York or a complete renovation, it can bring lots of inconvenience to you and your family. Consider the number of hours you spend in your home daily and how frustrating it is when you find the space doesn’t work well for your needs. The same goes to when it’s unattractive, even downright ugly to look at.


No matter whatever the cost of your home renovation project, here are a few good reasons to consider home or apartment renovation:

  • Your family has grown or your kids have moved out and the footprint of rooms work no longer for everyone inside the home.
  • The windows, the existing insulation and other building materials need an upgrade.
  • You bought a home for its affordability, location or size. But its footprint or overall look have left you unsatisfied.
  • Damaged surfaces and other features of a home make it looking dirty and unappealing.
  • Renovation budget remains lower than your expectation when your return on investment may allow for higher home equity loans and higher resale value.

Your home is probably the most valuable investment you’ll make. To make sure it’s always in the top condition and works for you and your family needs, you should schedule a complete home renovation in NYC.

The overall footprint and appearance should work for you and your family; but the family does change over time. Your home should change along with it. However, a casual, eat-in kitchen may suit younger kids better than a formal dining space.


Additional bathrooms make life more manageable. Again if the kids move out, it may be time to downsize the kitchen space and upsize the dining room as well as convert a bedroom into a hobby room.

How Do Home Renovation Add Style?

The footprint or layout of a home may be somewhat sufficient; but the overall appearance of house may seem dim, uninviting or just not to your preference. Please keep in mind that some house remodeling ideas can add style and enhance its overall appearance.

Here are a few ways how a renovated home can add style to the entire space:

  • Consider an upgrade of flooring to add appeal to any room of the home. However, hardwood floors bring in classic look, while superior quality carpet makes sure your home looks beautiful in every aspect.
  • Remove a wall around the staircase which will open the entryway and give an upscale appearance.
  • Use new, oversized picture windows or casement windows or built-in seat under a bow or bay window to create an instant charm in any room of a home.
  • Remove the upper rooms and create an elevated ceiling ensuring more height and grandeur as well as allowing you add larger windows.
  • Change the overall surfaces in different rooms to transform your entire space. For example, repaint the front of kitchen cabinets and swap out the floors, countertops to create a feel of brand new kitchen.
  • Consider installing tile in the bathroom and upgrade the floor to make the entire space that seems like new.

Bottom Line – When it comes to kitchen and bath remodeling in New York, you should look no further than MyHome Design & Remodeling. We have the experience and expertise to handle the renovations of home effortlessly with speed and confidence.

New York Bathroom Remodeling Tips to Maximize Bathroom Space

July 15, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Do you want to make the most out of small bathroom space in New York? If yes, then the design of bathroom is paramount. Through a strategic layout and unique room organization, you may be amazed to know how a larger bath area can feel.

Here are a few useful tips and suggestions for bathroom remodeling in New York to maximize your bathroom space:

Consider making everything about light.

Making everything light starts with the right choice of bringing in more light to the bathroom space as possible. Natural light is important. But, artificial lighting can work very well, especially if you want to preserve enough air space.

Bathroom Remodeling

Consider using LEDs that will give a small room enough light as they emit brighter whites and don’t heat like Halogen lights. Next, you should consider the colors, where light is also preferred. Instead of working on black and bold colors, choosing soft, pale colors will make the bathroom space feel more open.

Now, you should go light on choosing the type of furniture. When it may limit you in some situations, the choice of a bulky cabinet for your sink can be a good chunk in a small bathroom.

Consider installing a wall-mounted sink.

As discussed above, the sink vanity can seem like an obstruction. This is why at MyHome Design & Remodeling; we often recommend installing wall mounted sink. While most homeowners think that they are losing storage space by considering a wall mounted vanity, the reality is that wall mounted vanity offers the same amount of storage.

All you have to do is to consider the plumbing fixtures and vanity legs. However, most self standing vanities come with only one shelf and their support system – legs or foundation take up to half of the bathroom space.

Consider shelving.

You will be amazed to know how much more open a room looks when you consider replacing the cabinets with shelves. No matter what, this will make everything in your bathroom more airy and spacious. The important aspect of shelves is that you can stick to them almost anywhere with just a little creativity.

Bathroom Renovation

When doing bathroom remodeling in New York, search for little nooks of space, like over the door or above the toilet. In addition to, you can use a recessed niche shelf in your shower to keep your shampoos, conditioners and soaps.

Focus on bathroom doors.

The way your bathroom door swings can take enough space. You can make it swinging outward into the hall; but it won’t work well for small NYC apartment remodeling task. Therefore, MyHome Design & Remodeling recommends replacing your standard swinging door with a pocket door that takes up literally no space.

Now you can use that area, which is utilized to be blocked behind the door for storage purposes. You should consider installing a clear glass shower door to replace your old shower curtain or frosted glass door. This goes right with our first tips i.e. keeping everything light.

Go with a minimalist décor.

Going minimalistic is choice of style. But clutter is not. It’s just obvious that, when you live anywhere in New York, there are certain things you need to give up. More often, it starts inside the home, especially if you have a bathroom space.

When you look at the New York bathroom remodeling projects available over the web, you will find that minimalist ones end up being the most beautiful. Remember that, minimalist doesn’t mean that your bathroom can’t get the style you really want. All you need to do is to be innovative with it.

Use a cool-looking hook to hang your towel rather than a full towel rod and stylish baskets for linen storage. This means, all minimalist choices in your New York bathroom renovation will result in a space you’ve always desired to have.

Bottom Line –

These are just a few useful tips and suggestions to maximize your bathroom space in New York. Moreover, these suggestions can be used in any bathroom and are not just limited to New York bathrooms; so feel free to share them with your near and dear ones.

Do you have more questions regarding small bathroom design, remodeling and renovation in NYC? You can reach out to our designers at MyHome Design & Remodeling! Or you can stop by our showroom and check our bathroom displays available, receive expert bathroom renovation advice and schedule a free bathroom consultation.

MyHome Design & Remodeling is the Manhattan bathroom remodeling specialist and has the solutions for every homeowner. If you would prefer to give us a call for bathroom remodeling in Manhattan, feel free to reach out us at 877.615.1177! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

This blog is originally posted here: https://myhomeuskitchenremodeling.wordpress.com/2019/07/15/new-york-bathroom-remodeling-tips-to-maximize-bathroom-space/

5 Useful Tips for Apartment Remodeling in New York

July 2, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

You deserve to love your home! It’s highly recommended to improve every room of your house, working alongside you to realize your most innovative vision for your apartment. You’ve visualized the beautiful interior for your New York apartment over and over. Now it’s right time to make your dream a reality.

Here are a few useful tips for apartment renovation in New York:

1. You shouldn’t get afraid about knocking down walls.

When you knock down walls, it can be a perfect way to create enough space. Though this may seem risky, knocking down a wall can provide you the layout you should make the most out of your apartment space.

2. You should open up the kitchen space.

Most old buildings comprise of small kitchen and very often enclosed with walls that surround all four sides. A kitchen in an apartment receives more attention as it serves as a centerpiece of the apartment.

Your kitchen space should be renovated in such a way that it draws everyone’s attention and must have enough space to catering all your cooking needs. Even if you own a small apartment, a roomy, nice-feeling kitchen will bring in the aesthetics to your apartment it deserves.

3. You should choose between a tub and a shower.

Though tubs are comfy and welcoming retreats after a long day at work, most apartment owners lean more towards showers because of creating more space. But it’s not always the case. Some apartments require a tub, if they have children.

If you hire a specialist for apartment remodeling in NYC, they will suggest you the best for your project. Therefore, it’s better to rely on the professionals and don’t try to make the decision in hurry. Trust them and they will give you the best advice.

4. You should consider the design of closet.

When it comes to apartment renovation in NYC, you should focus on your closet. Most apartment owners often overlook the significance of closets. But closet space is paramount for living inside an apartment. Obviously, you want to get enough space for all of your possessions.

However, apartment owners look for and need the built-in closets. They will relieve you of the stress for creating your own closet space. The built-in closets will provide you the freedom to arrange the closet space effortlessly without getting stressed about the set-up.

5. You should go through the alternation agreement.

It’s significant to go through the alteration agreement because you should know all the rules and regulations that are involved. Make sure you and your NYC apartment renovation specialist are on the same page. The apartment remodeling contractors will be always willing to go over every step of the process along with you.

Bottom Line –

Please remember that, it’s your apartment and you want to make it the best as possible! Therefore, you should never settle less than the best! For your NYC apartment remodeling needs, your go-to-destination is MyHome Design + Remodeling.

We are much more than a contractor as we specialize in providing most detail-oriented apartment remodeling solutions in the entire New York City area. Rest assured that MyHome Design + Remodeling finishing touch will make your NYC based apartment luxurious and elegant as possible!

Feel free to stay connected with us on FacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramLinkedIn, and Houzz social media networks!

4 FAQs for Bathroom Remodeling in Manhattan, NYC

June 30, 2019 by MyHome Design & Remodeling  

Bathroom is one of the most common and costly spaces to renovate in a home. A bath space moves away from being a merely functional private space to a room to relax in. Your bathroom remodeling in Manhattan starts with choosing the layout, color schemes and bathroom floors.

In fact, design is paramount in a NYC bathroom remodeling project. A bathroom design should combine all elements like beautiful layout and accessories to complement your home décor. If you are looking for inspirational ideals for bathroom renovation New York, please check out this post:


1. How do you know right bathroom design?

Choosing layouts is important for bathroom remodeling. So, you should focus on the site and the requirements for your family. You can start the process by doing a thorough check on the plumbing system and pipelines.

You should use the bathroom ideas that match the existing electric and plumbing points or make sure that they can be changed without much effort. You need to think about other fixed asset placements like the bathtub, sink, shower cubicle and toilet.


Do you have more than one bathroom? You can go for a bathtub in the master bath. This way, you can make sure that the other bathroom designs focus more on storage facilities. In addition to, you need to ensure that the toilet and shower cubicles are present at the great distance to get rid of wet mess or you can install floor to ceiling glass screens to create a barrier.

Please remember that, all of the bathroom design inspirations focus solely on the requirements of your family. If you have elderly people at home, you should avoid a step at the entrance and always have a wide door. Do you have kids? You should think about installing bathtubs.

2. What accessories and materials do you choose for beautiful bathroom décor?

When it comes to choosing bathroom floors, stone, granite and mosaic are the top choices. Nevertheless the type of floor you choose, it should bring in good aesthetic appeal and easy to maintain. You can get more ideas with these finishes.


You should choose a color scheme as per the mood you want the bathroom space to set. The dark jewel tones reflect luxury while soft pastels will add a lively feel to your bathroom.

Consider the lighting fixtures. Do you have windows? You can think about a bath or shower room under the natural light; if you don’t want. You should add lights on the either side to amplify the effects.


Your NYC bathroom remodeling deserves upgrading to new fixtures. You can add bathroom fixtures like shower heads, hand showers, multi-way jets and faucets that are available in different types of finishes. Choosing the right type will enhance the overall look, mood and experience in the bath space.

3. How do you add more bathroom storage?

If you want to have more storage space, bathroom furniture are better options to go for. You can include a bathroom vanity for additional storage. Vanities come in different size including oversized or double.

You need to match the style of vanity and finish to make sure your bathroom interiors fit effortlessly. If you are looking to maximize your bathroom space, you should buy wall-mounted bathroom cabinets and ladder shelving.

4. How do you decorate your bathroom?

No bathroom remodeling is done without adding the finishing touch and the same goes for bathroom décor. Any element can be used as a décor in the bathroom. You can add fixtures along with finishes that match the style of your bathroom design you are trying to create.


If you have additional counter space, you can consider adding some artwork or plant like bamboo or creeper. Take a look at the bathroom mirror designs available to elevate lighting and the overall look of the bathroom space.

Bottom Line – Whether you are looking for inspirational ideas to plan a bathroom remodeling in Manhattan, or a designer bathroom from scratch, you should look no further than MyHome Design + Remodeling. You can look through bathroom photos in different colors and styles for bathroom renovation in New York. For immediate help with bathroom remodeling in New York, please contact us as soon as possible and let’s get started!