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Features Of Small Elevators For Homes

December 25, 2019 by otsealex  

1: professional sales engineer

Selling Small Elevators For Homes is different from selling home appliances, because most users are retrofitting. All the scales must be customized according to the site conditions of the users. Ordinary sales personnel may have good talking and speaking skills. At the time of product expertise and data scale, we have to call and discuss with other technical staff. This may lead to misunderstanding in the process of the rumor, which will cause civil construction reservations, model selection plan making errors, and When the time division equipment is produced, when it is pulled to the field equipment, there will be many problems, even the condition that the equipment cannot be displayed.

As a sales person who specializes in selling small household elevators, it is necessary to understand the basic dimensions of the products they sell, the basic requirements for civil engineering, and to be able to calculate the practical dimensions of the car and determine the appropriate structure of the user's site according to the actual site conditions. device.

Two: equipment and functions of the product

Domestic small elevators are different from commercial passenger elevators. Domestic small elevators are used by single family personnel in private villas. Therefore, the country does not conduct mandatory inspections and annual inspections, but it does not apply to the elevator's load, operating speed, lift height, and car area. There are rules, so the user must buy the right product at the time of purchase. Do not buy back a commercial elevator equipment at home. At that time, the responsibility for the annual inspection and inspection that exceeds the standard and limit will not be clear to the supplier.

Domestic small elevators are like buses compared to private cars. The main interior decoration must be able to match the interior decoration of the villa. Now the interior of the home villa elevator mainly includes: titanium titanium etched stainless steel plate can produce a variety of brilliant pictures. Another is to use wooden materials to make a more elegant home improvement style. If the user is not sophisticated about the decoration, the factory usually uses hairline stainless steel, which is relatively simple.


Household small elevators have a single operating staff, and sometimes people who are distributed for some problems ca n’t find them in time. Therefore, villa elevators should be equipped with some humanized functional equipment, such as power failure active leveling equipment, remote brake release equipment, external telephone functions, etc. Wait.

Installation Instructions For Small Elevators For Homes

December 18, 2019 by otsealex  


How much is a Small Elevators For Homes? Many home owners are considering installing a home lift, but due to the layout restrictions of the indoor environment, they will give priority to the installation of a small home elevator. However, it is often difficult to obtain it from the manufacturer without a thorough understanding of the home lift market. Make yourself sure.
Want to know the price and minimum size of home small elevators, you need to understand the classification of home small elevators first, and know which elevator you need.
The family manned lift / lift platform is an economical and practical small type manned elevator. It adopts a hydraulic system, with stable lifting, strong safety, low civil requirements, and easy installation. It can be customized according to your needs.
Minimum hoistway clearance of standard elevator is 1450x1450mm, 250kg load, and it can take three persons. However, it is necessary to consider the construction of shaft structure, columns, and walls, and at least the space of 1600x1600mm must be considered, otherwise it will not fit.
The cost of installing a standard elevator is generally around 100,000 yuan. Professional elevator maintenance is required. Maintenance personnel usually visit it once every 15 days. Mandatory inspection is required to report to the safety supervision bureau. Inspection is performed once a year. Simply put, personal installation is very expensive, and the money is still small and long-term.
If your budget is only 2-3 million, you can only choose small and simple elevators, which are often referred to as elevators and freight elevators. This simple elevator uses a hydraulic system. The same lifting system as a hydraulic elevator is only relatively simple. There is no luxurious decoration of the elevator, which is very safe and stable. It is mainly used for cargo loading. The minimum size of the hydraulic lift can be 800 * 800mm or smaller, which can be customized according to the actual needs of customers. This small and simple elevator-type hydraulic lift is convenient to install, is not restricted by the installation place, and is convenient to maintain. It is a frequently practical small household elevator.
How much is a small home elevator? The above is the price information on small household elevators shared by the small editor of Mona Lisa Home Elevator. I hope to help you better understand the price of small household elevators. First of all, you must understand the classification of small household elevators. Secondly, in addition to the basic installation, In addition to the costs, there are also professional maintenance and maintenance cycles. Here you must consult professional manufacturers.

How To Professionally Install China Passenger Elevator

December 11, 2019 by otsealex  

China Passenger Elevator refer to permanent transportation equipment that serves a number of specific floors in a building, and its cars run on at least two rows of rigid rails that are perpendicular to the horizontal plane or less than 15 ° from the plumb line.


(1) The civil structure and layout of the professional Chinese passenger elevator installation machine room and shaft must meet the requirements of the Chinese passenger elevator civil layout plan
(2) The main power switch must meet the following requirements:-+
a.The main power switch should be able to cut off the maximum current under normal use of Chinese passenger elevators.
b. Chinese passenger elevator switches should be easily accessible from the entrance of the machine room
(3) The hoistway must meet the following requirements:
a. When there is space accessible by personnel under the bottom of the pit and there is no safety gear device on the counterweight (or counterweight), the counterweight buffer must be able to be installed (or the lower side of the counterweight operating area must be) Extends to solid pier on solid ground.
b. Before the installation of Chinese passenger elevators, the reserved holes of all landing doors must be provided with a safety protection enclosure with a height of not less than 1.2m, and should have sufficient strength.
c. When the distance between the adjacent two-story door sills is greater than 11m, a hoistway safety door must be installed during the hoistway. The hoistway safety door must not be opened into the hoistway and must be equipped with electrical safety devices that can only be operated by Chinese passenger elevators when the safety door is closed.
(4) Requirements before the machine room is handed over to the Chinese passenger elevator contractor:
a. The electrical room should be provided with fixed electrical lighting, and the illumination on the floor surface should not be less than 200lx.
b. The equipment room should be ventilated, and the stale air drawn from other parts of the building should not be discharged into the equipment room.
c, Chinese passenger elevator assembly personnel should be able to easily access the engine room or pulley room, without the need to temporarily resort to other auxiliary facilities.
d. During the construction process, if it is necessary to maintain the trap door open position, in order to prevent personnel from falling, a guardrail should be set around it.
e. The equipment room should have good anti-seepage and anti-leakage protection.
(5) According to the requirements of Chinese passenger elevator contractors, provide the passage and handling space required for the equipment to enter the site.
(6) Since the installation of Chinese passenger elevators is a high-altitude operation, in order to facilitate the installation personnel to carry out construction operations in the hoistway, the general contractor shall cooperate with the needs of Chinese passenger elevator installation and set up scaffolding at appropriate locations.
(7) The hoistway shall be used exclusively for Chinese passenger elevators, and equipment and cables not related to Chinese passenger elevators shall not be installed in the hoistway.
(8) There should be good anti-seepage and leak-proof protection in the pit, and there should be no standing water in the pit.
(9) Each floor shall have a horizontal plane reference mark.
(10) Before the Chinese passenger elevator is installed, it is necessary to do a good job in the safety protection of the Chinese passenger elevator entrance.
(11) Due to the large number of Chinese passenger elevators in this project, the general contractor shall cooperate with the finished product protection of Chinese passenger elevators in the installed part of Chinese passenger elevators

Small Elevators For Homes Maintenance Costs Are Low

November 27, 2019 by otsealex  

Small and exquisite small elevators are easy to integrate into the home building space. They are easy-to-install and space-saving Small Elevators For Homes; for those small spaces where space is limited, any space that cannot accommodate traditional elevators, but must have an existing elevator. For residential purposes, the exquisite home small elevators are ideal for improving the situation.

We offer a range of accessories to create a private custom elevator for your home environment. Compared with any other traditional elevator, you can notice how the otse elevator is ingenious in terms of high safety and ease of installation. In the case of extremely low ceilings, we also offer a 1.1 m / 1.4 m / 1.5 m half-height door to help you easily use the top floor space.

Easy to install

No need for a separate machine room, with an integrated hoistway. The installation is very simple, it takes only two people to complete in two days, and it can be installed directly on the floor that has been renovated without damaging the existing decoration.

Low cost of use and maintenance


In addition to lower installation costs, the daily use and maintenance costs of exquisite small elevators are lower than traditional elevators. The product comes with an integrated hoistway. In addition to the standard steel panel hoistway and door, there are also safe laminated glass hoistways and various doors to choose from, and the opening direction is flexible.

The Installation Effect Of Small Elevators For Homes

November 20, 2019 by otsealex  

1, the style style confirmation
The choice of style and style is important to consider the hoistway environment and personal preferences, and secondly consider the cost and difficulty level. Generally speaking, the closed hoistway should be closed to the car, the sightseeing hoistway should be equipped with a sightseeing car, and what kind of style is suitable for the hoistway. Perhaps there are also three-sided sightseeing or partial sightseeing styles, and the most pleasant choice. the way.
2. Car layout and shape:
Generally speaking, as a saving area, most of the double-span automatic doors are used, and the side-mounted scheme is also more appropriate. Under normal circumstances, the OTSE Small Elevators For Homes adopts the industry stable hoistway standard, the width is 1200mm, and the door is 850mm wide. The width is maintained at 700mm. Most of the preferred U-shaped staircases are equipped with small elevators in the empty space, and the steel structure shaft or the aluminum alloy frame shaft of the elevator has a weak ventilation design.
3, pit and top design and installation:
Generally speaking, the pit is used as a buffer for accommodating and accommodating the car in the middle, some hops can not dig the pit, and the top point of the top is large, so the OTSE small elevators are designed in an agile manner and adapted to local conditions. Usually, the small pit is 100mm, and the bottomless pit can also be used to borrow the pit. For the bottom point, the highest point is greater than 2350mm.
4, speed design:
Generally speaking, the floor of a family home is not very low. It is also important for the elderly and those with reduced mobility. Therefore, the speed should not be so slow. 3 layers of 0.2m/s and 3 layers of more than 0.25~0.3m/s can be used. It is.
5, well location and space settings
The hoistway position space determines the elevator space and the door opening size. It is a good idea to install the elevator below the stairs and combine it with the stairs. Generally, we should pay attention to three aspects: the bottom of the stairs, the corners of the wall, and the external plugging. It is not good to block the passage in the middle. Use the opening width to reverse the width of the hoistway and use the highest point of the top layer to reverse the height of the car. The load is recommended for 3-4 people, 400KG, and the size of the car is 0.8-1.2 square meters.


How to install a small elevator in the home, the relevant knowledge is introduced here, I hope to help everyone. Through the above introduction, you can refer to it when installing a small elevator for home use.

How Long Can A Small Elevators For Homes Be Used?

November 13, 2019 by otsealex  


With the improvement of living standards, Small Elevators For Homes are no longer a niche household equipment, but after all, the installation cost of small elevators is still relatively high. Many people are concerned about how long can small elevators in general use? Let's take a look at the Otse home small elevator series with this question. Let's take a look.
1, the brand of small elevators for household use
Usually, people will definitely consider the brand when shopping, because after all, "one point for one price" is justified, and the after-sales will be better, people will feel relieved and guaranteed. The same is true for small elevators in the home. The better the brand, the more assured it will be.
2, the quality of small elevators at home
The better the quality of a small elevator in a home, the more resistant it will be, and the longer it will last. In general, developers will choose a small-sized elevator with better quality, which not only reduces the number of elevator maintenance, but also reduces maintenance costs.
3, the operating environment of small elevators for household use
The wire rope and frame of the small elevators in the home are all iron. The iron is easy to rust in a humid environment, and even if it is corrosion-resistant, it will damage the service life. Therefore, small elevators for homes are required for the installation location.
4, the maintenance of small elevators for household use
Household small elevators, like commercial elevators, also require regular inspections. Generally, the inspection cycle of a small household elevator is one month, which prevents troubles caused by the elevator failure and even causes irreparable consequences.
5, the use of small elevators at home
When people use elevators, they should avoid exceeding the load-bearing range of the elevators, and they must not behave in the elevators, which will affect the service life of small elevators in the home.
The above are several factors that affect the service life of small elevators in homes. Under normal circumstances, the life of a small elevator for household use is about fifteen years, and the quality can be used for a longer period of time. However, after several decades of use, even if the parts of the elevator are replaced, the drawstring will wear out and there is a safety hazard, so it is recommended to replace the new small home elevator.

How To Buy A Small Elevators For Homes

November 7, 2019 by otsealex  

For a friend who buys a Small Elevators For Homes, they pay more attention to the price and appearance of the product, but ignore the quality and safety system of the product. With the popularity of small elevators in the home, the owners will look at the small elevators in the home. Very careful and serious, shop around, repeated consultation, material quality, performance, safety factor, reasonable price, etc. These are the concerns of people in the purchase process, how to choose small elevator manufacturers? Like many owners, Mr. Liu also weighed the pros and cons when choosing a small elevator for home, and conducted an all-round investigation and analysis. After finally trying to take a small elevator for a friend's home, I went back to understand the small elevators of the otse brand.


When choosing a small elevator for home, the owners often look at the manufacturer's background, brand influence, design information, elevator pictures, Internet word of mouth and elevator price. Under various marketing promotion brands, they want to choose a cost-effective one. The elevator also needs to go to the store for a test ride. Through the test ride, you can feel the smoothness of the elevator operation and the exquisite design of the elevator.

Where Is The Small Elevators For Homes Installed?

October 31, 2019 by otsealex  

The cost of home elevators is relatively high. As everyone knows, many people will give priority to installing small elevators when they choose home elevators. So, where is the home small elevator installed? Next, the OTSE home elevator will bring you the installation specifications for small elevators in the home. Let's take a look.
Households with a home small elevator plan will have to decide early on whether the home small elevator is installed outdoors or indoors. Nothing outside is against the wall. Usually close to the door. Not too far from the door, otherwise it is not convenient for guests and their families to enter and leave. There are more choices for installing small elevators in the home. It can be roughly divided into the following types: in the middle of the stairs, in the existing hoistway, against the wall and other locations.


Middle of the stairs
From a design point of view, the Small Elevators For Homes installed in the middle of the spiral staircase is both space-saving and aesthetically pleasing. The appearance can be selected from the glass hoistway, and the design sense is stronger. The small elevators in the home have the hoistway elevator solution, which can be directly installed on the decorative surface of the floor tiles without destroying the civil structure. And the well and interior decoration are available in a variety of options to meet all your needs for beauty.
Existing hoistway
Some parents have reserved enough space to install small elevators in the early days of the civil construction. This type of installation can be installed directly. Without so many restrictions, you can choose your favorite elevator brand.
Against walls and other locations
Small elevators for homes can be installed with a simple fixing point. Choose any wall position or floor opening position, you can use custom steel plate to paint color on the wall surface, other surfaces can be matched with transparent glass or steel plate according to the decoration style of your interior, small elevator 8800 for household use, no counterweight forced scheme The utility model reduces the occupied space of the hoistway, improves the utilization rate of the hoistway, reduces the cost, and improves the comfort of riding the ladder.

The Choice Of Small Elevators For Homes Installation Location

October 26, 2019 by otsealex  

Otse small elevators can be installed on the wall or floor opening position of any one of the indoor and outdoor areas in the home. The wall can be painted with custom steel plates. Other surfaces can be matched with transparent glass or steel plate according to the decoration style. Because there is no need for the bottom pit design without the top height requirement, it is also applicable in the duplex building of the high-rise building. For the building space with insufficient top floor height, the half-height door design can also be customized.

First, if the stairs at home are surrounded by three-sided staircases and the position of the stairs is ≥1000*1000, then it is best to use this position to install the elevator, that is, it does not occupy the size of the home, and will not damage the layout. The elevator shaft seals the vacant position in the middle of the stairs and also plays a role in safety protection.

Second, there are also many villa-type stairs for the stairs on both sides, so that only choose other solutions to install elevators. If there is no suitable location in the house, you can negotiate with the property, choose the external home improvement elevator, choose the appropriate location size in your own garden, the well is close to the wall of the house, and stand up straight. This well can be used to do the civil construction well (the civil engineering requirements, the walls need to be guaranteed It can reach a total thickness of 20, and requires concrete grouting columns and ring beams. It can also be used as a sightseeing shaft (200mm*200mm steel pipe is recommended for external sightseeing shafts).

Thirdly, if the location of the elevators in the home is not up to the above two suggestions, then you can contact the relevant elevator professionals for on-site survey and design, or communicate with the home improvement designer, change the decoration plan appropriately, and leave it larger than if you do not interfere with the home situation. It can be installed in a position of 1000 cubic meters.


Where is the Small Elevators For Homes installed? The above is the Otse home small elevator manufacturers and everyone's analysis about the choice of small elevators for home. You can first look at what type of elevators and then choose the right small elevators for your home. You need to consider lighting, wellhead location, and convenient travel.

China Passenger Elevator Installation Needs To Pay Attention To

October 15, 2019 by otsealex  

What are the installations of China Passenger Elevator? Let us introduce the Otse elevator manufacturers:

(1) Top type: that is, the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine is placed at the top of the hoistway at a traction ratio of 2:1, and the winding method is more complicated; the lower type: that is, the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine is placed at the bottom of the hoistway, and the traction More than 2:1, the winding method is more complicated.

(2) Car top drive type: the traction machine is placed on the car top; the counterweight drive type: the traction machine is placed in the counterweight.

The above four methods are the most common installation plans for Chinese passenger elevator traction machines. I hope that they can help you, and the safety of installations in China's passenger elevators is important. Installation monitoring is necessary. How to pay attention to it? Do you have questions about the installation of passenger elevators in China?

1. The wire is selected reasonably. The best choice is the elevator dedicated line or the 8-point signal line. Many people think that the main purpose of selecting such wire is anti-interference. There is also a main reason why the wire is often in motion. It is very simple. What is broken core?

2, the installation of dedicated elevator cameras often have to open the hole, many people are very handy things, and some advanced elevator openings are not easy to open, the raw materials are very strong, and often there will be several layers of information, the hole size should be mastered, If we are small, we can expand it. If it is too big, it will be troublesome.

3, pay attention to anti-jamming. The surge generated when the elevator starts is very scary. There is not much contact with the camera, only related to your construction level slow wire;

4, the installation time must be with the elevator workers, this is still a comparison of risks. Not only the construction personnel risk, but also may endanger others. Once there is a building in the elevator monitoring, elevator workers will stop the elevator, construction The staff is working, but I don't know why, the elevator door on the top floor is open. There is a buddy who doesn't look at it and walks straight into the elevator and falls into the hole.

5, with the cable that is handled well, the best and old elevator workers to communicate.

6, remember not to take power from the maintenance power supply of the top elevator of the Chinese passenger elevator car, after the end of the end of the trouble.


7. There is also a small door to negotiate. The monitoring inside the elevator is very difficult to play. It must be clear to Party A in advance. Don’t let Party A have too high expectations. The picture of this small area must not be. The large outdoor vacancies come brightly.