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The Development Of The Modern Economy

June 25, 2019 by zzgl5656  

With the development of the modern economy, the whole country is vigorously developing urban construction. The rural development city is a key project supported by the state. Rebuilding a new city is the benchmark for economic development. The accumulation of construction waste caused by house demolition during the reconstruction process is a big problem that needs to be solved. The problem can be re-used after the construction waste is earned and the tile is cleaned. 
The brick, tile and concrete are sieved and classified, and the low-grade recycled aggregate concrete is prepared as the recycled aggregate after the cleaning. It is used for foundation reinforcement and road Guoxingcheng cushion. Within the ground floor and floor cushions and non-load-bearing concrete hollow blocks, concrete hollow partition wall panels, autoclaved fly ash bricks and other production.
The construction waste crushing system is generally divided into two types: mobile and fixed. The mobile crushing station is flexible and suitable for temporary disposal at the demolition site. However, the environmental dust removal measures are difficult to solve. The fixed type is generally built in a remote area from the urban area to make it fully enclosed and environmentally friendly. Industrial park. The concrete cone crusher for construction waste adds a water spray and dust removal device at the inlet of the original equipment to achieve the purpose of dust reduction, and the discharge port is appropriately improved.
The special anti-collision crusher for construction waste is improved on the basis of the original counter-breaking, so that it has the anti-rebar winding function (the third adjustment part of the original equipment is properly optimized). He has extensive experience in the treatment of construction waste. The construction waste crushing equipment has become a booster for today's economic development. Broken equipment such as cone crushers, impact crushers, shears and other equipment have been applied to construction waste.

advanced technology of jaw crusher

June 21, 2019 by zzgl5656  

The emergence of pew jaw crushers and the successful application in mineral processing have gradually improved the utilization of mineral resources and solved the problem of tailings. In this respect, the outstanding contribution of the pew jaw crusher is mainly manifested in two aspects:

First of all, through the use of advanced technology and pew jaw crusher and other mechanical equipment, in the processing and processing of mineral resources, the screening and fragmentation of multiple stages, to maximize the selection of useful components in mineral resources, the purpose is to gradually achieve the mineral processing enterprises The development direction of tailings.

Secondly, for the tailings that have already been produced, the maximum utilization value of the tailings can also be achieved by the pew jaw crusher. The tailings are further processed by the pew jaw crusher to screen out useful ingredients, which can be used to make cement, concrete, refractory materials, glass, etc., and truly realize the recycling of tailings. This tailings treatment method solves a series of serious consequences caused by tailings accumulation, realizes the recycling of resources, reduces the waste of resources, and improves the utilization of resources, which is a reasonable and effective treatment.

Application of new stone crusher machine

June 20, 2019 by zzgl5656  

Application of new stone crusher machine: 1 stone rocks , artificial stone crusher ore tailings, stone chips. 2 construction aggregate, highway road fabric, cushion material, stone and stone aggregate production. 3 engineering field of water conservancy and hydropower, highway, highway, railway, passenger dedicated line, bridge, airport runway, municipal engineering, high-rise building machine stone crusher production and stone plastic.
Grinding PPK finely process mining areas, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, mining, cement, refractory material, abrasive and other industries for crushing. 5 high abrasive and two times the disintegration, sulfur and thermal power, metallurgy industry, steel slag, stone crushing and other environmental protection projects. 6 glass, stone and other high purity materials production.
Companies adhere to the "science and technology and quality of peer, technology is the root, innovation is the soul, talent is the" business philosophy, Tangshan area obtained stone fine rare earth mining eq sales manager, please contact customer service web site, 24 hours serve for you!

concrete crushing machine structure adjusted

June 11, 2019 by zzgl5656  

When the concrete crushing machinery in normal working operation, regardless of operating personnel or non operating personnel, may feed inlet material with direct hand touch device, more can not be directly removed the crushing cavity or moving about stone from equipment. Fifth, according to the related electrical equipment concrete crushing machinery, must be in accordance with the provisions of the grounding, and the need to take the corresponding wire installed in the meet the requirements of the insulating tube.

Ore crushing system of equipment structure adjusted, so as to conform to the specifications of the exercise according to the regulation of a good program, so that they can make the equipment for crushing various materials of the crushing cavity smoothly. Through the above brief introduction, we believe that for concrete crushing machinery safety operation must have a simple understanding, in this remind you, no matter what type of machinery, should have a correct operation process and technique.

This can not only ensure the property of the enterprise is not easy to be damaged, more can guarantee the life safety issues of employee. Want to know more information about concrete crushing machinery, welcome momentarily pay attention to dynamic updating of our site, and learn more about the crusher news.

based structure of jaw crusher

June 10, 2019 by zzgl5656  

Jaw crusher in daily life at any time can be seen, especially in some river sections, can be seen at any time, it is because of its existence, our city will become so beautiful, we will be building houses so strong. Why is this, the main reason is that the construction units, all need to use sand, if not sand, housing at the time of construction is not so strong, there is no many-storied buildings now.

Jaw crusher, is the production of construction required sand. When mining sand to need to use jaw crusher, is the processing production of mining the ore, stone crusher counterattack the main role, some price crude ore, processed into some direct can be used for the production of sand.Each local sand and gravel mining are limited, when a region of sand and gravel mining over time, you need to transfer mining places, it is necessary to transfer the equipment.

For large equipment crusher such as one-time transfer difficulty is relatively large, and is on the banks of a river, not at all good transfer, so the manufacturer before production on the design of jaw crusher foundation structure, make it easy to remove and install, such words as an area of the sand and gravel mining finished and the need for the transfer, the transfer of the mining equipment is very convenient.

picture of dolomite processing machinery

May 30, 2019 by zzgl5656  

Now the mining mine dolomite and other resources is more serious, in order to prevent the river dolomite mining, over exploitation of resources, the provisions of the relevant departments must constrain system portable jaw crusher for mining, dolomite processing machinery from deutschland must be reasonable use, act in accordance with the relevant provisions.

The following will introduce in the use of dolomite mining when the required attention to detail. To further develop and perfect measures of dolomite processing machinery from deutschland specific equipment, such as dolomite mining permit approval is granted, the way can way, site supervision area after the failure to obtain a permit dolomite mining ship management measures.


To the supervision and management of each dolomite production line, do administrative subject, object, content, procedure, legalization. Special attention should be paid to avoid administrative behavior "offside", "Absence" and "dislocation" problem, neither administrative omission, also cannot exceed the statutory authority to implement the administrative behavior. 

structure of mining industry in philippines

May 30, 2019 by zzgl5656  

Production portable jaw crusher artificial stone as a building material, directly affects the quality of concrete, so in the production process design of artificial stone must be careful when, according to the artificial stone powder in stone washing machine dehydration and stone flow loss is more, We in stone making process and special use VSI series bentonite milling industry in philippines and equipment , specializing in the production of artificial sand, with refined grain line, high stone ratio, fineness modulus can be adjusted, and low production cost. 
To ensure the full load running bentonite milling industry in philippines , the highest production under the premise, We also studies the design of fine stone recovery technology and reliable, which can reduce the artificial stone production cost, and enhance the artificial stone production and adjustment of artificial stone fineness modulus. 
We in a lot of production practice that my company stone production and stone ratio of more than 50%, with characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, production bentonite milling industry in philippines artificial stone sand production quantity of all specifications of 40%-45%, and the hardness of stone crushing fineness modulus, can get the number 1.

development direction of vertical roller mill

May 29, 2019 by zzgl5656  

In recent years, with the rapid development of mining industry in our country mines, mining of mine machinery demand and quality requirements are increasing, more and more people need equipment high stability, small energy consumption, large output, fully functional. This can be seen from several updated domestic vertical roller mill experience replacement in. The following for you a brief introduction to the development process of China's vertical roller mill.

Vertical mill is the first generation of efficient system sand machine, because of its large output, low energy consumption advantages, once in various ore fine crushing equipment plays an irreplaceable role.Feed particle size of which is 26-60 mm, yield 8-360 tons / hour. It has the advantages of simple structure, reasonable design, has finely, coarse grinding function. It adopts self hammer crusher, the material between the impact crushing, not in direct contact with the metal components, reduces the abrasion. Production process, stone can form the bottom protection, avoid body wear, durable. Vertical mill has the world's advanced level of domestic fourth generation high performance vertical roller mill. It adopts the latest German research results, combined with the characteristics of Chinese sand industry, so it has very strong applicability to various materials.

Jaw Crusher Used In Concrete Industry

May 29, 2019 by zzgl5656  

The development of the society gradually accelerated, all walks of life are also struggling to development, especially the industry machinery and equipment, building and road projects such as expanding, all kinds of cement, brick and so on a series of material was also rose in a straight line, while the concrete is the most important material, therefore the jaw crusher demand also increase than in the past, concrete the crusher has an alias of PEW jaw crusher, can be called the concrete industry is the best helper.

Concrete because of its low price and rich raw material and make it become the most widely applicable in many materials, is also a kind of the most, its advantages are not only reflected in the construction, is in the shipbuilding, machinery and other industries also full highlights, but because the production process of concrete is very complex, need to cooperate with the machinery and equipment the PEW jaw crusher industry, so the door so open, as everyone knows, when the concrete production, crushing machine as the first stage of equipment, plays an irreplaceable role, it is the professional concrete crushing equipment, its performance determines the subsequent manufacturing product from the pros and cons, so enterprises in the choose and buy when the concrete equipment to be especially cautious, and for different specifications of aggregate, PEW jaw crusher types are different, but all of this is in determining the want cooperation manufacturers, manufacturers of the technical staff will help customers solve problems

processing of dolomite grinding project

May 28, 2019 by zzgl5656  

Both the open mining or crushing equipment broken out of the material, or natural raw materials needed in the industrial manufacturing and processing or artificial ingredients, are together before the treatment, so in order to better area for these useful useless material, it will use the screening equipment, therefore, dolomite grinder so generated, and since there after it was very popular in the market.

It can be so popular is because there is a There is nothing comparable to this advantage of traditional dolomite grinding project screening equipment, is an energy efficient, almost can be applicable to all kinds of materials, and has the advantages of small occupation area, and can save a large amount of capital investment, is a small investment returns high dolomite grinder equipment, good has been proven by it is efficient in various parts of the actual production line, and many customers in the learned this news in the search for high quality after this dolomite grinding project, thus, its good development is irresistible, which changes the structure of the traditional screening machine, using the maximum innovation technology make it in all walks of life have a good the play, it is the industry experts constantly on the market to explore, for customers to visit a new vibration design out of the screen, fully meet customer usage, and the dolomite grinding project can be screening for iron ore, so called iron ore dolomite grinder, so it is a multifunctional equipment, is the best choice for customers the.