Miller Guns and Ammo (1)

Following a dramatic rise in firearm sales seen coast-to-coast, many local gun store owners have been ramping up staff and inventory to meet demand. Located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Miller Guns and Ammo are taking extra steps to ensure all gun buyers are properly educated before making their purchase.

For Miller Guns and Ammo, it’s not enough to ramp up inventory alone, having quality staff is also important. They utilize their staff of ex-military (Marine and Army) employees to educate customers properly and help them in finding the right firearm. “Having a team of military veterans to properly match gun owners with the right firearm is essential for us,” said Jon Miller, owner of Miller Guns and Ammo.

Since 2014, Miller Guns and Ammo is a family-owned business, carrying the latest and most modern handguns, rifles, and accessories. In fact, they carry one of the largest inventories in New Mexico for handguns and tactical rifles.

In addition to having a friendly staff, Miller Guns and Ammo offers a 90-day interest-free financing option, and they also do out of state FFL transfers. They also have the ability to sell suppressors (Class III dealers). Conceal carry classes are also available.

Types of items you can get at Miller Guns and Ammo includes bulk ammunition/single box ammo, tactical knives, pistols, rifles, suppressors, shotguns, AR-15 parts and accessories, holsters, backpacks, flashlights, range bags, pistol and rifle sights, pistol and AR-15 safes, pistol and rifle bags, scopes and red dots, pistol and rifle magazines (including high capacity), and hearing protection. They also have a large selection of used rifles, revolvers, pistols, and shotguns available for purchase.

They deal with the following brands: Glock, Barrett, Smith and Wesson, HK, Century Arms, CZ USA, FNH USA, Remington, Kimber, Mossberg, Surefire, Streamlight, Blackhawk, Desantis, and others.

For Miller Guns and Ammo, educating new buyers is a big concern. “Many first-time gun-buyers have been selecting shotguns. Taking the time to teach new owners firearm safety is mandatory for Miller Guns and Ammo” said Jon Miller.

It is important that every customer understands the proper handling of a firearm before purchasing one. It is also important, especially for families with children to have a gun with a safety catch. The staff at Miller works to understand their first time buyer’s needs to help them find the gun that won’t knock them off their feet. They make sure you know how to load the gun, how it works, proper maintenance, and how to shoot it in a responsible way.

As true experts in their field with one of the best guns and shooting accessories inventory in New Mexico, Miller Guns and Ammo caters to casual shooters, individuals interested in personal defense, competitive shooters, gun collectors, hunters, Estate sales sellers, and anyone who is a gun and outdoors sports enthusiast.