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Analysis of the Use and Wear of Jaw Crusher

October 15, 2019 by zzgl5656  

SBM Mining Machinery is the largest production base of hammer crusher, clinker crusher and limestone jaw crusher in China. Its unique advantages and high wear resistance break the world difficult problem of wear resistance for high silicon content materials. It has made outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of cement crushing and limestone crushing.
Jaw crusher is a patent product of SBM Mining Machinery. Since entering the international market in June 2010, it has been exported to Malaysia, Turkey, Canada, Mongolia, Vietnam, Cameroon, France, Germany, the Middle East and Africa. And with its reliable quality, conquer the vast number of users at home and abroad, and in July 2011 created a Canadian customer orders from 1 to 10 sales miracle, world-renowned.
Comparing with the conventional inlaid tungsten-titanium alloy jaw crusher, the jaw crusher of SBM Mining Machinery is mainly developed for the limestone with abnormal SiO2 content. The tungsten-titanium alloy is densely cast on the high manganese steel matrix, and its hardness is only inferior to that of diamond. It can resist severe abrasive wear and optimize the matching of chemical composition. 
It uses rare earth modification, niobium vanadium and other precious elements to strengthen the matrix. Vacuum casting, directional solidification technology and grain refinement are used in the production. The casting defects are eliminated fundamentally, thus ensuring the toughness and hardness of the break and greatly improving the wear resistance.

Analysis of the cautions for the use of ball mill

October 9, 2019 by zzgl5656  

1. Lubricate ball mill and related parts of supporting equipment in time

2. In the use of ball mill, metal is strictly forbidden to enter the main body to avoid damage to the roller grinding ring.

3. When feeding the main engine, the feeding should be uniform, too much may block the air duct and reduce the output.

4. Notes for air volume regulation: small air volume, high fineness, but it should be noted that if the air volume is too small, the main air duct below is easy to deposit materials.

5. The analyzer should be adjusted appropriately according to the size, hardness, moisture content, specific gravity and processing requirements.

How to Choose Impact Crusher

September 25, 2019 by zzgl5656  

Impact crusher is a crushing equipment commonly used in ore processing. It plays an important role in improving ore grade and comprehensive utilization rate. With the rapid development of science, technology and industry in China, the demand for impact crusher is also increasing. But there are many impact crushers on the market. How can users choose and buy them?

Choosing the appropriate type of impact crusher

There are many types of impact crusher, and the output, adaptability and price of each type are different. Users should have a comprehensive understanding of the quality, output, efficiency, price and other factors of each model, and choose the ideal impact crusher model based on the recommendation of the manufacturer.

Signing purchase agreement with manufacturer

After confirming the purchase of a certain type of equipment, the user must sign a formal purchase agreement with the manufacturer. Read carefully the consensus reached with the manufacturer in the agreement. If any unreasonable points are found in the agreement, it should be put forward as soon as possible and settled through consultation with the manufacturer.

should you pay attention

September 24, 2019 by zzgl5656  

How to choose the best iron processing flowsheet according to different materials and different production environments? Join us to figure out the puzzle step by step.What should you pay attention to when selecting irons?

1. The first, we should know the conveyor belt bandwidth, transfer speed, inclination angle; material humidity, particle size, thickness, iron content, ferromagnetic material property; operation condition (temperature, humidity, dust, corrosiveness, etc.), iron remover installation, space, etc.

2. When there is a high content of iron in the material, self-discharging type electromagnetic iron remover, self-discharging permanent magnet iron remover, or electromagnetic cylinder and permanent magnet cylinder should be selected.

3. When the material contains less iron, it can select manual type iron remover.

4. If there is a very small amount of ferromagnetic material, the metal detector and the strong magnetic self-unloading electric and permanent magnet iron remover are used together to achieve automatic monitoring and automatic iron processing flowsheet, which has energy saving, long life and good iron processing flowsheet efficiency.

the Structure of Quarry Crusher

September 23, 2019 by zzgl5656  

The quarry crusher consists of a box body, a rotor, a hammer head, a counterpunch liner, and a sieve plate.

Quarry crusher has the advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform particle size, less crushing and low energy consumption. However, due to the rapid wear of hammers, the application of hard hammers is limited. In addition, because the grid section is afraid of blockage, it is not suitable to use it to break large moisture and clay containing materials. 

This crusher is usually used to crush brittle materials such as limestone, shale, coal, gypsum and chalk. Changing the hammers of the quarry crusher to the ring coal crusher of the steel ring is a variant of the quarry crusher. It uses the combined action of high speed impact and low speed roller pressure to break the material, so that a finer product can be obtained. 

It is mainly used for crushing coal for power plants, but it can also be used for crushing gypsum, salt chemical materials and some medium and hard materials.

the technical content of mobile crusher

September 19, 2019 by zzgl5656  

With the continuous development of the times, the level of science and technology is constantly changing. The technical content contained in the mobile crusher is constantly increasing, and the types of equipment are constantly increasing. In the process of production, the ultra-fineness can be better satisfied. The production demand of powder, but due to the large demand at the beginning, the number of manufacturers of equipment is increasing, and the number of equipments produced is relatively large. Therefore, although the technical level of equipment is getting higher and higher, the price of equipment is lowered. Some.

The above analysis of the market changes in the price of mobile crusher, the following analysis of the market changes of mobile crusher manufacturers, the beginning is generally a large formal manufacturers invested a lot of money and manpower to develop mobile crusher equipment, when equipment development After successful and put into production, there will be a large number of manufacturers to follow the example of producing mobile crusher equipment, so that mobile crusher manufacturers will be more and more.

However, the technical content of mobile crusher equipment produced by different manufacturers is not the same, and the price will be different. At this time, the market competition of mobile crusher will be fierce. The regular manufacturers will also be in addition to increasing the technical content of the equipment. Some efforts have been made to pay more attention to their own credibility.

The maintenance of portable crusher

September 18, 2019 by zzgl5656  

The maintenance phenomenon of portable crusher plant in the working process is mainly to ensure the better work of the machine and the extension of the life. The maintenance is mainly for various parts and screws and bolts. It can be divided into production maintenance and preventive maintenance. This article Introducing the question of what these two types of repairs mean.

The first is preventive maintenance. From the name we can see that this is a planned maintenance in advance, and it is also said that in the event that the portable crusher plant has not failed, in order to prevent the phenomenon that the machine may appear to reduce efficiency, such The purpose of the work is to prevent the occurrence of faults and effectively improve the production efficiency of the portable crusher;

Secondly, production maintenance is to carry out some maintenance in order to improve production efficiency. When the crusher is working, different maintenance is required according to the influence of different faults, but different measures are needed, but the assistance for production is obvious. This is also an indispensable maintenance in practical applications;

The article mainly introduces the problem of portable crusher plant at work, its preventive maintenance and production maintenance, and the article has a very detailed analysis of these two aspects, the combination of the two can better guarantee Production efficiency.

gyratory crusher in limestone production

September 17, 2019 by zzgl5656  

The application of limestone in the construction, cement, bridge and other industries is powdered as the raw material for production. This will inevitably use the gyratory crusher to produce limestone. The crusher equipment is relatively late in China, but the development speed is very fast. 
Nowadays, there are many different kinds of crusher equipment in China, and these equipments are produced according to market demand. Each one has different functions and advantages from other crusher equipment, but what kind of grinding equipment can make What are the benefits of limestone production?
First of all, the production of limestone requires equipment that can produce fine powder. Limestone is used as a raw material in powder production in various industries. This requirement indicates that ultrafine grinding equipment can be used for the grinding of limestone. There are many types of gyratory crusher, and each has many different models, which makes the selection of suitable gyratory crusher in limestone production engineering a problem.

the process of stone crusher

September 6, 2019 by zzgl5656  

In the process of stone crusher work, the production capacity is related to many factors. In order to ensure the production capacity, there are many measures to be taken, one of which is to extend the service life and reduce the failure in production, so as to ensure the production capacity. Balance, this is no exception to the use of mini stone crusher, then what issues should be paid attention to during the maintenance and maintenance process

Stone crusher is an indispensable important equipment in construction projects. In the process of work, their production capacity is a problem that customers will pay attention to at the moment, but production capacity is related to many factors. In order to ensure production capacity, it will take There are many measures, one of which is to extend its service life and reduce the failure in production, so as to ensure the balance of production capacity, which is no exception to the use of mini stone crusher, so in the maintenance and maintenance process, you need to pay attention to What are the problems

the power consumption of ball mill

September 5, 2019 by zzgl5656  

The point is the condition of feeding, because the ball mill grinder has strict requirements on the properties of the material, and the properties such as hardness, size and viscosity are in line with the requirements of the mill, so as to ensure the smooth progress of the production, if the nature does not match The situation will increase the difficulty of production, so when working, it will increase the power consumption. To solve the problem of this aspect, the solution we need is to ensure the rationality of the incoming materials;
The second point is the problem of the amount of feed. Ball mill of each type of machine, its capacity is determined, before starting, we need to adjust the various parameters according to the determined capacity and finished product requirements, if the feed If the amount is too large or too small, it will cause waste of electricity in production, which will naturally increase the consumption of electricity in production.
To solve this problem, we need to adopt a solution to strictly control the amount of feed; The third point is to prevent the phenomenon of clogging. When the ball mill is working, if there is a blockage phenomenon, it will cause a large amount of material to gather inside, which will naturally increase the running resistance of the equipment, which is to increase the power consumption. An important aspect of our need for strict prevention;