seasonal job

Extra cash always sounds good, especially during the holidays. To get your stash stacked in time for gift-giving, we offer you a few tips on how to land a seasonal job. Free advice-you can’t beat that.

7 Tips to Consider Before and During the Interview

1. Update your resume. Include your most relevant experience and highlight your qualifications. Show how the skills you gained in previous positions will prove valuable to the job you’re currently applying for. Transferable skills refer to abilities that can be used across industries. For instance, if you worked as a cashier and you’re applying for a customer service rep position, be sure to explain how the skills you exercised in your previous role make you an ideal fit for the new post.

2. Apply for as many jobs as you can. Don’t limit yourself to a specific amount of jobs. Let the numbers work in your favor. There’s really no benefit to only applying for two or three jobs, especially in today’s competitive job market. When you think about it, a job board is like an all-you-can-eat buffet, you’re already there so get as much as you can out of it. Submit an application to any and all positions that appeal to you. Nothing beats a failure but a try. To increase your chances of landing an interview and ultimately a job, you gotta go for it. The more, the merrier your holiday will be.

3. Perfect your elevator pitch. First impressions are everything. Have a brief statement prepared that summarizes what you bring to the table so when you get the chance to share what you’re all about, the words will flow effortlessly and logically. Knowing what to say and when to say it shows confidence-one in the top traits employers look for in candidates.

4. Have a good attitude. An upbeat demeanor gives the impression you’re easy to get along with-in corporate speak-a team player. It shows you are optimistic and see opportunity during adversity. The process of interviewing can be a drag and may even lead you to question yourself. Rejection is not personal..well, uh…it kinda is. But getting “dissed” is an uncomfortable part of the job search. It happens to the best of us. So look on the bright side, every “no” brings you one step closer to a “yes.” Remain inspired and show your enthusiasm during every interaction. ‘Tis the season to be jolly.

5. Do your homework. Before the interview and perhaps before you apply, research the company to learn about its products, services and/or upcoming events. Interviewers are famous for asking questions about the company to determine a prospective employee’s level of interest. Most of what you need to know in order to successfully respond can be found on the company’s website. While you don’t have to know everything about the company, like what month the CEO was born in, background information can be very useful during your interview.

6. Show up and ask for the manager. This is a bold move (if you’re the nervous kind, please proceed to tip #7). All things considered, opportunity favors the bold. Perhaps, you want to work for a local retailer. Why not head to their closest store, ask for the hiring manager and introduce yourself? Sure, he or she will more than likely direct you to their career site but at least there’s a possibility your application will stand out from the others. Why? Because you put yourself out there and hopefully, the manager will remember your name. Don’t be afraid to follow up after you apply. Persistence can pay-dividends.

7. Dress appropriately. Business casual attire is appropriate in most professional settings. Wear proper fitting clothes and don’t forget your smile. Presenting yourself in the best light is non-negotiable. It’s ok to reveal a sense of humor or elements of your personality but take cues from the company website or interviewer and don’t go too far. Every business has its own company culture. Keep it G-rated and display tact. Again, first impressions are everything.