Joe Keith

Joe Keith is the business development manager at SJ Computers. Born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, Joe is an accomplished software designer and theater actor. 

Celebrities rip California’s Gov. Newsom over coronavirus Thanksgiving rules

The order requires the host of any private gathering to limit attendance to no more than three households and the duration to no more than two hours.

Singing Tips for Professionals

Your voice is a “physical” instrument that you must learn to use to get the most from it. About 95 to 98%...

Modern Merch Product Reviews: Smartwatch, Earbuds, Bright Smile

Products and customer reviews of Modern Merch. Find out if the smartwatch, earbuds, mobile charger, and smile bright products are right for you.

How to Recycle Old Solar Panels

Solar panels have a long lifetime, usually about 30 years or more. However, with the increasing number of solar panels being installed...
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Singing Tips for Professionals

Your voice is a “physical”...