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Modern Merch Product Reviews: Smartwatch, Earbuds, Bright Smile

Regardless of the fact that people can use smartphones to know the time, people are still obsessed with watches. There are good reasons as to why people are fascinated by watches. Watches are capable of evoking personal style, emotions, carrying the legacy, and showing time. People wear watches for different reasons. They are worn as accessories to enhance appearance. They are also convenient as it is much easier looking at a wristwatch for time than fishing your phone out and checking the time. They also express time and create a sentimental value. In this article, we review the products supplied by Modern Merch.

Modern Merch is a supplier of modern, chic, and unique electronics. Modern Merch was established in 2020 and has impressively been able to win the hearts of many with their products. Users of Modern Merch also save cash when purchasing these products through their partner OnMyWay app. OnMyWay users enjoy discounted prices on all products offered on the Modern Merch website.

Here are the features that I found notable in the different Modern Merch products I have interacted with. 

1. Modern Merch Smartwatch

Modern Merch smartwatch reviews
Smartwatch by Modern Merch

Smartwatches possess more capabilities than traditional watches. Modern Merch smartwatches are compatible with both iOS and Android phones through Bluetooth. The most amazing thing is that I can send messages with this smartwatch and even receive calls. The other daily use functions that you will enjoy from this watch include tracking your fitness, playing music, and monitoring the heart rate, to mention a few. 

The product’s outstanding features include a camera, which I found to take high-quality images and save them. It has a pedometer that keeps track of the steps I take every day and updates my fitness. 

Sleep is essential to me, and the watch ensures that I am able to enjoy great sleep by monitoring my motions during sleep and giving a report on the same. 

The watch has a two-way anti-lost feature, which I have synced to help me trace and find my watch or phone in case I lose them. The watch also comes with multiple faces that I interchange daily, depending on the day’s mood and outfit!

2. Modern Merch Earbuds

Modern Merch Earbud Reviews
Earbuds by Modern Merch

I love music, and trust me when I say that I have not come across earbuds that make me enjoy music like Modern Merch earbuds. The one thing I noticed about these earbuds is that I have not experienced any barrier issues with them. Their transmission level is 170 ft meaning that I can move around without any interruption.

Modern Merch earbuds are compatible with both android and apple devices and only take 1-2 hours to charge fully. I also notice that I can play music for around four and a half hours straight. The standby time for these earbuds, on the other hand, is 120 hours. The earbuds are also very comfortable in the ears as they only weigh 5.3oz. 

I also enjoy the touch controls, which I use to play or pause music, receive and end calls, and skip music. The earbuds can also be charged in two ways and automatically charge in the charging box. The buds also have automatic Bluetooth connections. Morning runs on rainy days have become more comfortable; as I don’t have to worry about the buds getting damaged (they are water-resistant).  

I rate the Earbuds by Modern Merch a 4.5. The only drawback is lower then expected base. For the price $95, they are a steal.

 3. Modern Merch Mobile Chargers

Modern Merch mobile charger reviews
Mobile Charger

A mobile charger is something I would recommend any day. The manufacturer has adhered to superior safety practices that provide short-circuit prevention, temperature control, over-discharge regulation, and overcurrent current protection. Modern Merch Mobile chargers have a capacity of 10000mAh. The battery’s compact and slim design gives it superb portability. Also worth noting, the charger is safe to carry on a plane. 

I rate the mobile charger by Modern Merch 5 stars for the affordability and quality of the product. At $79.95, the mobile charger is a great addition to the iphone or android.

 4. Bright Smile by Modern Merch

Bright Smile by modern merch reviews
Bright Smile teeth whitening kit

Hearing some good news, getting a thank you, and someone making me laugh are among the things that made me smile. That was until I came across Bright Smile by Modern Merch. It is a unique formula made of ingredients safe for the enamel that whiten and brighten teeth. 

The first time I used it, I was impressed by how my smile had changed within 10 minutes. I researched and found that Bright Smile 100% natural, USDA approved, kosher certified, and cruelty-free. I found this to be a fair deal compared to dental treatments that are time-consuming and also pricey. 

Bright Smile is capable of clearing staining caused by coffee, soda, food, smoking, drinking, and other issues that cause discoloration in your teeth. The LED technology gives instant results with natural ingredients. I also find Bright Smile very easy to use as I am able to do other things at home while the device is working. 

Within 30 days, I was able to see results that would have otherwise taken me several visits to the dentist to get. Bright Smile by Modern Merch comes with a really simple user manual, which applies the gel on the plates of the tool then attaches it to the teeth. 

After that, I attach the LED light in my mouth for ten minutes or more, depending on the duration of treatment I prefer. Once done, I rinse the trays, the light, and my mouth. The Bright Smile kit by Modern Merch kit comes with two thermoform trays, one for the upper teeth and the other for the lower teeth. 

It also comes with 44% CP Teeth Whitening Gel in 12 x 3cc Syringes. A mini LED whitening lamp and a teeth shade guide. I found the user manual very simple and understandable too. 

I rate the Bright Smile kit with 4 stars. Reordering the whitening gel can be tricky unless you purchase a familiar brand from your local pharmacy.

*Recommended that you consult a dentist if you are prone to sensitive teeth.

Experience buying Modern Merch products

On top of enjoying the four Modern Merch products‘ quality and functionality, I must say I was impressed by the shipping experience. My order for Bright Smile arrived four days after I placed my order. I was also comfortable knowing that the charger I had placed for the order was in safe hands. Modern Merch includes live contacts & shipping protection on all orders. This means that lost, stolen, or broken items are covered. I have the right to file for damaged or lost items and get a replacement for the same. I also realized that Modern Merch purchases are final in the same contract, and no returns, refunds, and exchanges are made once the order has been processed. 

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