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How To Safely Use The Wheel Polishing Machine

November 6, 2019 by zhongyun hu  


The installation of the Vibratory Finishing Machine is also a lot of exquisite things. Let's talk about it, what are the specialties and benefits of these work before preparing to install the vibrating finishing machine? It is believed that only those who are in constant contact with the vibrating finishing machine will be more clear. The equipment that the merchant arranges for distribution, we have to check whether it is the same as the model we purchased, mainly to prevent the seller from shipping errors. For the vibration finishing machine Machine inspection is the most effective way. Of course, there is also a very important thing, that is, in transit, there is always no way to avoid bumps and troubles. In order to prevent parts from being lost, or more important parts are damaged. Rubber and plastic board company tells you that the best and most effective way is to check the whole machine. Once there is influence and trouble, you should communicate with the merchants in the first time. On the basis of no hidden dangers, we can install directly. Use a Wheel Polishing Machine.

Common Polishing Method For Vibratory Finishing Machine

October 30, 2019 by zhongyun hu  

1. Mechanical polishing: Mechanical polishing is generally used to polish the outer surface of the pipe fittings. It can be used for rough or fine polishing. It has high polishing efficiency and good effect. It is the most commonly used polishing method.

2, plasma plasma polishing: This method can achieve the mirror surface effect of the pipe surface, using a neutral conductive solution, more environmentally friendly.

3, precision grinding: sandblasting process can also achieve the mirror effect, but it is not easy to buy the right equipment. A mirror effect can be achieved, but it is not easy to buy the right equipment on the market.

The Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine  is a tool that uses a motor to drive the polishing wheel to produce high-speed rotation and rub the surface of the workpiece to achieve polishing. When polishing, the polishing wax can be used along the wheel for a few seconds to make the polishing wax adhere to the wheel.

When operating the Vibratory Finishing Machine, grasping the operation details can improve the polishing efficiency and also improve the polishing efficiency.

1. Use the workpiece to gently rub the surface of the wheel to remove the sharp angle of the surface. If necessary, apply polishing wax, but do not overdo it.


2. If the wax is excessive, it can be wiped with a special tool. The effect is not satisfactory, and the wax can be re-applied once.

The Vibratory Finishing Machine Is Easy To Operate

October 23, 2019 by zhongyun hu  

Specific requirements when using an aluminum wheel polisher:

(1) The aluminum wheel polisher outputs good beam quality, including mode and mode stability;

(2) Whether the output of the aluminum wheel polisher is large enough (this is the key to speed and effect), whether the energy is stable (usually requires 2% stability, and in some cases 1%, in order to produce the desired effect) ;

(3) The Aluminum Wheel Polishing Machine should have high reliability and should be able to work continuously under the harsh industrial processing environment;

(4) The aluminum wheel polishing machine itself should have good maintenance,


(5) The Vibratory Finishing Machine is simple and convenient to operate, the function of the control key is clear, the illegal operation can be rejected, and the aluminum wheel polishing machine is protected from damage.