This semiautomatic shotgun is gas-operated. The gun’s design is such that your cheek remains closer to the gun’s receiver than it does with other firearms. The Panzer arms BP-12 is excellently done, well machined to give it a beautiful finish and an ergonomic design.

In the package of a new Panzer Arms BP-12 is an AR-15 type sight, a cheek raiser which enables the shooter to use the gun’s laser. The gun also comes with two five-round magazines. The gun’s rounds are 12 gauge shotgun shells. Each of the shells is 3″ long, and they give the gun a significant kick.

You can use the gun with both standard and high-velocity loads, but it has to be partially disassembled to change between the two different loads. You must fit two adjustment rings that the manufacturer supplies with the gun for this purpose.

For right-handed shooters, who are the majority, the gun has its cocking handle on the receiver’s left. The manufacturers of this weapon assume that all their customers are right-handed. The Panzer BP-12, therefore, has no variants for the ambidextrous or the left-handed. It is entirely a gun for the right-handers.

panzer arms bp-12
panzer arms bp-12

The Frame

The gun’s barrel is 20 inches long. This full-length barrel doesn’t make the firearm abnormally long since it is made using the bullpup design. The design gives the gun a compact body between the barrel and the butt.

Panzer Arms BP-12 Bullpup is less like your ordinary 12 gauge tactical shotgun and more like an M16 rifle when it comes to its manual safety and the charging handle. They are located in the same positions as those of an M16 rifle. This gun is 30.7 inches long in total, and it weighs 9 pounds when loaded. This weight doesn’t include the gun’s accessories.

The Panzer Arms BP-12 comes with a well-fitted Picatinny rail on which you can mount accessories such as optics, rear sights, etc. You can remove the gun’s angled forend grip if you prefer to use the gun without it. The BP-12’s stock, pistol grip, and lower receiver are robust and impact-resistant polymers. On the other hand, the upper receiver is made of aluminum alloy, which makes it both strong and light.

Trigger and Safety

This gun is better than the ordinary shotgun in most ways except for the trigger. Shotguns rarely have an elegant trigger, but even with this, the BP-12 is rather inelegant. Where the gun fails with the trigger, it makes up with the safety lever. Its safety is more effective and easier to release than that of an ordinary shotgun.


You can use 12-gauge ammunition from any of the ammunition manufacturers. It is advisable to try a few brands to determine which one works best with your gun and stick with it. On average, however, the weapon fires well.

The manufacturers have tried to mitigate the problematic shotgun recoil by making it less vicious in the BP-12 bullpup.

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