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Kind of drink to avoiding fat storage

September 18, 2017 by bert dell  

To get the ideal weight, it needs effort. One is to maintain a healthy pattern. It also does not escape our daily eating and drinking habits. Changing a habit can have considerable impact on your body's health and weight.

For you who want to slim, try starting with the first step to change your daily drinking habits. As much as possible avoid drinks containing sweeteners. At least limit the consumption of drinks that are too sweet every day. Although drinking fruit juice, no need to add sugar or milk.

Try to get used to a week. Later you will feel a pretty amazing change. Supported by regular exercise and healthy food consumption, it does not take long to get a slim body of your dreams. Also, always prepare a bottle of drinking water beside you. So when thirsty, all you have to do is drink water. Our body which consists of 70% of this water also needs enough water intake every day to help the body work optimally and normally.

Oh yes, drinking water immediately after waking up can also provide tremendous benefits, you know. After waking up, try drinking 2 glasses of water. If you want breakfast, wait 45 minutes later. In this way, there are many benefits that you can get. Starting from ridding the body of toxins and body substances after sleep, neutralize stomach acid and digestion, launch body metabolism, keep skin moist and healthy, to maintain weight.

Drinking sweet drinks may occasionally remain unlimited, yes. Our body also still need sugar intake but in sufficient levels. Do not overdo it, that's all

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the foods with anti-cancer benefits

September 11, 2017 by bert dell  

One effective method to prevent and minimize the risk of cancer is to eat foods containing anti-cancer compounds. Colorful fruits, green vegetables and fresh fish are examples of such foods because they are rich in antioxidant components that are useful for inhibiting precancerous activity and cell damage. Of the few antioxidants that, genistein, daidzein, and flavonoids that have the most powerful effect to prevent cancer. In addition, food sources of vitamin E and Selenium are also beneficial to cut cancer risk. It can be found in spinach, almonds, chili, avocado, kiwi, carrots and other beans.

To be able to optimally fight against cancer cells, you not only eat the food alone, but must accompany by eating a balanced diet with nutrition. In principle, include vegetables in three times your meal schedule, limo servings of fruit in a day and consume fresh fish three times a week. Also add nutrient intake from nuts that are high in geneistein and daidzein compounds.

As much as possible, steam or stir-fry with a little oil. If you want to cultivate in other ways, such as burned, remove the charred part. Or, wrap the food with leaves when burned so that the food does not come into direct contact with the fire, to minimize carbonization or charred process.

Keep in mind, cancer prevention is comprehensive, diverse. In addition to consuming anti-cancer foods, you should also maintain a healthy lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, reducing the consumption of processed foods and preservatives, avoid foods high in saturated fat, steer clear of high-sodium foods that have high N-nitroso levels, regular exercise to maximize metabolism enough rest.

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what to note before applying the keto diet

August 15, 2017 by bert dell  

to make sure that the Keto Diet method is a safe weight loss for your choice. Ketogenic diets are generally safe for healthy people, and Keto Diet makes it unsuitable for everyone. Because the Keto Diet can have a big impact for some individuals with a greater risk that can lead to vitamin deficiency, kidney failure, kidney stones and osteoporosis. For that first consult your doctor if Keto Diet is the right diet for you.
    Why choose Keto Diet, many diet programs are available, such as the atkins and South Beach diet. Check first about ketogenic diets may be online at reputable clinics or you can read them in library books or talk to a doctor or a dietician. Ask your doctor to recommend Keto Diet and find out why his recommendation is the best of any other keto plan.ketogenicdietasm
    Seek advice from a nutritionist who is more knowledgeable about Keto Diet, to help you plan your intake of food to be consumed. Expert advice will help you get the right amount of nutrition through your diet and give you ideas for food variations to avoid boredom.
    Choose good quality food such as meat, because the Keto Diet allows you to consume meat in substantial quantities. So the quality of fresh meat, hormone-free, a little fat, and odorless is recommended. Choose different variants of meat from fish meat. Eat fish if possible because the fish contain high omega-3 content.
    Limit carbihydrate consumption. Most ketogenic diets utilize a combination of carbohydrate removal and low carbohydrate consumption plans. Often, you push ketosis by eliminating all carbohydrates for two weeks and then slowly consume them back with a limited amount of carbohydrates into your diet. Diet-Diet
    Eliminate sugar from your diet. Even a small amount of sugar can convince your body to burn glucose for energy, not fat. Maximum sugar is avoided for weight loss.
    Drink plenty of water to encourage weight loss. Water helps your body's metabolism to burn more calories and help prevent constipation.
    Consume vitamin supplements because low in carbohydrates and high protein are the focus of your diet that can block your body from certain essential vitamins. Get multivitamins and supplements for calcium and b complex to balance nutritional intake.
    Exercise regularly. You will lose fat faster on Keto Diet if you exercise. Walk around the block, ride a bike, jog in a park or work on an ellipse. Schedule some form of exercise into your daily routine to keep your heart healthy and lose weight.
    Enough sleep, you may feel weaker during the early stages of ketosis. Sleep 7-8 hours a night for maximum energy. Adequate rest will also help your weight loss efforts.

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fat loss mistakes you might not aware

August 14, 2017 by bert dell  

Hippocrates (460-377 BC) once said, "It proves that we humans are looking for ways to find a way of life. To health with weight-loss since thousands of years ago.

Unfortunately not easy to do something that should be done (sports). Many gave up halfway because of the overwhelming struggle demanded. Why? Because most people just focus on burning fat alone, and forget to focus on the formation of muscle mass. Cases like this are easy to find in women who are still afraid of something that smells of muscle, because the paradigm of women is still oriented in the spooky size of male muscles they see on TV and magazines. The truth is, women's muscles are much smaller, not as sinister as men's muscles, and if they are not in contraction, a layman will not be able to tell which one is female and what is not. The only visible feminim physical most women in general.
1. Failure to set goals

The main mistake those who want to burn fat is neglecting to set goals early, before going to the gym. Setting goals does not mean merely intentions, but also develops plans and targets. For example the umpteenth day until the umpteenth, you should be able to go down a few pounds. For that you have to do this and that with loads of pounds and so on. If it's just an intention, it's useless. Many fitness mania who jumped into the gym, intend to burn fat, but like lost direction. Worse, he began to question his whereabouts in the gym. All that happens because the concerned does not set his goals. Rough, just  origin.

Most of them just capitalize the intention only, the intention to burn fat, but do not know for what. For health? Want to lower cholesterol? Wrong! That's a too general answer. You need something more detailed than just a standard answer like that. The more standard your knowledge, the more likely you are to break the charcoal. Instead, the more detailed knowledge about why you should do it, the more likely you are to succeed in the gym. You can find out about it with a lot of reading and research.

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Beginning to join the gym, you can only spirit 45, super hard workout in the gym tirelessly. But if not equipped with knowledge, then the spirit of 45 was easily faded. Did you know, have you yearly fill your body fat bags with extra fat calories? What makes you believe you can empty the fat bag overnight? Everyone has a tough time in the gym, where you suddenly feel very lazy to exercise, or even, to continue your gym membership. In such a difficult time, your knowledge of fitness will play an important role so you do not easily give up easily.

Men are able to dispose of 0.5 to 1.5% of their fat weight per week if they want to do cardio and weight training aggressively, and eat healthy food. While women range from 0.5 to 1.0%. This means if you men weighing 136 Kg, then the realistic is to lose weight by 6 - 18% (18-54 pounds / about 9-27 Kg) in 12 weeks. How big is not it? If you want comfortable, goal  is 18 pounds. If you are not afraid of hard training all out, then goal  is 54 pounds / about 27 Kg.

Let's be realistic. In fact you've lived decades with the wrong lifestyle. You do not know the taste of low-fat, strong and healthy. You can just imagine the taste by reading a health magazine, but actually do not know exactly what it feels like. Do not you owe it to yourself to make it happen? Challenge yourself to live a few months with an old lifestyle, but you will never try.

What distinguishes between dreams and reality is the deadline of time. So make a realistic goal. You can realize the origin of a will, forget the sweet promise of health equipment advertising, willing to accept the fact if all this is not instant and not easy.

isolation training for the back

August 10, 2017 by bert dell  

Often forgotten or even not widely known to people, this one exercise is one of the wrong exercises when interpreted as a triceps exercise or even the shoulder. Though this exercise is a good isolation exercise for your wing muscles .. because it hit directly on the muscles latissimus dorsi, teres major and rhomboid.

Before doing this exercise, precede with other wing practice movements, such as pull-down, pull-up, or rowing.

Straight arm lat pulldown
Notice the execution:

    Hold the pulldown cable or cable tricep tool, but replace it with a long bar.

    Stand in front of the tool by opening the legs shoulder width apart, and the arms are also shoulder-width apart. Hold tightly to the bar with both arms straight, palm grasping the bar face down, with the grip over hand grip. [A]

    Slightly bend both knees at the time of execution.

    Beginning of movement, leave both arms slightly above parallel and press the bar together down with both arms, and stop with bar barely touching your thighs. [B]

    Keep your back steady and not moving or swinging.

    Return the bar upwards until it passes slightly from parallel (approximately in front of your nose). BUT .. do not let the load rests on the stack alias the cable becomes loose, keep the load resistance, do not remove the load.

    Repeat again until 12 reps, if you can more than 12, add the load when doing the next set. Do it 3-4 sets.

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